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Monday, 31 January 2011

UK's Islamist Terror Menace Created by Labour and Tories: Now They Want You to Pay for It

Britain’s Islamist Terror Menace Created by Labour and Tories: Now They Want You to Pay for It

British taxpayers will have to cough up an additional £30 million per year for increased “monitoring” of Islamist fanatics in Britain in terms of “new” security laws announced by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg yesterday in parliament.
The new rules, announced during a particularly pathetic display of idiocy in the House of Commons, will greatly increased the burden placed on Britain’s security services by allowing suspects currently under curfew even greater freedoms than before.
According to a report by the Home Office, 92 percent of all convicted terrorists in Britain are Muslim (“Statistics on Terrorism Arrests and Outcomes Great Britain”, Home Office, 26 November 2009).
According to this report, there have been 1,661 terrorism arrests in Britain since 11 September 2001. This translates to 1,528 Islamist terrorists being convicted in the nine and a half years since 2001.
Put another way, this means that a Muslim terrorist has been locked up at the rate of one every two days since 2001.
Before the London train bombings (carried out by first and second generation Muslim immigrants living in Britain), intelligence services estimated that one percent of Muslims in Britain either supported or were involved in terrorism.
British intelligence services believe that, in recent years, 3,000 Muslims in Britain have been to al Qaeda training camps.
Intelligence experts estimate that there are at least 1,200 Muslim radicals (80 percent of Pakistani origin) in Britain who have terrorist intentions.
Only a fool or a madman would deny the very real threat this poses to the stability of Britain or that it really is just some “fringe” minority.
It is a serious, deadly threat which has already taken lives in the most severe acts of terrorism in the history of our nation.
To make matters worse, it is precisely the policies of the Labour and Tory parties, and now the Liberal Democrats as well, which have created this large mass of alien invaders in our midst.
Instead of applying the logical answer to the problem — halting and reversing third World immigration — Mr Clegg and his fellow liars have chosen instead to carry on with the ridiculous and doomed policy of trying to keep a security clampdown on these Islamists.
In terms of Mr Clegg’s announcement, terror suspects currently under overnight curfews will no longer be forced to change address and will be allowed restricted use of mobile phones and the internet.
In addition, the curfew period has been reduced from 16 hours per day to ten, which means that the security services will now have to devote an additional six hours per day to monitoring these individuals.
This is why the cost of the programme has now leaped from £12 million top £30 million.
All this is completely unnecessary. These individuals should not even be in Britain, and under a British National party government would instantly be returned to their countries of origin so that they can no longer pose a threat to our nation.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Newsflash for Bolton British National Party Activists Converge on Barnsley

British National Party activists have converged on Barnsley this morning to take part in an extended day of action which will culminate in a meeting this afternoon at which the party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election will be announced.
Activists started meeting earlier today at the rendezvous point and were issued with leaflets printed from a risograph transported to the scene in the back of national organizer Adam Walker’s vehicle.
From there, the teams split up into smaller groups to leaflet and canvass target areas in the constituency.
read more at        
British National Party Activists Converge on Barnsley | British National Party: ""

British National Party Activists Converge on Barnsley | British National Party: ""

1,200 UK Jobs Lost in defence Budget Nimrod Farce to Save £2 Billion, As Foreign Aid Bill Will Be £120 Billion in Same Period

1,200 Jobs Lost in Nimrod Debacle to Save £2 Billion, But Foreign Aid Bill Will Be £120 Billion in Same Period

More than 1,200 British workers have lost their jobs as a result of the scrapping of the Nimrod aircraft to “save £2 billion over the next ten years” while the foreign aid budget is set to rise to more than £120 billion at the same time.
The Defence Spending Review cuts announced by Tory Defence minister Liam Fox said that cutting the Nimrod aircraft” would “save £2 billion over the next ten years.”
However, the ConDem regime increased the foreign aid budget from £9 billion to £12.1 per year, which means that over the next ten years, they will have spent at least £120 billion on foreign aid.
In reality, the foreign aid budget is likely to rise even higher than that, unless of course the British National Party comes to power and that swindle is halted forthwith.
Cutting the Nimrod aircraft will see the BAE systems base in Woodford, closed down in March this year, resulting in job losses and ancillary industry closures.
The move to literally cut up the aircraft, which have never even been used, effectively throws nearly £2 billion of tax money down the drain, a decision which has already been condemned by military and security experts.
Britain won the London 2012 Olympics bid, for example, on the basis that the security of the event would be guaranteed by the presence of the Nimrod aircraft, which would have been airborne by then.
The Ministry of Defence will spend an additional £200 million on scrapping the planes, including penalty payments for terminating the contract — a figure which the manufacturer says was all that was needed to make all nine aircraft airworthy.
The planes were designed as “eye-in-the-sky” aircraft and just one of them would have been able to scan all of Britain in ten seconds.
The scrapping of the project on “cost savings” grounds, never mind the loss of military capability, is evidence that the ConDem regime always puts the interests of Britain and the British people last.
Rather than preserving British jobs and enabling the defence of Britain to continue, Mr Fox and his colleagues would rather give away tens of billions of pounds to nations such as China and India by way of “foreign aid.”
Had enough of the old parties putting the British people last then join the British National Party using this link to join securely

Leader of tViolent Scottish Socialist Party jailed for three years, guilty of perjury | London Patriot

Leader of thuggish Scottish Socialist Party jailed for three years, guilty of perjury

Leader of thuggish Scottish Socialist Party jailed for three years, guilty of perjury

Finally some excellent news that will give nationalists a much needed morale boost, the leader of the thuggish Scottish National Party, the disgraced champagne communist Tommy Sheridan is back behind bars for a third time tonight after being jailed for three years for committing perjury.
The Daily Mail reported that:

