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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Voting Rights for Britons living Abroad

Voting Rights for Brits Abroad

29TH SEPTEMBER 2010: BY far the most consistent query to the MEP's office in the North West Region comes from Britons now living overseas - "Please advise me, can I vote in UK elections?"
One such letter arrived at the office this morning from Ross in British Columbia who told Nick:
"We have many expats here in Canada who share the same political viewpoint and believe that the British National Party is best suited to safeguard these values. We want to vote for BNP candidates back home at election time but are not certain whether we are able to."
Responding on behalf of the MEP, Constituency Office Manager Tina Wingfield wrote:
"Thank you for your email regarding ex-pats’ voting rights in the UK.
"The UK Government’s public service website, DirectGov, states the following with regard to voting rights:
'British citizens living abroad can register as overseas voters if they have been registered to vote in the UK at any time within the past 15 years. Brits living overseas can either vote by post or arrange for someone (a proxy) to vote for them in a UK election.
Voters can apply for a postal vote when they register.'
"If you would like further information about your voting rights, and to download a voter registration form, please go to: .
"Please also feel free to contact the British National Party’s Overseas Liaison Officer, Mr Andy McBride, who co-ordinates all our associated overseas groups and organisations. He may be able to put you in contact with some similarly-minded compatriots. His contact details are:
Telephone: 05601 950167."

Britain must re-build its own UK transport infrastructure

Britain must re-build its own transport infrastructure

September 2010
  A number of constituents have written to Nick Griffin to express their deep concern at the amount of money being spent by the European Union on the Intelligent Transport System Initiative.

One gentleman from Blackburn wrote:
I doubt the motives for building this system, believing it to be a vehicle for a few large corporations to make a lot of money from road pricing.
I feel that some political institutions are out of public control, and even local councils act as if they are no longer the publics servants but bodies in their own right, and this is certainly true of the European Parliament.
How can you as MEPs restore a feeling of public control?
I fear we have created an automaton, over which I as a citizen, have no control!
Perhaps it time we should consider the Swiss system of democracy."
Responding on behalf of the MEP, Constituency Office manager Tina Wingfield wrote:
"Thank you for your email regarding the EU’s new legal framework for intelligent Transport systems.
"The consensus within the European Parliament is, unsurprisingly, that a common European approach is required to ensure that the transport systems used in each Member State of the European Union are mutually compatible.
"As you rightly point out, this consensus on uniformity on a grand scale reflects today’s dominant approach to politics and the organisation of public, social and economic life, which asserts that macro-organisation is always the best policy. Hence, we see control consistently taken away from small, localised bodies and transferred to ever-larger, cross-county and cross-border institutions.
"Such a policy framework takes no account of the wealth of experience which suggests that the further away you take the decision-making process from the people and communities it directly affects, the more likely it is that the outcomes decided upon will not reflect the will of local people nor their best interests. Again, it should perhaps come as no surprise that there is little notice taken in political life these days of common sense or collective wisdom.
"If common sense did prevail, responsibility for deciding the direction of Britain’s transport network would not rest with a mega-European bureaucracy comprised of 736 politicians representing the self-evidently disparate interests of 27 Member States and 500 million citizens. It simply isn’t feasible that such an institution could be capable of developing a transport strategy tailored to the particular long-term needs of the United Kingdom. The recurring financial contributions demanded from British taxpayers to simply maintain this obscenely bloated, resource sapping bureaucratic monstrosity could moreover, be so much more wisely spent if redirected towards investment in our own transport infrastructure.
"As a British National Party MEP, Mr Griffin believes that Britain should withdraw from the European Union and British independence and control over its national destiny restored. The British National Party will end the multibillion cash haemorrhage Britain loses to the EU in membership fees and invest the money instead in re-building British transport infrastructure.
"Unfettered by European regulation and policy directives, a British Nationalist Government will invest public money to fund transport upgrades and the contracts for such developments will be awarded to British companies, to the benefit of British workers. The disastrous privatisation process will be reversed; traffic congestion eased by controlling the immigration invasion which is swelling our population to unsustainable proportions; foreign freight vehicles charged to use Britain’s road network (which will discourage the importation of goods which could and should be produced in this country where possible); the price of fuel will be decreased by reducing the level of government taxation; and toll-free motorways will be maintained.
"If you would like to find out more about the British National Party’s views on transport policy and other issues - such as the call for constitutional change which will ensure that all powers properly capable of exercise at local level are devolved and county council government revived - please visit the Party’s website at ."

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nick Griffin MEP asks for clarification on benefits

MEP asks for clarification on benefits

22ND SEPTEMBER 2010: THERE's an email doing the rounds that has upset a number of Nick Griffin's constituents in the North West of England.

Many have contacted their MEP to ask him to find out whether there is any truth in the claim made with regard to a significant disparity in benefits between pensioners and newly arrived immigrants.
"People want an answer and quickly so that the email can be dismissed as just mishief-making, or something that needs to be highlighted," says Constituency Office Manager Tina Wingfield.
"So I have written to the Department of Work and Pensions Ministers to ask for clarification."
This is the letter:
"Nick Griffin, MEP has been contacted by a number of his constituents with regard to benefits information that is being widely circulated via the internet.
I reproduce the information they have received below.
Weekly allowance - £100
Weekly Spouse allowance - £25
Additional weekly hardship allowance - £0.00
Weekly allowance - £250
Weekly Spouse allowance - £225
Additional weekly hardship allowance - £100
 Mr Griffin’s constituents - mainly pensioners - have voiced their shock and concern at the disproportionate benefit allowances that appear to be available to immigrants and refugees living in Britain, in comparison with British old age pensioners. They have asked him to ascertain whether the figures quoted are correct, and if so, what justification the Department for Works and Pensions provides for such disproportionality.
To enable him to respond to his constituents’ queries, Mr Griffin would be grateful if you could confirm if the chart below presents an accurate summary of current benefit allowances. If the figures are correct, can you please explain the rationality behind such a discrepancy in benefit allowances?
If the information is not correct, can you please provide accurate benefit allowance levels?
Mr Griffin looks forward to a prompt response and thanks you for your assistance with this matter."

