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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Life Of Jesus Christ New Full Movie │ Documentary 2013 │

Salute to the European youth The young Europeans speak out

Salute to the European youth 
Earlier this week the Sweden Democratic Youth (Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom, SDU) made a film and to reach out to the other European nations that they have had enough of EU and immigration.

The film has received lots of criticism from the extreme left, but is the criticism justified
In The view of the Horwich Nationalists NO!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Nottingham Shame Labour Cllr Greg Marshall among mob screaming at Lee Rigby ceremony

Broxtowe Cllr Greg Marshall among mob screaming at Lee Rigby ceremony

UAF turned up to a Lee Rigby memorial in Sutton in Ashfield and screamed abuse all through the minutes silence. Among them was Broxtowe Labour Cllr Greg Marshall who is boasting about his role in this, and the ensuing scuffles on twitter. Is this the behaviour of an elected Councillor?
The bald fella holding the flag is wanted by police for hitting a woman during the scuffle, if you know him let us know. here
Some of the shamefu traitors from the UAF 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Tower Hamlets Third World Elections in London Shambles

Below is a article from this site Vote UK Forum showing how the rule of common sense and  British  values are not completely absent from the very  center  of our once great capitol city. At the European elections 2014

I was, for obvious reasons, at both omnishambles. We were asked to attend the Mile End Leisure centre at 2pm, Sunday for the council counts with the European count commencing at 4pm. We were let in at 3pm and then the chaos started.

Any checks on people attending soon collapsed, particularly when the Supreme Ruler, Mayor Lutfur, was instructing his fan club from across London to walk in and enjoy the panto. 

However, ex Councillor Kabir Ahmed (Tower Hamlets First, Weavers ward) was barred from entering the count as he had revealed details of the first figures on his facebook page. Presumably he stayed at home in Gants Hill, Redbridge.

There were arguments, threats, and chaos at the counting tables. Tower Hamlets First supporters were challenging vote after vote, forcing supporters of other candidates away from the tables. They often made their points ( excuse the pun) with pencils and pens, against ballot papers.The supreme ruler smiled, whilst checking town hall staff were not stopping his supporters from doing exactly what they wanted.

Former Cllr Mohammed Shahid Ali (defeated Mile End) was bawling in Bangla down a mobile phone at a counting table. He was asked by a (female) officer to stop and he shouted that she ( emphasise she) had no right to tell him to stop doing anything and that she (emphasise she) should go away.I drew this to the attention of the returning officer and Shahid Ali then needed to be restrained from attacking me.

Tower Hamlets has interesting rules on the media at counts. Mainstream journalists can only be on the counting floor if they are escorted by a member of the town hall staff at all times.

The special media, that supports the supreme ruler, is excluded from this, so, far example everywhere I went I was stalked by a weird old trot who kept taking flash photographs of me in my face and then grinning. He declined to say what organ he reported for.

He was not afraid of expressing his views as he shouted the short version of "see you next Tuesday", during one of the declarations. 

Despite everything we had been told, the count was a shocker. There was a a 21% discrepancy in the votes in Island Gardens between the first two counts.

Issues regarding our count process that I raised as far back as 2009 were ignored and there was no change at all; despite the fine words of the electoral commission.

I will be writing to them on Tuesday, with more details and will make my letter public.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: ‘They Railed Against Me For Giving Them The Truth About Their Sins’ « CBS Houston

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: ‘They Railed Against Me For Giving Them The Truth About Their Sins’ « CBS Houston

West Monroe, La. (CBS HOUSTON) – Phil Robertson, star of the popular “Duck Dynasty” television show, defended his controversial comments on homosexuality, giving a church sermon in which he ridiculed media coverage and others “blurring” the lines between “sinners” and homosexuals.
In a video of an Easter Sunday sermon at Whites Ferry Road Church in his hometown of West Monroe, La., that has gone viral, the “Duck Dynasty” star – who was suspended for making similar comments in a GQ interview last year – told the congregation that he refuses to back down on his beliefs.
Robertson called the media outrage absurd over his GQ interview comparing homosexuality to bestiality and various other “sinners.”
“They were mad at me,’ he tells the congregation. “You say, ‘Why’d they get mad at you?’ Cause instead of acknowledging their sin, like you had better do, they railed against me for giving them the truth about their sins. Don’t deceive yourselves.”