Sheridan described his punishment as ‘heartbreaking’ and vowed to keep fighting.She sat in the front of the courtroom, as close as possible to her husband, as the judge delivered his sentence and led the politician and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant’s family, friends and comrades in a one-fisted salute as he was taken to the cells.
The 46-year-old Scot who won £200,000 damages by cynically denying News of the World claims that he was an adulterer who attended a sordid swingers’ sex club.
But on Christmas Eve, after a 12 week trial, he was convicted of lying and a judge told Sheridan today how he had ‘brought the walls of the temple crashing down not only on your own head but also on your family and your political friends and foes’ by pursuing his case against the newspaper.
The Sunday tabloid has already lodged an appeal against the defamation action and if it pursues claims for its £1 million-plus legal costs the firebrand socialist faces bankruptcy.
Sheridan – who previously served time as part of an anti-poll tax campaign and then over an anti-Trident protest at Faslane nuclear submarine base – maintained his innocence through the trial.
He claimed he was the victim of a ‘vendetta’ by the police and a ‘conspiracy’ involving the News of the World and colleagues within the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP).
The former SSP leader said 16 former allies were lying as part of a ‘political civil war’ when they told the High Court in Glasgow that he had admitted at a 2004 meeting having been to Cupid’s swingers’ club in Manchester.
Sheridan, who conducted his own defence, called Andy Coulson, a former NoW editor and Prime Minister David Cameron’s ex- communications chief, to give evidence during the sensational trial.
But the jury found him guilty of perjury during the 2006 civil defamation case and lying about having an affair with SSP member Katrine Trolle.
In a 50-minute plea before sentencing yesterday, Sheridan asked for a ‘proportionate and reasonable’ sentence and referring to previous perjury cases, including those of former Conservative MPs Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aiken, said: ‘This is not a murder trial. Nobody has been killed and neither has an innocent person been imprisoned.’
But the judge, Lord Bracadale, while praising him as a ‘hard-working’ politician, added:’ When perjury is established it must be dealt with seriously for the benefit of the court and the public.
‘You embarked on an action in the Court of Session knowing that, for it to be successful, you would be required to tell lies under affirmation.
‘You committed perjury and you were awarded a very large sum in damages. The only appropriate sentence is one of imprisonment.’
Sheridan listened to the judge’s comments in silence and stared straight ahead as he was hand-cuffed by dock officers.
As he was led away to the cells, he turned to his wife Gail – who was acquitted of the same charge last year – and said: ‘Take care, all the best’.
In a statement read outside court by his solicitor, Aamer Anwar, he said:’ This multi-million pound prosecution will separate me from my wife and my child and that will be heartbreaking.
‘But I will continue to fight a system that protects the real criminals – the rich and powerful.’
He intends to appeal against his perjury conviction and launch a legal action against the News of the World, the Metropolitan Police and private detective Glenn Mulcaire over the phone-hacking scandal surrounding the newspaper.
His statement continued: ‘Andy Coulson may have resigned for the second time but if he and others are not above the law then it is time that they faced justice. That chapter is yet to be written.’
Outside court, Mrs Sheridan said: ‘Tommy has dedicated his life to helping others. The real reason why he’s been imprisoned today is because he has fought injustice and inequality with every beat of his heart. But it won’t be long before Tommy is back stronger and continuing the fight.’
A News of the World spokesman said: ‘This is a just outcome to a long and complex criminal case. Today’s sentence also provides closure for the many witnesses who very bravely exposed their own lives to public scrutiny when they testified to Mr Sheridan’s guilt.
‘Mr Sheridan has been jailed for lying to a court to secure victory when he sued the News of the World for defamation in 2006. At the time he was an elected member of the Scottish Parliament.
‘As we have made clear, we have an appeal lodged against that defamation verdict and we now look forward to that appeal succeeding in Scotland’s Court of Session.’
Scottish Socialist Party members Frances Curran and Colin Fox said: ‘He alone is responsible for where he sleeps tonight, no-one else.
‘He pursued legal action full in the knowledge he would lie in court. He asked his closest political allies and friends to join him in that crazy strategy and then turned on us because we refused. ‘
Nice to see that Mr Sheridan is paying the price for his overblown sense of self importance and invulnerability, as well as his arrogance toward the law. This man is a corrupt politician openly encouraging violence toward political opponents.
The last example of his SSP method of campaigning for social justice was on Saturday 18th of September, when a BNP team was holding a street table in Glasgow to collect signatures for our “Bring our boys home” campaign.
After a good start the team of 7 BNP activists were surrounded by a mob of 100 – 200 hate filled yobs.
The stall was destroyed and thrown at a youngster!
2 members were assaulted (kicked and punched) and spat upon. The mob continued to destroy party literature and litter it across the street.
When police arrived the thugs vented their hatred towards them. The brave team stood ground until the police gained control of the situation. As this was going on a few members of public joined ranks with the team and were in turn attacked.
A couple of months later Young SSP official Liam Turbett was charged with offences linked to the cowardly attack on our activists in Buchanan Street.
Also the Police wanted to get in touch with Scottish socialist candidate Daniel O’Donnell who stood in front of the police tearing up our leaflets, the Police Sergeant dealing with this case has confirmed that O’Donnell was likely the next to be charged along with the ethnic coloured boy who spat on JoeFinnie (so far it’s not known if Mr O’Donnell was charged).
Here is the video of the attack:
No one from the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) ever condemned this aggression and for a very good reason, the SSP (like the Socialist Workers Party), firmly believes that violence against political opponent is legitimate.
In a normal country this would never be tolerated, but Britain is not a normal country anymore and it’s a known fact that government actively support the fascist/antifascist thugs (witness Camerons support for the UAF).
For this reason I’m more than happy Tommy Sheridan will be spending three years in prison and finally have to face the consequences of his actions.
People who constantly lie and believe they are beyond the law sooner or later run out of luck, and run into trouble.
Let’s hope that Mr Sheridan “enjoys” the diversity of Scottish prisons, and with a bit of luck hardened black and asian convicts will harass and attack him in the same way SSP members attacked BNP activists in Glasgow.
How does the old saying go? You play with fire and sooner or later you will get burnt.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Study Which Claims “5.5 Million Muslims in 20 years” in UK Is a Gross Underestimate

Study Which Claims “5.5 Million Muslims in 20 years” in Britain Is a Gross Underestimate

The claim by the American “Pew Center” that there will be 5.5 million Muslims in Britain by 2030 is a gross underestimation and based on a significant and serious calculation error, it has emerged.
Edgware Road, London.
Edgware Rd  London
.The Pew Center, which is a Washington DC-based organisation which specialises in public policy study papers, said that Muslims are expected to account for 8.2 percent of the UK’s population in 2030, up from an estimated 4.6 percent today.
According to the Pew Center, in “1990 there were 1.1 million Muslims in Britain, representing two per cent of the population.”
It was from this base figure that the Pew Center started its calculations and claimed that some 40 years later, the Muslim population would total some 5.5 million.
Separate studies conducted in January 2008 showed that the Muslim population of Britain was already at least 2.4 million strong (or nearly half the Pew Center’s proposed 2030 figure) and that the Muslim population was increasing at a rate ten times faster than any other segment of the population.
Furthermore, the high number of Muslims under the age of four in Britain — 301,000 as of September 2009 —  of a total of just over 3.5 million, means that in the younger age groups, Muslims were already ten percent of the population a year ago.
Given these birth rates, census figures and the fact that the Muslim population in 2008 was already 2.4 million, it can easily be seen that the Pew Center’s predictions are a hopeless underestimate.
In reality, given the demographic trends already visible in London, Birmingham and Leicester, to name but three cities blighted by Third World colonisation, it is likely that the Muslim population of Britain reached 3 million in 2010.
Given that the birth rate amongst Pakistani women living in Britain is three times higher than among British-born women, the figure of 5.5 million is likely to be reached well before 2020, a full decade short of the Pew Center’s predictions.
Mohammed has already been the most common newborn boy’s name in Britain for at least two years (although the establishment has tried to lie about this by using different spellings of the name to dilute the total count).
If current immigration and fertility rates continue as they are now, white British people will become an absolute minority by 2066, according to a recent report by Professor David Coleman from Oxford University.
Professor Coleman added that white British people will be a minority in younger age groups “well before that date.”
The British National Party has consistently warned not only of the dangers of Islamic colonisation, but also of the wholesale replacement of the indigenous population of Britain by mass Third World immigration.
The party’s warnings are becoming fact before everyone’s eyes.