Burnley and Bolton Amongst 120 Groups and Branches Taking Part in the BNP’s “Bring Them Home” Campaign

Burnley and Bolton Makes it 120 Groups and Branches Taking Part in the BNP’s “Bring Them Home” Campaign

The appearance of the British National Party’s units in Burnley and Bolton on the streets of their towns last weekend has pushed the total number of party groups and branches taking part in the “bring our boys home” to 120, reports national organiser Clive Jefferson.
“The campaign is gaining momentum right through the North West and indeed the full country, with over 120 groups and branches now equipped with the campaign banners and literature,” Mr Jefferson said, adding that many more were just going out with the petitions.
The BNP’s Bolton group set up is stall near a busy pedestrian point and people could not but help see them, Mr Jefferson continued.
“The sun was shining but it was very cold, but the stall was well worth it for the response received.
 “People where very happy to sign when they saw it was to bring our boys home, and one lady said her nephew had just gone in the army and she was worried sick,” he said.
 “In Burnley, a party stronghold for the last decade, our organiser reported gathering up 300 signatures in just under two hours, which is a remarkable indication of the campaign’s popularity.”

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Blackburn's Sacred Heart School Colonisation Is A Symptom of the Ethnic Cleansing of Britain

Sacred Heart School Colonisation Is A Symptom of the Ethnic Cleansing of Britain

The complete colonisation of the formerly Catholic Sacred Heart School in Blackburn by Muslims is a symptom of the ethnic cleansing of Britain which, left unchecked, will see white British people reduced to minority status well within 40 years.
Newspaper reports last week revealed that the decades-old Sacred Heart School is about to be handed over to Blackburn’s Tauheedul mosque and re-opened with a new name after the number of Muslim pupils rocketed from just 7 percent in 2000 to 97 percent last year.
The 10-year period saw a tidal wave of immigrants and immigrant births fill up the school benches, ethnically cleansing the indigenous population from possession of the school grounds. Most of the new pupils do not even speak English as their first language.
The school board of governors has recently resigned en masse as they no longer had anything in common with the pupil makeup and staff retention has proven to be a major problem.
The Tauheedul mosque is already responsible for a voluntary aided Islamic girls’ secondary school in Blackburn and now looks set to take over the Sacred Heart School and run it along the same lines.
A voluntary aided school is a state-funded school in England and Wales in which a foundation or trust (most commonly a religious organisation) contributes to building costs and has a substantial influence in the running of the school.
In other words, the British taxpayer is paying for Muslims to educate their children in the Islamic faith in schools from which they have physically displaced British children.
It is not only in Blackburn that British children are being ethnically cleansed from the schooling system.
A report issued by the Birmingham City Council in February this year revealed that Asian children outnumbering white pupils in Birmingham primary schools for the first time. Only 39 percent of primary school children in Birmingham are white, according to the council.
A similar pattern has played itself out in London, where white children are also a minority in many of the capital’s classrooms, according to figures released by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.
In Tower Hamlets, 15 percent of primary school pupils are classed as white British, while the figure for Newham is 12 percent and 7 percent in Brent.
In Bradford, 47 percent of primary school children are non-white, and in
Manchester, less than 60 per cent of primary pupils are white. In Leicester, 41 percent of primary school children are white.
Birth rate figures issued earlier this year by the NHS revealed that white babies will be a minority of all live births in Britain by the year 2030.
Make no mistake: British people are rapidly being ethnically cleansed from Britain under a tidal wave of immigration and immigrant birth rates.
The British public still have a chance to avert this disaster which will irrevocably plunge Britain into Third World status.
That chance is the British National Party.

While Nu Labours Marxists Huddle, South Wales BNP Hits the Streets

While Marxists Huddle, South Wales BNP Hits the Streets

While the two sons of a Marxist immigrant were doing behind the scenes deals with the unions in Manchester this weekend, British National Party activists in towns all across South Wales were busy holding “support our troops” table top petition signing events, reports Clive Bennett, Swansea group organiser.
“The West Wales group held their table top in Haverfordwest town centre as activists from Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot turned out to assist the local group,” Mr Bennett said.
“We were able to have a table top at Castle Square, a second group complete with clipboards, situated at Old Bridge on the other side of the town centre, and an additional group of activists leafleting in various parts of the town.”
Mr Bennett said that the “table was busy all the time with people who wanted to sign the petition and have a chat.
“In many cases, people gave vent to their worries and concerns for members of their family who are service personnel and presently in Afghanistan, some for the third or fourth time,” he said.
“One man told us of his nephew who had been serving his country from the time of the Falklands War, with tours of duty in Northern Ireland and Iraq and who was now on his fourth term in Afghanistan.
“I told him that I hoped good fortune followed his nephew and that this petition does something to speed his and every other British son, daughter, niece and nephew's safe passage home,” Mr Bennett said.
“During the day, 122 signatures were collected and over two thousand leaflets distributed. Several Voice of Freedom newspapers were sold.
“A number of very welcome donations were also made, rounding off a very productive day which gave many local people an opportunity to meet and speak to our members face-to-face,” Mr Bennett said.

