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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Toxic Britain Toxic Bolton

Toxic Britain

Mass immigration, political correctness and economic disaster have turned Britain into a toxic society from which only nationalism can save it, writes’s newest correspondent, William Spearshake.
By William Spearshake. Writing this on Saturday July 16th 2011, I cannot be alone in feeling there is a heaving pressure boiling away underneath our country and getting ready to erupt catastrophically, like a sociological Krakatoa or Mt. St. Helens.
It has been admitted that three out of four new jobs in Britain now go to foreigners.
The Office for Economic Co-Operation and Development has published a report showing that Britain is the destination for more permanent immigrants than anywhere else in the world except the USA, which is 38 times bigger by land area.
The same report also shows that, unlike most other European countries, in Britain immigrants are more likely to be employed than members of the native population.
A point is being reached where the British taxpayers who pay for the Welfare State will be outnumbered by the newer arrivals who are milking it for every penny they can; the Daily Mail mentioned a woman from Nigeria who came to Britain recently on a tourist visa in order to give birth to quins, costing the NHS no less than a quarter of a million pounds for this single case!
Youth unemployment has reached almost 20%, meaning that almost one million young adults are living on benefits and are statistically likely to be members of families in which their parents are also on benefits.
In the last 10 years, the total of British-born workers has dropped by 140,000 while the number of foreign-born workers has risen by 1.77 million. Britain has enough new jobs to give every unemployed indigenous Briton full-time work – but the vacancies are filled by workers of foreign origin.
It has now been admitted that when, in 2004 under Tony Blair, the new Eastern European members of the European Union gained the right to go where they pleased within the EU, no less than one million East European immigrants came to Britain that year looking for jobs or benefits here.
Not surprisingly, last year burglaries rose by 14% with 745,000 homes robbed in that 12 months alone – a burglary rate of over one per minute (just over 85 burglaries per hour, 24 hours per day). In the same time, violent crime rose by 6%.
This week we witnessed the unbelievable debacle of 6 footballers – 5 of them of non-Indigenous British origin – who gang-bang raped two 12-year-old girls having their already ridiculously paltry 2-year prison sentences quashed entirely after appealing against their sentences.
In a separate court case, a Judge had to dismiss the jury in a massive benefits fraud trial due to the possibility that they had been “nobbled”; the accused consisted of members of a family whose origins have not been mentioned, but who have names such as “Riccardo” and “Cosima” which allow us to draw our own conclusions.
The family used false benefit claims to build up a £1.5 million property empire.
The financial crisis hitting countries in the Eurozone has already cost British taxpayers £12.5 billion in bail-out payments, an average of £600 per British family. This is very likely to increase dramatically.
Italy is now tottering on the brink of financial collapse. So, amazingly, is the mighty USA, now threatened with having its international credit rating downgraded if – as seems possible – it begins to default on payments of its staggering debts of $14.3 trillion (£8.9 trillion) with a deadline on August 2nd rushing towards it.
Should this happen, it could possibly trigger a complete meltdown of the finances of western civilization as we know it. Britain now lacks sufficient national independence to float as Europe sinks financially.
There is not a single politician or political party in Britain which has the slightest ability to rise to the occasion and do what is vitally necessary to rescue our country from the explosion whose warning rumblings and tremors we can all feel, except for the Nationalist lobby.
Britain’s only possible salvation, and most urgent need, is to elect a Nationalist government.
David Cameron has bleated for many months about having a “Big Society”. What Britain has been given by him and his kind is, in fact, a Toxic Society!