Do We Need Full-Time Police Officers to Enforce Multiculturalism if It Is Good For UK ?

Why Do We Need Full-Time Police Officers to Enforce Multiculturalism if It Is Good?

The British National Party Newsroom 

Why does Britain need full-time police officers, paid for by taxpayers, to enforce multiculturalism if that concept is so good and beneficial for this country, British National Party councillor and press officer John Walker asked the latest party meeting in Burnley.
John Walker Speaks in Burnley
john Walker Burnley Speech
Cllr Walker told the crowd that he had received a “wake-up call” during his preparations for the campaign the party has launched to oppose the creation of yet another “Islamic cultural centre” in Shotton, North Wales.
“I was invited by the police to a meeting of interested parties to discuss the proposed conversion of an old social club into an Islamic centre,” Cllr Walker said.
“It was there that I received a major wake-up call. The stuff they came out with at that meeting was just unbelievable.”
Cllr Walker said that there were no less than two “community cohesion” officers present at the meeting, one from the police and another from Flintshire County Council.
“The police have appointed a full-time community cohesion sergeant for whole of Flintshire.
“All he does is go around trying to keep a lid on the racial tension that this Lib-Lab-Con have created in the first place,” he said.
“If this multicultural society is so preferable, why do we need full-time police officers going round telling everyone it’s a great idea?
“Why do we need someone there from Flintshire county council going on about how wonderful it is to welcome all the migrant workers into Flintshire; about how they are working with Muslim families in the area?” Cllr Walker asked.
“This is just another person being paid by my local authority, with my tax money, to facilitate the colonisation of North Wales,” he said to applause.
“That was a wake-up call for me. When one is involved in the British National Party for a long time, you can get lost in the details and internal party issues.
“That meeting [with the community cohesion officers ] reminded me why I am a member of this party.
“It reminded me why I am councillor for this party, and why I continue to fight for this party, which is the only chance for this country,” Cllr Walker said.

Join The British National Party Bolton and Britain's Fastest Growing Political Party


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Now it's elderly Christians who are in the firing line of the 'Equlities' bullies! As you know, they persecuted the British National Party for all of 2010 - before finally losing the case against us. So now Trevor Phillips and the Equalities Commission have turned their sights on Bed and Breakfast home-owners. The principle of "an Englishman's home is his castle" no longer rings true. Don’t just sit back and let others defend our country from politically correct fanatics and Islamic Extremists. You feel the same way we do about Britain so help us in our struggle, JOIN TODAY!

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· We want a Britain which our war dead and veterans can finally be proud of fighting for.

· We want a Britain which is free to govern itself without living under the dictatorship of the EU.

We want a Britain where our young people are given a good education, apprenticeships and can look forward to a decent job

We want a Britain which doesn’t waste Billions of pounds of tax payer’s money on foreign aid, while thousands of our pensioners and are forced to live out a miserable existence on tiny, inadequate pensions.

We want a Britain that ensures that our jobs aren't shipped abroad to cheap labour economies

What would our war heroes think if they could see Britain today? They fought to keep this country British. They fought to keep our nation free, sovereign and independent. They did not fight for multiculturalism, political correctness, or to see our country flooded with foreigners and our own people made into second-class citizens.

The British National Party is a modern, patriotic, democratic alternative to the old parties that have wrecked our great country.

Membership costs from as little as £1.25 a month

Most of our members aren’t ‘politicians’, but ordinary hard working people united by a desire to see British people put first in their own country, rather than tossed aside by the corrupt Political Class.

So why not join us and be part of our journey. Maybe you already vote British National Party at election time? Maybe you have thought about joining but not actually done it? Maybe you think you are too young, too old or too busy? Maybe it's just because nobody has asked you. We're asking you now; because if you don’t who else will defend our country and heritage and what will be left for our children and grandchildren? They will literally be left in the mercy of politically correct fanatics and Islamic extremists.

You will be part of a serious and modern political movement with thousands of members, scores of councillors and 2 MEPs.

Membership costs from as little as £1.25 a month

Plus as a member you will:

· Receive copies of the British National Party’s Hope and Glory magazine and

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· Receive an exclusive British National Party membership card

· Have the chance to meet and socialise with members in your area- a great way to develop your social life and meet new like minded friends.

· Have the chance to stand for the party in elections

· Be invited to the British National Party’s annual Red, White and Blue festival, as well as other party events such as the Summer School and National Conference (subject to 2 years continuous membership)

Already a member? Why not persuade a friend, workmate or family member to join the British National Party? If every member recruited just one person, our membership would double overnight!

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

P.S. As a member of the British National Party you are part of a community of patriots organised to make our country a good place to live for future generations. British National Party members care about our land and people. When you see the hatred in the eyes of the fanatics remember that the love in our hearts is a greater power.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Britain’s new Gay McCarthyites