UK Democracy Has Been Denied in Britain, Says BNP Press Officer

Democracy Has Been Denied in Britain, Says BNP East Midlands Press Officer

The British people are being denied their democratic rights by a politically correct elite which thinks it knows best, according to East Midlands British National Party press officer Cllr John Ryde.
Addressing the latest meeting of the Salisbury branch, Cllr Ryde said on issue after issue, from immigration to the EU, the views of the majority of British people have been ignored and overridden.
“The British people have never been consulted on the really important issues which have determined the direction of this nation,” he said to applause.
Cllr Ryde also gave the lively audience an insight in to his work as a councillor for the BNP and his own achievements throughout his community in reducing crime.
He finished off with a Q&A which gave the audience a chance to ask him how he has seen change through mass immigration in Leicestershire.
Compared to where Cllr Ryde lives, Salisbury has “escaped the effects of mass immigration to a degree. But it is our duty to alert the residents  of Salisbury and surrounding areas to what can be expected if we do nothing,” said organiser Sean Witheridge after Cllr Ryde’s speech.
Mr Witheridge officially welcomed several new members to the meeting, including some university students.
A video of party chairman Nick Griffin’s recent speech in Bolton at the launch of the “Bring our boys home” campaign was shown and went down a storm.
“During the interval, several new members showed great interest in supporting the campaign and offered to assist the branch in any way they could,” said Mr Witheridge.
see Nicks speech speech here. Nick griffins Bolton Speech filmed in Horwich

Monday, 27 September 2010

BNP Bring Our Troops Home” Tabletop Campaign “More Effective than Leafleting”

“Bring Our Troops Home” Tabletop Campaign “More Effective than Leafleting”

The British National Party’s “Bring our troops home” tabletop campaign is as effective, if not more so, than putting leaflets through doors, reports Windsor and Maidenhead organiser Neil Kilbane.
“We shall carry on with type of campaigning long after this present campaign stops,” Mr Kilbane said. “It is much more productive than putting leaflets through doors.”
The tabletop campaign, which started again yesterday in the constituency, drew what Mr Kilbane described as “very good support in a very conservative area.
“The supporters of this petition filled out at least 12 of the petition sheets and we sold dozens of copies of Voice of Freedom,” he said.
One interesting point which came up during the tabletop outreach was the support expressed by ethnic minorities who were happy to sign the BNP’s petition.
“One particular gentleman, a doctor in nuclear science, told us that as a first generation immigrant, he was disgusted with today's politicians for allowing mass immigration and not then supporting the rights of the indigenous population," Mr Kilbane said.
“This gentleman said he had moved to Britain with qualifications and under terms of which he brought something useful and needed by the British Government.
“He then went on to ask why the Government insisted on allowing unqualified persons to enter the UK who bring nothing but their Third World customs and religions that do nothing but bring contempt for the British way of life.”
Mr Kilbane said that this gentleman had offered to attend a local branch meeting to speak to real Britons who share his concerns.

Western Liberals Are Tolerant – As Long As You Agree With Them

Liberals Are Tolerant – As Long As You Agree With Them

By Dr Phil Edwards—All over Europe, liberals are panicking as anti-immigration parties make steady progress. How predictable, that as soon as one such party in Sweden — the Swedish Democrats — enjoys success under a traditional democratic system, the liberal luvvies are, just as in the UK, out in force.
Henning Mankell, a Swedish crime writer, occasional children's author and dramatist, best known for a series of mystery novels starring Inspector Kurt Wallander proclaimed in the Guardian that the “rise of Sweden's far right has clearly shown that trying to silence them will backfire...we should have argued them into oblivion.”
That’s right — "argued them into oblivion."
But with about 100,000 immigrants entering a country of almost 9 million every year and Malmo, Sweden’s third most populous city, having about 38 percent of its 300,000 population of foreign background (from Asia, Africa, and Arab countries, with a particular problem with Somalis, Lebanese, and Palestinians) one wonders just how or what sort of argument would have prevailed.
The good news is the Sweden Democrats party (SD) has made it into parliament, with nearly 6 percent of the vote and 20 MPs.
According to Mankell this creates "an uncertain situation in parliament" — Sweden will get a "weak government" since all the parties have spent most of the post-election debate guaranteeing that they won't in any way co-operate with the SD.
So much for "strength through diversity."
Mankell asks "Who are the more than 300,000 Swedes (out of a population of 9 million) who voted for the SD? Why couldn't this be stopped?"
With echoes of the situation in the UK, the SD was pushed out of the election campaign, the other parties refused to engage in a dialogue with it. The SD was forbidden to come and spread its "message" in some schools.
"This was, of course, a completely mistaken and counterproductive strategy; it was, in fact, idiocy. The only way to deal with people with racist, xenophobic and generally populist views is through a determined dialogue" says Mankell belatedly, going on to compare the Sweden Democrats with the German National Socialism of the 1920s, asserting that "it was precisely the refusal of the other parties, from left and right, to debate with the SD that allowed them to grow from nothing to 6 percent of the vote.”
Shamefully, Mankell even admitted that " Sweden we have until now been able to keep these ultraconservative groupings out of play. They have had a few representatives in local government but not much more than that.
“The difference this time was that the SD was much better organised, that they made their views much clearer, and that they were pushed out. At one stage a television channel refused to show their party political broadcast. It was thought too xenophobic" — sounds familiar.
The problem for the likes of Mankell is that were parties like the SD and the BNP allowed a genuinely free and open discussion by the media, we would soon be in government — and that's the paradox for the perverted minds of the media and political elites.
Europe versus Intolerance: Proceedings of the Seminar [Held Strasbourg, Palais De l'Europe, 3-4 March 1994] 

Andrew Brons BNP MEP helps injured British Soldier

MEP helps injured soldier

SEPTEMBER 2010: WHEN Chris Beverley addressed BNP members at a meeting in Bridlington recently and asked them to let him know of any good local causes that they would like to see supported by Andrew Brons MEP, it did not take long for good suggestions to be submitted.

Indeed, it was at this very meeting that Sub-Regional organiser Gary Pudsey mentioned a fundraising event due to be held on the following Saturday. The event in question had been organised to raise money for a local soldier who lost his leg following an explosion in Afghanistan, and who had since been told that his £185 disability benefit has been stopped. Without this payment he cannot afford to run his specially adapted car.
26-year-old Aron Shelton from Bridlington (right) was told by the DWP that he was no longer entitled to disability allowance to fund his car, despite losing one leg and suffering crippling arthritis in the other.
Aron told his local newspaper:
"I was livid, I needed a punch bag to take my anger out on - though the British Prime Minister would have done! I lost my leg for a reason, I didn't lose it in an everyday accident or by messing around, I lost it fighting for my country in the British Army and I would expect that the British government would look after me because of it."
Upon learning of this case, Andrew Brons immediately send a cheque for £1000 from his community fund, which has been gratefully accepted.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tories Lied About Human Rights Act Abolition

Lib Dem Justice Minister Confirms that Tories Lied About Human Rights Act Abolition

The Lib Dem minister of Justice Lord McNally has confirmed that the ConDem coalition government has “no intention” of abolishing the Human Rights Act (HRA), one of the key election pledges made by the Conservative Party during the last election.
Lord McNally told the Lib Dem party conference that there would be “no retreat” over the Act, that it would never be “diminished” and that the government wanted the law to be “better understood and appreciated.”
The HRA was introduced by the Labour regime to bring UK law into line with EU legislation, and has been used by countless scroungers, serial immigrant criminals and other deadbeats to swindle their way into staying in Britain.
This has been possible due to a clause in the Act which says that everyone has a “right to a family life.” This clause has been used by serious criminal illegal immigrants to fight deportation orders because they have managed to smuggle their spouses and of children into Britain as well, and their deportation would therefore violate their rights under the Act.
It is not only family rights which are used to avoid deportation under this bizarre Act. One of the more infamous rulings occurred in January this year when an Iraqi immigrant who stabbed two doctors to death won the right to stay in Britain after a judge ruled that he would pose a danger to the public in his homeland.
An immigration tribunal decided that Laith Alani, a paranoid schizophrenic, should not be deported to Iraq because it would breach his human rights and put people there at risk.
Alani has spent the past 19 years in a secure hospital after he killed two NHS consultants in a frenzied attack because he believed he had received a "command from Allah".
The Conservative Party pretended to be very angry about these blatant abuses, and wrote in their manifesto that the HRA was an example of the state’s encroachment on freedom and promised to abolish it.
David Cameron even once famously said that the law was “practically an invitation for terrorists and would-be terrorists to come to Britain.”
However, just like Mr Cameron’s “cast-iron” promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, the Tories knew all along that this was a lie.
Because the HRA is merely a reflection of EU law, and because Britain is a dues-paying member of the EU, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) can pass judgments based on its law which have to be enforced in Britain, irrespective of what UK law says.
In other words, an appeal from an illegal immigrant in Britain would be as successful in the ECJ as it would in a British court under the HRA, and the only way to avoid this situation would be for Britain to withdraw from the EU.
Hence the Tories were lying from the beginning on this issue, and are now only too glad to be able to use the coalition as an “excuse” to abandon their core election promises once again.

The UK Police State Has Labelled 280,000 Children as “Racists”

Police State Has Labelled 280,000 Children as “Racists”

Nearly a third of a million British children as young as three years-old have been put onto a database of “racists” because of a stipulation in the Race Relations Act of 2000 which obliges teachers to report any language would could be interpreted as insulting to other races.
The shocking statistic, indicative of the madness to which political correctness has sunk under the Labour-Tory-Lib Dem insanity, emerged in Freedom of Information replies obtained by the Manifesto club, a left-leaning civil liberties group.
The reports showed that between 2002 and 2009, 280,000 incidents of “racist language” muttered by schoolchildren aged three and up had been reported.
According to media reports, the Race Relations Act forced all public authorities “‘to promote good relations between persons of different racial groups.”
All details of the incidents are logged onto databases held by the Government, which means that an innocent remark made by a four-year-old now, will become a permanent part of that individual’s state records for the rest of his or her life.
In terms of the Act, teachers are instructed to report “racism” even if the “victim” was not offended or if the child does not understand what they were saying.
This horrific intrusion into our nation’s civil liberties, decency and common sense was supported by all the Westminster parties when it was put before Parliament, so none can say they did not know or support this fascist dictate.
How much more has to happen before the British public understand that they are sleepwalking into a nightmare police state which will make even KGB officers blush?
The British National Party represents our last hope against the evil tide which threatens to destroy forever all the things which made our nation great.
The BNP dedicates itself to the expunging of this evil known as the race relations industry and all its associated laws and organisation from the body politic of our nation.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rotherham BNP Launches “Bring Our Boys Home” Campaign with First Town Stall

Rotherham BNP Launches “Bring Our Boys Home” Campaign with First Ever Town Stall

The British National Party in Rotherham proved that it is as strong and robust as ever last weekend when it took its first ever tabletop stall into the town centre to launch the 'Bring our Boys Home' campaign.  
Coordinator Marlene Guest and a group of keen activists reported an extremely favourable reaction from locals who had never seen the party out in force in this manner with their eye-catching banner and paper stall.
The party’s support of our armed forces was highlighted by the presence of activist John Bettney, previously with the Barnsley branch.
Mr Bettney, who posed with the rest of the activists for a group photo, drew much public attention and comment for his medals which were gained while on seven operational tours during his 22 years service in the armed forces. 
The public snapped up the petition forms, leaflets and purchased copies of the Voice of Freedom. Several requests for public meetings were made by townsfolk, many of whom objected to being swallowed up by the cultural change within the community and the recent loss of the local steel industry to globalisation. 

New Labour Leader Brags About 3 million Foreigners being Better off Under labour

New Labour Leader Brags About 3 million Foreigners being Better off Under Labour

Author Horwich nationalist,
The new Leader of the so called New Labour party the son of the Marxist writer Ralph Milliband , Ed Milliband gave in a stomach turning 1st speech as leader of that bunch of traitors an example of new Labour hypocrisy and the horror that would befall this country if their is ever in the future a Labour Govt . As Milliband claimed that 3 million foreign nationals were now better of because of New Labour, well he should know from reports he is some kind of Belgian I understand.
 I sat and thought to myself surely that cannot be all the billions of foreign aid that Labour has been pumping into the Nuclear powers of India and Pakistan,to buy the votes of the Pakistanis and Indians in the UK, as most of that of that aid money is most likely resting in some corrupt Sub Continents officials Swiss bank account. And surely it cannot be the several million Iraqis or other Peasants the New Labours illegal wars have slain. 