January , 2011
Britain’s new McCarthyites
Daily Mail,  January 2011
Here’s a question ­shortly coming to an examination ­paper near you. What have mathematics, geography or science to do with homosexuality?
Nothing at all, you say? Zero marks for you, then.
For, mad as this may seem, schoolchildren are to be bombarded with homosexual references in maths, geography and ­science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to promote the gay agenda.
In geography, for example, they will be told to consider why homosexuals move from the ­countryside to cities. In maths, they will be taught ­statistics through census ­findings about the number of ­homosexuals in the population.
In science, they will be directed to ­animal species such as emperor ­penguins and sea horses, where the male takes a lead role in raising its young.
Alas, this gay curriculum is no laughing matter. Absurd as it sounds, this is but the latest attempt to brainwash children with propaganda under the ­camouflage of ­education. It is an abuse of childhood.
And it’s all part of the ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very ­concept of normal sexual behaviour.
Not so long ago, an epic political battle raged over teaching children that ­homosexuality was normal. The fight over Section 28, as it became known, resulted in the repeal of the legal requirement on schools not to promote homosexuality.
As the old joke has it, what was once impermissible first becomes tolerated and then becomes mandatory.
And the other side of that particular coin, as we are now discovering, is that values which were once the moral basis for British society are now deemed to be beyond the pale.
What was once an attempt to end ­unpleasant attitudes towards a small sexual minority has now become a kind of bigotry in reverse.
Expressing what used to be the moral norm of Western civilisation is now not just socially impermissible, but even turns upstanding people into lawbreakers.
The bed and breakfast hoteliers Peter and Hazelmary Bull — who were recently sued for turning away two homosexuals who wished to share a bedroom — were but the latest religious believers to fall foul of the gay inquisition merely for upholding Christian values.
Catholic adoption agencies were forced to shut down after they refused to place ­children with same-sex couples. Marriage registrars were forced to step down for refusing to officiate at civil unions.
Christian street preacher Dale McAlpine was charged with making threatening, ­abusive or insulting remarks for saying homosexuality was a sin to passers-by in Workington, Cumbria. In the event, the case against him was dropped and he won a police apology and compensation.
It seems that just about everything in Britain is now run according to the gay agenda. For in addition to the requirement for gay-friendly hotels, gay adoption and gay mathematics now comes, apparently, gay drugs policy.
Last week, the Government announced the appointment of some new ­members to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, who included a GP by the name of Hans-Christian Raabe.
Dr Raabe has long maintained a close interest in drug policy, on which he has robustly traditional views. He has spoken out in favour of ­abstinence-based approaches and criticised the flawed logic behind the claim that it is the illegality of drugs such as ­cannabis that is the problem.
Considering the unhappy fact that over recent years many on the Advisory Council have taken the ultra-liberal view that treating drug-users is the priority rather than reducing their numbers, Dr Raabe’s membership of the council was very welcome news.
But as soon as his appointment was announced, Dr Raabe was targeted in an astonishing attack.
For he is also a leading member of the Manchester-based Maranatha Community, which is dedicated to re-establishing ­Christian values in society and which campaigns against gay rights.
It was the BBC’s Home Editor Mark ­Easton who led the charge. On his BBC News blog, he announced that Dr Raabe’s views on homosexuality were causing such fury among (anonymous) members of the Advisory Council that at least one member was threatening to step down.
Well may you rub your eyes at that. Just what have his views on homosexuality got to do with illegal drugs? Well, according to Easton, more than one member of the ­council is gay or lesbian.
How extraordinary. Just imagine if the boot were on the other foot and Dr Raabe had refused to serve on the drugs council because some of its ­members were gay. He would be out on his ear within the hour.
How reprehensible of the BBC to lend itself to such a partisan attack. Unsurprisingly, Easton’s remarks provoked more advocates of drug ­liberalisation to join in the blood-sport of baiting Dr Raabe.
Yesterday’s Observer listed among his crimes certain briefing documents he had produced for MPs identifying the benefits of marriage in fighting drug addiction.
He had written, for example, that marriage is associated with greater happiness, less depression, less alcohol abuse and less smoking. But what’s the problem with that? It ­happens to be true.
The Observer reported that drugs charities and experts expressed surprise that someone of such ‘stringent opinions’ could be appointed to the Advisory Council.
Clearly, ‘stringent opinions’ in favour of drug liberalisation are considered entirely appropriate in such circles; but anyone who goes against the politically-correct grain on homosexuality or who has robust Christian views must be considered a bigot and thus have no place in public life.
In fact, anyone truly concerned to end the scourge of drug abuse should be delighted that at last there is a strong voice for ­common sense and morality on the ­Advisory Council.
Penalising religious people for speaking and acting in accordance with their beliefs is neither liberal nor tolerant. It is behaviour more commonly associated with totalitarian dictatorships.
It must be said that many gay people are themselves uneasy or even appalled by this increasingly oppressive use of their cause. Privately, many will say that all they ever want is to live free from discrimination and not to provoke discrimination against others.
After the case of Christian street preacher Dale McAlpine, the gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell spoke out in ­support of the rights of people to express their views against homosexuality — although, by ­contrast, he also endorsed the lawsuit against B&B owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull on the grounds that the equality laws should apply to all.
Of course, for people such as the Bulls, George Orwell’s famous observation that some are more equal than others is all too painfully true. Indeed, the obsession with equality has now reached ludicrous, as well as oppressive, proportions.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has paid £100,000 for a report into how efforts to boost Britain’s coastal fish stocks would affect minority communities including the Chinese, ­homosexuals and Welsh speakers.
And the Department for Transport issued a study looking at harassment and discrimination on ships and hovercraft against a range of groups, including transsexuals.
Many different groups are involved in promoting this crazy, upside-down world of the equality agenda. But the seemingly all-­powerful gay rights lobby carries all before it. If it isn’t careful, it risks turning gay people from being the victims of prejudice into Britain’s new McCarthyites.
Melanie Phillips’s Articles: "-

Thursday, 27 January 2011

UK's Trillion Pound National Debt Crisis: A Problem only the British National Party Policies Can Solve

Britain's Trillion Pound National Debt Crisis: A Problem only the British National Party Can Solve

Britain's national debt has topped the £1 trillion mark, but could be as high as £8 trillion, according to a statement by the Taxpayer’s Alliance. The lower estimate of £1 trillion equates to £40,000 for every household in Britain.
The national debt is incurred by government borrowing from private financial institutions in order to finance its business. An annual government deficit refers to the difference between government receipts and spending in a single year.
According to the Taxpayers´ Alliance, the £1 trillion is likely to be an underestimate because it does not include the costs related to mortgages, credit cards, loans and public sector pensions.
Britain's outrageous national debt crisis is due to consecutive Labour and Tory governments’ policy of huge spending and borrowing. Inevitably, this leads to the complete collapse of the credit-based economy.
The credit crisis was further confounded by the Labour government's temporary delay of the economic collapse through renewed borrowing, meaning that when the collapse did come, Britain faced even greater unprecedented debt levels.
In fact, the inevitability of the crisis was a foregone conclusion when Britain switched from a prosperous manufacturing economy to a “soft service” sector economy.
In the 1950s and 1960s, Britain's economic growth was based on the principle of a thriving manufacturing sector output which employed large numbers of skilled British workers.
This workforce produced consumer items for domestic consumption and for export. This has now been replaced with a soft service sector industry, focused around services such as communications and the financial sector.
As the services industry came increasingly under the ownership of the financial sector, it was forced to outsource many of its functions to so-called “developing countries” where wages and rates are significantly lower.
A recent example of this came with the statement by John Neilson, managing director of NHS Shared Business Services, that “millions of pounds could be saved by outsourcing health administration overseas to India.”
The outsourcing of our healthcare industry is a direct result of economic mismanagement by the Government, which has decimated our manufacturing industry and allowed financiers to seize control of our major sized companies while speculating on wealth that was not real.
Consequently, the British taxpayer will suffer with poor health services as the NHS moves more of its operations abroad.
The only way in which Britain’s economy can once again be made sustainable is through the promotion of a reinvigorated manufacturing industry.
A British National Party government will ensure that Britain follows a policy of selective exclusion with regards to foreign-made goods and will aim wherever possible to reduce the number of foreign imports.
Furthermore, we will ensure that our manufactured goods are, wherever possible, produced in British factories, employing British workers, and that there are positive tax incentives for companies to stay in Britain rather than relocating abroad.
Only when these measures are in place will unemployment be brought to an end, enabling secure, well-paid career paths to flourish once again.