But my most important thought on the matter was what about all the BRITISH  old folk who have died through lack of good housing and poor heating And the millions now on the dole due to their policies. BUT NO! none of that just a boast of how foreigners are much better of under a new Labour Govt.
 I sat dumbfounded for 2 minutes the maximum amount of time that I could stomach the pain of some one paying tribute to policies that have meant the deliberate social engineering and attempts to destroy our nation and people for the political advantage of the Labour party and the final straw of paying tribute  to that PC riddled ultimate TRAITOR and ant white racist Harriet Harman was just to much for me, I had to go and shower and even rinse my ears to rid myself of the pollution of hypocrisy that had left me feeling so unwell.

And one final point how come the BBC dedicated a entire non news programme to the announcement of the result of the Leadership contest, east the BBC is now the third arm of the Labour Party , just behind the trade unions and the multi national banks that are bank rolling them.

BNP chairman Nick Griffin to Appear on The Political Cesspool Radio Program tonight

Nick Griffin to Appear on The Political Cesspool Radio Program

British National Party leader Nick Griffin MEP is scheduled for a guest appearance on the award-winning American radio show The Political Cesspool this evening, BNP overseas liaison officer Andy McBride has announced.
The Political Cesspool’s host, James Edwards, has made numerous appearances on CNN, while the show itself has been the subject of articles in The Los Angeles Times, The London Times, Newsweek Magazine, and many other major print publications,” said Mr McBride.
The show has gained international attention for conducting interviews featuring well-known American conservative columnist Pat Buchanan, rocker Ted Nugent and countless other headliners and news makers.
It is broadcast from the AM 1380 WLRM Radio Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, is syndicated on the Liberty News Radio Network and is also available via the Internet.
Mr Griffin will appear on the show at 6:00 PM Central Time (U.S.), which is equivalent to midnight UK time, Saturday 25 September.
The Political Cesspool advocates an America First philosophy and has received a certificate of recognition from the Memphis City Council for ‘Outstanding Contributions to the Community’ with its hosts having been named Honorary City Councilmen,” Mr McBride said.
“This show will go out all over the world, and is one not to be missed.”
The Political Cesspool can be found on the internet at their official site here.

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin Outlines Bring Our Boys Home Campaign Strategy

Nick Griffin Outlines Strategy Following Successful Launch of “Bring Our Boys Home” Campaign

The British National Party will coordinate its new online data system to ensure that the thousands of people who have signed the “Bring our boys home” anti-Afghan war petition are approached for postal votes, party leader Nick Griffin has said.
Speaking in an exclusive interview for Radio Red, White and Blue, Mr Griffin outlined some of the events which unfolded on the first day of action last weekend and went on to map out where the campaign was going from here.
He thanked the Glaswegian BNP team in particular for bravely withstanding an attack by far left wing thugs and all the activists who had turned out for what had been a very “fired up” launch to the campaign.
“It will continue for another three weeks and then we will encourage people to help the poppy sales for the British Legion and then there will be another round of activity on a similar topic,” he said.
You can hear the full interview on Radio RWB by clicking here.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

BNP anti Afghan War Campaign Bring our Boys Home Is Nationwide success

BNP’s “Bring Our Boys Home” Is the “Most Successful Non-Election Time Campaign Ever”

The British National Party’s “Bring Our Boys Home” campaign is far and away the most successful non-election-time recruiting campaign ever, and the entire stock of 200,000 leaflets, 100 banners and thousands of petition forms have already been used up, party Communications Officer Paul Golding has announced.
Paul Golding“The public response has vastly exceeded our expectations and we have ordered a rush printing of tens of thousands more leaflets to meet demand,” Mr Golding said.
“Best of all is the fact that so many members of the public have been willing to put their names to a petition calling for an end to the Afghan war.
“They are delighted to hear that these petitions are going straight to Downing Street and so many have said that they want to accompany the forms so that they can tell the ConDem regime exactly what they think about this war.”
Mr Golding added that the effectiveness of the table top recruiting method had once again proven its worth in the campaign.
“The tables and their eye-catching banners serve as a focal point for public attention far better than just some individuals standing in a street,” he said.
“The truth is that none of this would have been possible without the dedicated work of the activists who turned out for this first weekend of action.  The BNP thanks all these people collectively for their dedication and sacrifice.
“Now is not the time to sit on our laurels. There are still three more weeks of activity to come, so let’s all get out there once again with the BNP’s message of truth and salvation for our nation,” he said.
“The BNP’s warehouse will soon be in stock again with leaflets and campaign material, so those groups and branches who have not yet ventured out, or those that need new stock, can order with confidence through the usual channels.”

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

National Campaign Across the Land, the British People Voice Their Objection to the Afghanistan War

From across the Land, the British People Voice Their Objection to the Afghanistan War

In unprecedented sights from the East Midlands to Cumbria, from the East of England to the West Midlands and the South East, crowds of people formed queues at British National Party tables over the past weekend to sign the petition calling for British troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, reports national organiser Clive Jefferson.
“I must admit that I was taken aback by the sight of queues waiting in line at a BNP table in Whitehaven,” Mr Jefferson said.
“I knew the campaign would be popular, but I think even the BNP underestimated popular public opinion on this issue. It has been a runaway hit with the public and reports from all over the country confirm the view that the current conflict has to be the most unpopular war of recent times,” he said.
In Ashfield, party activists collected signatures “by the bucket load” from a very receptive population in Sutton Square on Saturday, reports organiser Edward Holmes.
“The public are very angry about our soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
“Next time we hope to have more people collecting signatures as people had to wait to sign the forms,” he added. “The message about this disgraceful war is certainly getting across.”
In Borehamwood, Eastern region, activists under organiser Danny Seabrook also reported a groundswell of support “like we have never seen before.”
Crowds flocked to the table to sign the petition which, once the campaign is complete in four weeks' time, will be submitted to Downing Street as an expression of the British peoples’ anger at this illegal war which has cost hundreds of British lives and billions of pounds.
The scenes were repeated in Codsall, a village on the outskirts of the city of Wolverhampton, reports superactivist Simon Patten.
“We were very well received by the locals who were keen to accept the leaflets and papers,” Mr Patten said.
“Many were impressed with the campaign and there was a lot of positive feedback for the British National Party. It was a very worthwhile day and we are looking forward to next week's campaign.”
The campaign launch in Bracknell was equally well received, reports our South East correspondent.
“More than 120 petition forms were filled out, and we were overwhelmed at the levels of support from the general public,” he said.
The renewed interest in the party also boosted Voice of Freedom sales and over 50 copies were sold in the course of the morning, a record for a Saturday table top.
“We also promoted the Solidarity Union’s "Stop the Cuts" campaign,” our correspondent added.
“Both campaigns have elicited very good reactions from the general public and we shall most certainly be continuing this very popular campaign into the villages of Berkshire.”
Answering the Publics questions in Horwich

Monday, 20 September 2010

HM UK Government Response to White History Month

HM Government Response to White History Month 

 Author The Green Arrow

Read the mealy mouthed response from the government that took a year for them to come up with and the rubbish about Blacks and Asians living here for the last 500 years.

Petition to:
Make November the Official White History Month

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Make November the Official White History Month. More details

Submitted by Mike Howson – Deadline to sign up by: 13 October 2009 – Signatures: 1,544

More details from petition creator


we call for White History Month every November in response to calls from the British public following yet another officially-endorsed Black History Month in October.

The campaign is a response to the annual Black History Month held every October. Black History Month is endorsed by the government, politicians, the BBC and other state institutions. There are exhibitions, websites, events and initiatives in schools, universities, colleges, town halls and city centres in Britain and all over the world.

We have no problem with anybody wishing to celebrate Black History Month, which allows Black people to celebrate their identity, explore their heritage and show pride in their achievements.

This is why we urge you to sign this petition giving full support to official White History Month. During this month all White people around the world – and in Britain -- will celebrate will their history and heritage with pride.

We hope that White History Month will attract the same level of funding, public recognition and support from politicians and celebrities which Black History Month has drawn.

Government response

The Government vision is of a fair society where there are no barriers to participation or ambition based on race, colour or ethnicity. Only by giving everyone the opportunity to succeed can we build a better future for everybody in Britain.

The Government is not responsible for Black History month. This is, rather, a community led initiative which has developed since the mid-eighties, and individual organisations take part on a voluntary basis. Its benefits are that it raises awareness of the, often unknown, Black contribution to our shared history, for example, that Africans and Asians and their descendants have been living in Britain for the last 500 years and also made a major contribution in the Second World War. By focusing on what people have in common, as well as recognising the value of diversity, we can foster a shared sense of belonging and a shared sense of the future.

In schools, the existing National Curriculum programme of study for history requires pupils to be taught a substantial amount of British history. The Government is currently reviewing the national curriculum and has announced its intention to reduce the amount of central prescription in the way that schools teach their pupils. The Secretary of State for Education has expressed his intention to return to a more narrative approach to British History.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hypocritical Lefty Reds And State Media Attack Pope, but Silent Bigotry of Islamic Colonisers

Reds and Media Attack Pope, but Silent on Worse Attitudes from Islamic Colonisers

The staggering hypocrisy of the far left and their fellow travellers in the media has become obvious with the relentless demonstrations and articles critical of the Pope’s views on homosexuality, female priests and the Equality Act — while completely ignoring far more severe Islamic policies on these issues.
Long time homosexual activist Peter Peter Tatchell has even helped create something called the “Protest the Pope” campaign. At a public meeting of that organisation last month, Mr Tatchell said a protest against the Pope was necessary to call on the “British government to disassociate itself from the Pope’s intolerant teachings on issues such as women’s rights [and] gay equality.”
The Pope has also called the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem-supported Equality Act “sinful” as it in effect takes away an important part of religious freedom.
All of these issues have been raised time and time again by Mr Tatchell and his colleagues, and then faithfully repeated by their complaint friends in the media in an attempt to raise up hatred against Christianity in general.
Yet all of these organisations — from the anti-Pope groups through to the militant humanist and atheist organisations — have been quiet as church mice when it comes to questioning the much more extreme views of the Islamic colonisers of this country.
While the Pope might only have condemned homosexuals as sinful, no-one in the Catholic Church today actually suggests any legal sanction against that community.
However, in the Islamic religion, homosexuality is still regarded as a mortal sin and is punishable by death in many Muslim countries.
Eminent scholars of Islam, such as Sheikh ul-Islam Imam Malik, (who created one of the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence followed by Sunni Muslims to this day) and Imam Shafi (the founder of Islamic jurisprudence) amongst others, have ruled that Islam disallowed homosexuality and ordained capital punishment for a person guilty of it.
Yet strangely, Mr Thatchell and his media friends are silent about Islam’s view of homosexuality, despite the spreading influence of that religion and its adherents all over Europe.
As to women’s rights: It is true that the Catholic Church refuses to let women be ordained as priests. Yet Mr Thatchell and his friends have somehow never said anything about the fact that women are specifically forbidden from leading men in prayer in a mosque and that that religion even practises sexually segregated services.
Once again, it seems that the “anger” of the reds and militant atheists is reserved only for Christianity and never for the Islamic colonisers’ religion, which is left alone to implement dictates which the modern Catholic Church would never consider.
This attitude forms part of a larger assault on Christianity generally, only because it is so closely identified with the “enemy,” namely Western Civilisation.
The British National Party believes in a secular Britain, with freedom of religion.
It is however very conscious of the fact that the majority of British people still identity themselves with the cultural trappings of Christianity at the very least, and that this is under assault from the nation-wreckers who would rather see an Islamic state created in our lands.
As such, the BNP will take its place in the ranks defending Christianity as long as the majority of the British people are that way inclined.