Read more on the British national Parties economic policies here  BNP Economic Policy

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

700 North West media outlets hear of the work of Nick Griffin MEP on Behalf of Persecuted Christians

700 North West media outlets hear of the work of the MEP

JANUARY 2011: LAST Friday morning, over 700 media outlets across the North West of England were informed of Nick Griffin's efforts in the European Parliament to highlight the persecution of Christian minorities in countries where Islam is the dominant religion.

 The press release told journalists, as well as radio news and local television news editors, of the stance on the issue taken by the MEP in Strasbourg.
PRESS STATEMENT: Issued by the Constituency Office of Nick Griffin, MEP
MEP lights a candle for Christians
On Wednesday 19th January Nick Griffin MEP attended a candlelight vigil for Christians being persecuted by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.
The vigil, held outside the European Parliament building in  Strasbourg, was organised to highlight the vote on the issue taking place.
Mr Griffin was one of a majority of MEPs who voted in support of a  motion condemning attacks on Christian communities in Egypt, Nigeria,  Pakistan, the Philippines, Cyprus, Iran and Iraq.
The MEP said that the growing violence was leading to an exodus of  Christians from these countries which was a form of 'ethnic' cleansing  of a religious minority.
"It's nice to be on the winning side after a debate and vote in the  European Parliament," he said.
Mr Griffin also signed an open letter which stated:
"We, Members of the European Parliament, are determined to use all  means at our disposal so as to regain Democracy, Human Rights and  Freedom of Religion, for Christians in the Middle East.'
Nick Griffin had been asked to support the motion by a vicar from  Greater Manchester.
He wrote to the MEP urging him to make people aware of the atrocities  that are taking place in the name of Islam.
He said:
"I hope that you will be able to support the appeal from Coptic  Christians being attacked, tortured, raped and killed by Islamists in  their own country.
"There is a great wall of silence over the attack on Christianity by  Islam because political correctness forces bodies like Amnesty to turn  a blind eye."
While our enemies within the media will do all that they can to censor news about the British National Party and its elected representatives, the MEP's the weekly press release is still vitally important as it shows unbiased journalists and editors that Nick is active on behalf of his constituents in the European Parliament. Even if they are disinclined to publicise news of his work, having knowledge of it will help defer any attacks by our opponents claiming that the MEP is not actively representing his constituents in the North West.

Now the UK Media & Press Seeks to Pillory & Persecute a Christian Vicar

Now the media seeks to persecute a Christian

JANUARY 2011: 
IT'S not often that a Press Statement from a British National Party representative creates such an interest, but our "MEP lights a candle for Christians" release certainly did just that.

 But the steady stream of requests for further information by journalists from newspapers in Manchester didn't concern Nick Griffin's campaign to draw attention to the victimisation of Christian minorities in Islamic countries.
No, the journalists just wanted to know the name of the vicar from Greater Manchester who had written to Nick asking him to highlight this persecution.
In a letter to the MEP, the vicar had said:
"I hope that you will be able to support the appeal from Coptic Christians being attacked, tortured, raped and killed by Islamists in their own country.
"There is a great wall of silence over the attack on Christianity by Islam because political correctness forces bodies like Amnesty to turn a blind eye."
Now you would have hoped that these journalists just wanted to speak to the vicar in order to get a further insight into the suffering of Christians in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria . . . but sadly, that wasn't the case.
They wanted his name and parish in order to pillory him in the press for daring to suggest that Islam wasn't a religion of peace and its unchecked growth in this country was undermining our Christian values and a threat to Britons who hold those values sacred.
The media sought to persecute this Christian for failing to bow to the disciples of Political Correctness by daring to speak out on behalf of Christians being persecuted by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.
* Needless to say, the requests for information on the vicar were treated with the contempt they deserved.

European Court of Human Rights Opens Floodgates for Thousands More Bogus Asylum Invaders

European Court of Human Rights Opens Door for Thousands More Bogus Asylum Invaders

The European Court of Human Rights has opened the door for thousands of bogus “asylum seekers” to invade Britain and other European nations after abolishing the right of European Union member states to deport illegals back to Greece.
This week’s court ruling means that any asylum seeker can be guaranteed to remain in Britain (or any other EU nation) just by claiming to have entered Europe through Greece.
The ruling was the first to be heard by the court under the European Union mechanism known as Dublin II, which allows EU member states to deport bogus asylum seekers back to the nation through which they first entered the continent.
The case arose after Belgian deported an Afghan asylum seeker to Greece under the Dublin II rules, which say that an asylum seeker must have their application heard in the EU member state they entered first.
The court found Belgium and Greece had violated articles 3 and 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which deal with the prohibition of “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” and the “right to an effective remedy.”
According to the court, Greece violated the convention because of “detention conditions and deficiencies in its asylum procedure.”
It was ruled that Belgium had violated the Human Rights laws by “exposing the plaintiff” to the Greek system.
The court also found that Belgium had “violated the convention by denying the applicant an effective remedy against his expulsion order” – in other words, that Belgium had not given the bogus asylum seeker a way of appealing against his deportation to Greece.
The ruling means that the Dublin II rules can be overturned by an asylum seeker merely saying that he or she entered Europe through Greece.
The very nature of the illegality of most asylum seekers’ entry into Europe (and Britain in particular) makes it of course almost impossible to disprove a claim that Greece was an individual’s first port of entry.
At least half a million asylum seekers are thought to be living in Greece without any legal status, which has placed an unbearable strain on the Greek state’s infrastructure.
Earlier, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has said that the Greek asylum system had “collapsed” under the tidal wave of invaders.
Germany has already officially stopped sending asylum invaders back to Greece and all other EU states will soon follow suit. There are a reported 7,000 such cases throughout the EU, with at least 1,300 in Britain.
Ironically, Britain’s open doors policy has meant that the Dublin II rules have not even been enforced here, so the ruling will only affect asylum invaders in the sense that it will provide an added layer of legal protection against any attempts to get them out of the country.
As Migrationwatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said, “This opens a gateway into Europe and Britain for asylum seekers.
“Future asylum seekers will enter the EU through Greece safe in the knowledge we cannot send them back. Their cases will have to be settled here at the expense of the British taxpayer.”

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

UK Police’s Undercover Operations Help Organise Anti-British National Party Communists

Exclusive: Police’s Undercover Operations Help Organise Anti-British National Party Communists

The police’s undercover operations unit is actively involved in supporting extremist far leftist and communist UAF public violence against the British National Party, sensational new photographs have revealed.
Mark Kennedy (highlighted) at a UAF demonstration against the British National Party, Derbyshire. Mark Kennedy (highlighted) at a UAF demonstration against the British National Party, Derbyshire.The photographs, which show now-exposed undercover National Public Order Intelligence Unit police constable Mark Kennedy taking part in a UAF protest against the British National Party in Derbyshire during 2009, have been released by party spokesman Simon Darby.
In the photographs, taken by a British National Party activist at a UAF demonstration outside a licensing application for the 2009 Red, White and Blue event, Pc Kennedy is clearly visible.
Wearing dark clothes and carrying a green rucksack, Pc Kennedy, who was known by the nickname ‘flash’ amongst his far leftist colleagues because he often funded activists’ transportation to demonstrations and their accommodation, can be seen in the crowd of UAF protestors.
The UAF is headed up by Wayman Bennett, an executive member of the extremist communist ‘Socialist Workers’ Party.’
According to earlier revelations about Pc Kennedy, he often took the lead in organising events and a recent court case against environmentalist activists collapsed when it was revealed that the policeman was behind the attempt to occupy a power station.
It is however Pc Kennedy’s involvement in the UAF and its activities against the British National Party which have now taken centre stage following the publication of the new pictures.
“Bear in mind that no less than 19 UAF demonstrators were arrested for public violence outside the British National Party’s Red, White and Blue event in 2009,” Mr Darby said.
“In the light of Pc Kennedy’s involvement in the UAF demonstration, the party and the public have the right to know how much of this violence and subsequent cost to the taxpayer was actually coordinated by the police in the first place,” he said.
“In an interview with a newspaper, Pc Kennedy boasted that intelligence he had gathered had been passed directly to Tony Blair,” Mr Darby said.
“In addition, Pc Kennedy revealed that his salary was £50,000 per year, and that his handlers paid £200,000 a year into a secret bank account to help him maintain his cover.
“This means that over the eight years he was active, Pc Kennedy cost the taxpayer £400,000 in wages, and £1,600,000 in ‘expenses,’ or a total bill of £2 million.
“And part of his job was to help organise public violence against the British National Party which could then be used as propaganda against us by the media,” he continued.
“This is nothing less than state-sponsored subversion of a legitimate political party and must be a criminal offence,” Mr Darby said.
Nearly 200 UAF thugs have been arrested for acts of public violence outside British National Party events since 2008, including Martin Smith, National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, who was found guilty of assault on a police officer.
“How many of these incidents of public violence were not facilitated with taxpayers’ money supplied by the National Public Order Intelligence Unit?” Mr Darby asked.
* The National Public Order Intelligence Unit is run by the Association of Chief Police Officers.
* Another police officer recently exposed as having been involved in far leftist anarchist activities which would have included participation in ‘Searchlight Wales’ activities was Mark Jacobs, 44, who became a member of an anarchist group in Cardiff.

UK Taxes: Pay Up, Britons, You Have Bankers, the EU, Foreign Aid and the Immigration Swindle to Pay For

Tax: Pay Up, Britons, You Have Bankers, the EU, Foreign Aid and the Immigration Swindle to Finance

Already hard-pressed British taxpayers faces some of the largest direct and indirect tax rises in recent history, as petrol prices reach record highs and many families set to pay in extra tax of at least £2,800 extra each year.
The tax increases are supposed to be necessary to “balance the government’s deficit” but in reality the ConDem regime has increased expenditure on foreign aid and the war in Afghanistan. European Union membership has also seen of the sharpest rises in a number of years, while the ongoing cost of the immigration and asylum swindle, estimated by MigrationwatchUK to be of the order of £13 billion per year, continues full steam ahead.
British taxpayers will be made to pay for all this madness with changes to income tax, child benefits, tax credits and VAT increases.
According to a study paper released by the Resolution Foundation think tank, a couple with two children and a household income of £42,000 will lose £2,800 in accumulated taxes, a situation which the Foundation predicted will cause a “prolonged personal recession.”
The study also confirmed that it will be the middle classes who will suffer the most, with at least 700,000 middle-income earners being pushed in to the top tax rate as a result of changes announced by ConDem Chancellor George Osborne.
This will effectively double the tax burden for those people, a move which will completely undo Mr Osborne’s lifting of the tax threshold (the income level at which people start paying tax) to £10,000.
In addition, the changes to the tax structure will cause those middle income families to lose all child benefits as they become part of the top tax bracket.
The report went on to say that “The typical working household is now poorer in real terms than it was a year ago.
“In 2011, it will get poorer still. Even as growth resumes and the nadir of the financial crisis fades into memory, millions of families are living through a prolonged, personal recession.”
In addition, National Insurance contributions will rise in April.
As if that was not enough, all taxpayers are being hit by the increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) which, according to the report, will add at least £400 to the annual bills of the average family.
The projected increase in government revenue from this tax hike, which will amount to £13 billion, is a figure which just covers the foreign aid budget.
Motorists will also have felt the impact of the record increase in the cost of tank of petrol, with a rise of £3 within a 30 day period.
According to the Automobile Association, the monthly fuel bill for an average two-car family had increased by £34 in just a year.
“A 0.76p a litre increase in fuel duty on January 1 and VAT rising to 20 per cent, adding around 2.5p more to the pump price, accounted for the lion’s share of the latest increase,” the AA said.
AA president Edmund King was quoted as saying: “The huge fall in petrol sales shows that many drivers cannot afford to fill up. Sooner or later, politicians will have to face reality – more and more drivers cannot afford these prices.”