Lib/Lab/Con UAF Anti Democratic Violence shown towards the democratic proces again

Author Horwich Nationalists ,

It is with sadness that we have to report that the peaceful collection of signatures for the petition to Bring our troops home yesterday in Glasgow, was marred by the violence of the UAF, the same organisation that brought havoc to the streets of Bolton in May.

A organisation the majority of the labour party both locally and nationally support and in fact also a organisation that our so called Prime Minister David Cameron also supports by being a founding signatory.
Just watch to see for yourself at the tactics used by these brain washed thugs who hide behind the unjust laws and support of their political masters in the Lib/Lab/Con elites. Who also claim hypocritically that they battle against injustice, funny that you never see them joining the armed forces or the police, probably due to a yellow streak across their souls. just watch the shame that the Labour and Conservative parties have brought to the British Political arena.

The Bolton Horwich Labour Party's Local Voice Rag Latest

The Labour Party's Local Voice Rag.

Abridged from the Bolton patriot for the Horwich Nationalists

  We Have just finished reading the Labour Party’s ‘Lastest Local Voice’ snake oil rag distributed  early on Saturday morning ( I wonder why?) in central Horwich yesterday , whilst we in the British National party were openly campaigning on a issue of National and local importance,–well, I’ve got a sense of humour. Every time I read nonsense like this it fuels my belief that the fabric of multicultural dogma which has been used in an attempt to blind fold the British public will continue to disintegrate at an ever increasing pace.

Even before I turn the front page I see that Bolton’s Labour Party have shown what really riles them is that one of the  schools they list as being cancelled by ‘Cameron and Clegg’ is the Bolton Muslim girls school. Personally I couldn’t care less if the coalition closed every Islamic school in the country but it seems strange that any political group would continue to attempt to engage with a theocracy which has shown itself to be domineering, undemocratic and more importantly  un-British.

Labours glossy pamphlet goes on to refer to that proverbial patch up of an expression used by LibLabCon elites as ‘the Bolton Family’. ‘The Bolton Family’: a logo designed to suggest unity amongst the 3rd world colonists who now occupy across Dean, Daubhill, Halliwell, Great Lever and Farnworth, because let’s face it surely most of Bolton’s British people will have long ago dismissed such silly epithets as farcical.

Page two begins with the heading ‘Massive cuts to hit public services’. That would be the ‘public service’ which the Labour Party's bloated with non-jobs in an attempt to secure more public sector votes. I have never been able to understand how my local authority can employ so many ‘Fairness Officers’ when the very heart of the infrastructure which operates housing, education and health are so unfair. Why are Bolton’s political leaders via their endorsement of multiculturalism are putting a strain on all these resource's? Who is being treated fairly by the stress placed on theses resources, the British people or asylum seekers who have crossed nations and sometimes continents to access housing, education and free health care?
The news letter ends in a farcical thanking of the Bolton public for electing 30 Labour Councillors and 3 MPs. Labour should really be thanking the UAF for distributing smear and lies and running 3rd party organisations like hope not hate to smear all their political opponents not just the British National Party throughout the election, trade unions who assist in funding the distribution of such lies and the Bolton News who’s lopsided reporting ensured the BNP  received almost no media attention. And when you remember the Conservative Candidate only lost Bolton West by around 50 votes, then other parties should be just as concerned as well at the local Labour Parties conduct.

Sucess of first day of the British National Party's Bring our Boys Home campaign

Author Horwich Nationalists

Reports on the sucess of the first day of the British National Party's Bring our Boys Home campaign are now starting to flood into the British National Party Newsroom ,The response by the British Public has been overwhelmingly in support of our cause, as seen by the video below featuring the Chairman of the British National Party Mr Nick Griffin MEP, and also locally the response of the people of Horwich yesterday as photographed,( no false photo opp's here!
 And with the news today that two more of our brave lads have been killed in the Lib/Lab/Con illegal war. Reinforces the urgency of our campaign in gaining support of the British public for the British National Parties campaign. As we are the only Political Party that is clearly stating that we will bring our brave soldiers home NOW! from this pointless multi national Bankers and corporations oil pipe line war, that as turned our brave troops and armed forces in effect into a private militia for hire to the highest bidder of cash perks to the Lib/lab/Con political elites and their multi national backers.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