Immigrant “Fake Car Crash” Gangs Cause Motor Insurance Premiums to Jump by 30%

Immigrant “Fake Car Crash” Gangs Cause Motor Insurance Premiums to Jump by 30%

Motor car insurance premiums have jumped by an average of 30 percent a year after a massive upsurge in fraud and faked car crash claims which have been blamed by police and insurance crime investigators on Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi immigrants.
The increase in insurance premiums is yet another financial punishment inflicted upon the British public as a result of the massive Third World immigration invasion supported by both Tory and Labour governments.
According to the Automobile Association (AA), car insurance policies have increased by an average of £215 per year. Drivers will now be forced to pay an average of £845 for their annual policy, up 34 percent from last year’s average of £630.
According to Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, as quoted in a recent media report, almost half of the average insurance policy now goes to cover the cost of whiplash claims, fraud, legal fees and tax.
The number of whiplash claims has risen by 25 per cent in six years and £44 from every motorist’s policy goes to cover fraudulent staged accidents.
According to the media, these “crash for cash” claims are so common in certain areas that drivers in some parts of the country either cannot buy insurance at all or have to pay massively inflated premiums.
These areas are often located in wealthier areas where victims are most likely to have full comprehensive insurance.
For example, one company, Esure, reported a 300 percent increase in personal injury claims in the B31 postcode in Birmingham. Towns in this postcode include Longbridge and Northfield, some of the better-off areas of the West Midlands.
Parliament’s Transport Select Committee was told last week by Chief Supt Geraint Anwyl of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ roads policing section that the frauds were “highly organised and clearly very profitable.
“Induced collisions and staged collisions were taking place along with fictitious collisions,” Supt, Anwyl told the committee, adding that this was directly raising premiums.
According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, there were about 30,000 “staged car crashes” last year which cost insurers about £350 million and added £44 to the premium of every driver.
In September 2009, London police inspector Nick Chalmers told BBC Asian Radio that “Pakistani, Afghan and Bangladeshi criminal gangs in Britain are staging deliberate car accidents in order to claim their victims’ car insurance money.”
Inspector Chalmers said that the gangs operate primarily in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the suburbs of London.
“The modus operandi of the gangs appears to be to move closely in a convoy of two cars. The first car suddenly brakes very hard, as does the second, forcing the targeted victim’s car to crash into the rear of the second car,” he said.
“The perpetrators then make a fraudulent car crash claim to their victim’s insurance company for damages to their vehicle and for personal injuries, such as whiplash, real or not,” he continued.
“Some fraudsters have claimed for injuries to persons not even present in the vehicle.
“Ten such gangs operate in northwest London alone, and the daily count of staged accidents could be up to 20,” Insp. Chalmers said.
An article in the Financial Times from 2008 dealing with the topic quoted the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s (IFB) head, Sue Jones, as saying that the proceeds from the ‘crash for cash’ cases were’ linked to other serious crimes and countries associated with Islamic extremism, such as Afghanistan.’
Ms Jones was quoted as saying that the IFB was specifically targeting these gangs, many of which were linked with "all sorts of other criminality.
“This is not just a crime where greedy people are lining their own pockets and driving around in flash cars and buying nice houses. It's the more sinister uses to which the money is being put,” she said.
Ms Jones added that “the crime was linked to drugs, immigration frauds and other financial offences, perhaps even including the financing of Muslim extremist groups.
"Of concern to us is the volume of money that's going out of the country through places like Dubai and into places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Once the money is out there, it does become particularly difficult to get a handle on it,” she said.

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Monday, 24 January 2011

UK Racial Nightmare: Whites Refused Access to Nursery Groups While Bangladeshi Girls Forced into Marriage

Racial Nightmare Britain: Whites Refused Access to Nursery Groups While Bangladeshi Girls Forced into Arranged Marriages

White kids turned away from a state-funded playgroup because of their race, and dozens of Bangladeshi schoolgirls forced into mixed marriages to facilitate further immigration: this is the racial nightmare into which decades of Tory and Labour mass immigration has plunged Britain.
The two pieces of shocking news from different parts of the country illustrate precisely how bad things have become and also underline the importance of the British National Party’s struggle to prevent our nation turning into another Third World failed state.
According to media reports, two white kids were refused entry to the “Making Links” council funded playgroup in St Noets, Cambridgeshire, purely because of their race.
The playgroup, set up by the “Open Door” Christian Church, receives £11,000, which includes £1,000 from the St Neots Town Council and £5,000 from “Faiths in Action” which is in turn funded by the qungo Community Development Foundation, which gets its money from the Department for Communities and Local Government.
According to the Open Church’s website page on the “Making Links” playgroup” (which has been hastily removed but which is still viewable on the Google cache system) the aims of the group are “in the spirit of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) document, “The Reception and Integration of New Migrant Communities” (2007).”
The website continued: “The weekly sessions are free and include refreshments, a 1½ hour art and craft session which varies each week, visits from free local service providers such as community police, children’s health services, EAL providers, etc, and a crèche within the meeting room provided by Sure Start.
The website went on to state that the aims of the project included the development of “cross-cultural friendships,” and the promotion of “cultural identity and self-esteem.”
However, this promotion of “cross cultural friendships” policy does not apply to white British kids, as two local mothers found out to their cost.
According to the news report, mothers Emma Knightley and Kimberley Wildman decided that the playgroup would be the ideal place for their youngsters to make new friends.
They were however turned away at the door because they were white. The media article reported that Miss Knightley said: ‘The first thing I was asked about was my nationality and when I said I was British I was told we had to leave.
“She said ‘Are you not aware this is for foreign people only?’ I said I knew it was trying to integrate people into the community but didn’t realise that meant British people and their children were banned.
“I felt humiliated. You wouldn’t get away with a British-only mum and children’s group.”
Meanwhile, from Tower Hamlets comes the news that Bangladeshi children as young as 14 are regularly being spirited back to Bangladesh to engage in forced marriages which then allow for further “family-based immigration.”
A government report named Tower Hamlets, which is now almost completely colonised by Muslims, as having the highest numbers of forced marriages in Britain.
The Department for Children, Schools and Families said that 2,000 children had gone missing from schools in 14 areas where there were high levels of forced marriages, including the East End.
 The position cannot be any clearer: White British people are being actively discriminated against and bizarre Third World practices are becoming increasingly common.
This is the inevitable result of the Third World colonisation of Britain, against which only the British National Party stands.