More Double Standards concerning dianne Abbot

More Double Standards

By Dr Phil Edwards—Black Labour MP Dianne Abbott has been reported to the police over for calling for white males to be axed first when sweeping public sector savings are announced next month, but Cheshire Constabulary, where the complaint was lodged, has said it would not be pursuing the case.
Double standards from Horwich Nationalists point of view is hypocrsy
Tory MP Philip Davies was reported in the media as saying that Ms Abbott’s remarks were “politically correct garbage” and “manna from heaven” for the British National Party.
Perhaps Mr Davies should consider this issue in more profound terms:  since race is an important element in individual and group identity, then it is impossible to build a society in which race does not matter, and furthermore, people of different races build different societies.
So, racial diversity is a source of constant conflict, a conclusion so blindingly obvious yet one of the requirements of respectability in this country is to pretend – and to repeat loudly at every opportunity — that diversity is a strength.
The Abbott incident reminds me of a recent correspondence I had with the Home Office regarding comments made by the Minister of State for Policing, Nick Herbert MP, who had been reported as saying that the police stopping people "on account of their race is unacceptable."
I asked if police officers, led by intelligence, could be choosing to do so not on the grounds of prejudice (i.e. "racism") but on the grounds of experience i.e. in the knowledge that people of black African ancestry have been shown to be more likely to be involved in crime, for whatever reason, than are indigenous white people?
Put another way, if the police have to make an on the spot judgement to stop a potential criminal, is it not more effective — on average — to stop a black person than a white one when resources and choice are scarce?
But no – the Home Office reply was (and I quote) "The Race Relations Act 1976 made it unlawful for a person to discriminate on racial grounds against another person. The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 extended the remit of this legislation to include most public authorities and requires them to eliminate race discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and good relations between all racial groups. The Act applies to around 45,000 public authorities in the United Kingdom, including central government departments, health authorities, education authorities and police authorities. The police therefore have a positive duty to promote racial equality; not only to address unlawful discrimination where it occurs, but also to be pro-active in preventing it from occurring. The National Policing Improvement Agency are currently overseeing the phased roll-out of the “Next Step” programme which aims to help forces to tackle the problem of disproportionality and ensure stop and search powers are used effectively, and with the support of the local community”.
So, there we have it, the police are there to promote racial equality and soon the "Next Step" programme will "help forces to tackle the problem of disproportionality and ensure stop and search powers are used effectively, and with the support of the local community".
But will the police and "Next Step" help to stop the appalling crimes, many carried out by foreigners and illegal, undesirable aliens, which are turning many large towns and cities into Third World Hell holes?
It is as if the previous race relations acts were deliberately introduced as a straight jacket to prevent effective control of law and order. It seems that Ms Abbott has a get out clause.

Bolton British National Party Take Bring our Boys Campaign to Horwich

Bolton British National Party Take the Bring our Boys Back Home Campaign to Horwich!

just a few of the team in Horwich
Today members of the Bolton and Horwich British National party took the Bring the Boys back Home Campaign to the Streets of Horwich. The Campaign is part of a UK wide day of action by the British National Party, that is designed to put the pressure on the Lib/Lab/Con political elites to end their illegal war in Afghanistan, in order that NO! More Brave British soldiers lives are lost in a war who,s only purpose is to secure a oil pipe line for Multi national Corporations and Bankers!

Members of Horwich public showing support
The response from the public in Horwich was over whelming in favour of our campaign with many people filling in our petition to end this illegal war that is costing the lives of our Brave British soldiers NOW! with over 4000 casualties a figure that the corrupt elite try to cover up and more likely, only the British National Party, the only party that is not in the back pocket of the multi nationals and bankers , promises to bring our brave lads home from that desolate hell hole immediately ! Leaving the Afghans to continue their centuries long traditions of slaughtering other, and saving countless British Lives in a war that has nothing to do with us!

Also unlike the other pro war Labour , Liberal and Conservative parties the British National party has brought the campaign directly to the streets. Where members of the public can question us on our policies and the reason why state our brave lads lives must be saved. Unlike the other parties who skulk around throwing unwanted leaflets complaining about the lack of funds for the Bolton Muslim girls School through your door and never been seen in person by the electorate. 

Please Remember in future elections that Only the British National Party will end this pointless war and treat the British Armed Forces and public with the dignity and respect they deserve, and at the same time save thousands of our troops lives and millions of Innocent foreign Nationals by ending these cruel and pointless wars!
please watch Nick Griffins Speech filmed in Horwich this Month!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Defence Budget Cuts: £9.2 Billion. Foreign Aid Budget: £9.1 Billion

Defence Budget Cuts: £9.2 Billion. Foreign Aid Budget: £9.1 Billion

The ConDem regime has ordered defence budget cuts of up to £9.2 billion (the equivalent of the foreign aid budget) while still expecting the army to continue to fight the regime’s illegal foreign wars without proper equipment.
On the same day that the all-party Commons Defence Committee issued a report which said that cuts to the defence budget will undermine the Armed Forces’ ability to defend Britain, David Cameron boasted in parliament about the foreign aid allocation.
Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron boasted that Britain could “hold its head up high” because the foreign aid budget is not being cut back even though all services to British people, including those of securing the borders and defence funding, are being drastically cut.
The ConDem regime has committed itself to increasing the foreign aid budget from its current £9 billion to £13 billion, despite announcing cuts of 25 percent and more in the police, border and defence budgets. Mr Cameron’s announcement was greeted with praise and admiration by the rest of Parliament.
Meanwhile, the Commons Defence Committee report said that the cuts will “jeopardise troop operations” and the army’s capacity to “sustain current in-use capabilities and therefore current operations could well be put at risk by the proposed cuts.”
In other words, Mr Cameron is not only committed to keeping British troops in Afghanistan, but also to deliberately underfunding them.
This was exactly what the Conservatives, when still in opposition, accused the Labour regime of doing.
Now, however, as the reality of the Tory regime becomes ever clearer, it is apparent that the Labour Party’s policy of underfunding the army while committing it to foreign wars is being implemented with gusto by the ConDem government.
In February this year, for example, Mr Cameron accused then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in parliament of sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan without the proper equipment.
In Commons question time exchanges, Mr Cameron accused Mr Brown of "ignoring the welfare" of the armed forces, pointing out that the Labour government had so underfunded the military that former defence secretary Geoff Hoon had gone on public record as saying that the air force now had fewer helicopters because of Mr Brown’s decisions.
In a staggering display of hypocrisy which has become the hallmark of the ConDem regime, Mr Cameron went on to say that “"We've had soldier after soldier complaining about lack of body armour, vehicles and equipment.”
But now that he is in 10 Downing Street, Mr Cameron has announced cuts to the military which not even the Labour government dared consider – all the while demanding of our heroes that they continue with their mission impossible in Afghanistan.
The British National Party will launch its “Support our troops, bring our boys home” campaign this coming weekend to underline the party’s demand that the Labour and ConDem regimes have abused our troops for their evil and illegal wars.
The only solution to the problem is to end the wars with immediate effect and bring our soldiers home without delay. The BNP will be circulating petitions calling for the withdrawal of our troops starting this coming Saturday.