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A Stranger in My Own Land Once Called London

A Stranger in My Own Land

A Stranger in My Own Land From STANDPOINTMAG Also published in Telegraph Hat tip to tyburntree. Thanks mate.
The Mole
Mole Special: A Stranger in My Own Land
January/February 2011
I have just returned to London, where I have lived since I was 11. I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a monocultural part of the world, amassing a host of stories to tell to disbelieving friends. On the whole, I am glad to return. I shan’t miss some locals’ assumptions that, being a white woman, if I was outside after dark, as I occasionally was, usually to walk the few metres between my house and the church, I must be a prostitute eager to give them a blow job. I shan’t miss the abuse my priest husband received: the daubing of “Dirty white dogs” in red paint on the church door, the barrage of stones thrown at him by children shouting “Satan”. He was called a “f***ing white bastard” more than once, though, notably, never when in a cassock. I will also not miss the way our garden acted as the local rubbish dump, with items ranging from duvets and TV sets, to rats (dead or twitching) glued to cardboard strips, a popular local method of vermin control to stem the large numbers of them which scuttled between the rubbish piled in gardens and on pavements. Yes, I am very glad to have left Britain’s second city.

Brum Deal: Everyday life in Britain’s second city (Photograph by Julian Anderson)
For four years, we lived in inner-city Birmingham, in what has been a police no-go area for 20 years. We know that because some plain-clothed cops told us when they asked to use our vicarage as a stake-out to bust drugs rings that pervade the area. Having heard a parishioner’s tales of what his neighbours did to him when he was wrongfully suspected of having grassed up a cock-fighting ring, we refused, explaining that we had to live here, they didn’t. Even during this time we saw the area change. When we arrived, the population was predominantly Pakistani. Now Somalis are there in equal number. Most of the run-down Irish pubs were turned into mosques during our time.
As a woman, it was difficult for me to gain many first-hand impressions of the Muslims. I was generally ignored by both men and women, and on the rare occasion that I had to interact, when for example a car was parked illegally and blocking my gate, I was addressed as if inconsequential. My husband, however, faithfully reported conversations which you may find somewhat alarming. One of our favourite dinner-party pieces is this: opposite our vicarage there is a “library” which has some computers, some burkas and occasionally tracts that say offensive things about Jews and Christians. My husband did his photo-copying there, and got on rather well with everybody. One day he was chatting to a man with a passing resemblance to Lawrence of Arabia, who had just arrived from Antwerp — one of an increasing number of Muslims who are arriving here with EU passports. He asked him why he had come to Birmingham. He was surprised at the question: “Everybody know. Birmingham — best place in Europe to be pure Muslim.” Well, there must be many places in Europe where Muslims are entirely free to practise their faith, but I suspect there are few places in which they can have so little contact with the civic and legal structure of a Western state if they choose. It seems to be particularly easy to “disappear” if that is their intention. A parishioner once described a lorry pulling up outside his house, the side opening to reveal stacked mattresses full of sleepy, and presumably illegal, immigrants, who staggered out into broad Brummie daylight. We heard tales of how houses are exchanged for cash payments in our area. An untaxed car was once clamped by a frightened-looking official at 8am, but within hours the owner of the vehicle had organised the clamps to be sawn off, and he sped away.
Another instance of separation from the Western world is revealed in the following: my husband frequently chatted to a neighbour who could be described as one of the more questioning Muslims, and who has often provided an insight into the locals’ mindset. Even this man, however, believes what the whole community thinks: the 9/11 planes were organised by Jews. Everybody knows there were no Jewish people in the World Trade Centre that day, as they had been tipped off. Oh, and the Mumbai terrorists had been kidnapped and brainwashed by Indian people. The tendency towards denial is strong. When my husband mentioned the “dirty white dogs” graffiti to a local Muslim, the response was, “One of your people did it.” I have to say that the police’s response was no better when the local Methodists complained about the same thing. They chose not to believe it had happened, since we had removed all sign of it with the buckets of anti-graffiti chemicals we had stocked since we arrived. They asked, somewhat pathetically: “Are you sure it was racist?”
To a London reader, born and bred with multiculturalism, I know that my stories may come across as outlandish and exaggerated, and that I must surely be a BNP voter — I have observed people’s expressions as they have listened to my tales of life in Brum. When I recently told a friend how a large Taliban flag fluttered gaily on a house near St Andrew’s football stadium for some months, her cry of “Can’t you tell the police?” made me reflect how far many of our inner cities have been abandoned by our key workers: our doctors and nurses drive in from afar, the police, as mentioned before, have shut down their stations and never venture in unless in extremis — they and ambulance crews have been known to be attacked — even the local Imam lives in a leafier area.
Only the priest remains, if you can get one — the thriving but clerically-vacant church down the road has had no applicant in two years. In their absence, we get stabbings that never make the news, dog- and cock-fighting rings, cars torched as pranks and cars used for peddling heroin. (One of the more amusing moments of our time came when a local lad provided one reason people often gave us stares when we drove past such deals: “Two white people wearing seatbelts — you’ve got to be cops.”) In their absence, we simply have the witness of those who are unlikely to be heard, who, through a variety of unfortunate circumstances, have not been able to move out: the elderly, the infirm, the illiterate, the chronically poor. Indeed, some of the Muslim residents deeply regret the flight of the non-Muslim population. It is they who now have to live in a crime-ridden ghetto.
On holiday in Germany recently, we watched a TV documentary about how schools were coping with Essen’s growing Muslim community, and how the community itself felt. When it was over, we turned to each other, and said simultaneously (a drawback of having been married for a while), “This could not have been made in Britain.” At the moment, also in Germany, the whole country is debating Thilo Sarrazin’s controversial book Deutschland schafft sich ab (“Germany abolishes itself”), in which the author — a former member of the board of the Bundesbank and the German Social Democrats — examines research about immigrant communities and then makes specific recommendations about the integration of the Muslim community. I have only seen scant reference to this in the British press, which usually dismisses it, wrongly and lazily in my view, as good old German racism. This has nothing whatsoever to do with race. The Muslim community in Birmingham, for instance, is made up of people from many continents and races, including Afghans, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Indians and Somalis.
There is no doubt in my mind that we need to have the same openness in discussing what is happening to many cities in Britain. If current demographic trends continue over the next few decades, the West Midlands, as well as other parts of the country, will become a predominantly Muslim area. Much more needs to be done to integrate the communities among whom I lived, and we need to be much less negligent of our own values too. Frankly, if we happened to walk down Broad Street on a Friday night, where mobs of identically undressed and mostly aesthetically unpleasing gals and lads were on the piss and pull, it was almost a relief to drive back to our ghetto enclave.
It is time to rub the rime from our eyes and to look clearly at the shape of Britain today. Everyone living here needs to be able to talk about what they see, without the lazy or fearful, but certainly paralysing, accusation of racism. Only then will we be able to discern what is best for the future.