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Putin on Snowden: Russia not kind of country which gives up those who fi...

President Putin is now the leader standing against a banker puppet led regimes

President Putin is now the leader standing against a banker puppet led regime hell bent on wars for conquest for the central banking cartel that hates competition. Especially when it comes s to honest money at odd with fiat based currencies.
Putin was gracious to warm him giving some friendly advice to Obama when he first entered office saying Social is a failure. as a warning. Six years later. We can the POTUS did not heed Putin’s advice. Here is a excerpt from Tea Party Command Center writing about Putin Slamming Obama’s led Global government as a failure.

A recalcitrant Putin has proclaimed that the U.S.-headed new world order is a failure. Speaking to business pioneers an at a discussion in St Petersburg, Putin denied allegations from the US that said he was involved in the Ukraine crisis. He stated that the civil war in the Ukraine rests on the heads of the west. Putin made it clear that he is not amused by accusation coming from Barack Obama.
Putin was attending an International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. Few western nations attended the conference because the Obama administration exerted its influence to get them to stay away. Obama is seeking to isolate Russia over the Ukraine and Crimea issues. Putin told the leaders present to“not give in to pressure and blackmail” from western nations.
Putin was asked about President Obama’s statements that he was lying about Russian participation in the Ukraine and he responded, “Who made him a judge?”
Putin placed the blame for the Ukraine war squarely on the shoulders of Obama and an american backed coup that resulted in “chaos and a full-scale civil war”.
An angry Putin said that the US is planning additional sanctions. He states there is no reason for additional sanctions.
“What have we done this time? There has recently been an earthquake in Thailand. Would you like to sanction Russia for that as well?” he asked. “There is a civil war in Ukraine. What does Russia have to do with that?”
Thank God Russia is there as a resistance to the globalist vision of dominating the world through private central banking. History will look back and see Putin as a pivotal man averting a major war on many fronts.
The world is looking for leadership in a world gone mad by central bankers. I remember when the US was the nation the world look to as a beacon of liberty and hope.  Now we are a shell of our former self. We lead the world now in what is bad. Russia is now on the upswing that can make moves from a position of strength as America weakens.
it is no wonder the Russian people voted Vladimir Putin  back in office. it is because he is a leader and not a puppet.
Original  post at The Lone Star watchdog 

Mike Rivero and Ryan Dawson on Climate Change

Saturday, 17 May 2014



  Dear Pope Francis   I am shocked, profoundly shocked to read in a Sydney newspaper that …   “He will not celebrate a public Mass in the country, but in a first for a visiting pontiff, he will lay flowers at the tomb of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the global Zionist movement.”   Zionism is the  movement to take over the WHOLE of historic Palestine for the Israeli people.   Your gesture will be a shameful act of normalising the illegal  brutal occupation, the illegal theft of Palestinian land with the expansion of the illegal settlements.   What about your Papal moral and religious responsibility to the  Suffering Christ in the evicted Palestinians who weep on the rubble of their  demolished homes, farms, uprooted olive groves and livelihoods,    to the Suffering Christ in the ethnic cleansed Palestinian refugees refused their inalienable right of return by Israel,    and to the Suffering Christ in the Palestinian families mourning their  murdered martyred children, fathers, mothers, brothers, buried in their martyred homeland ????   You could not do anything worse that this  heinous flower-laying except ride in an Israeli Merkava tank and blast the hopes for Palestinian justice.   Please renounce this unworthy act of honouring Herzl.   Sincerely   Dr Vacy Vlazna  Sydney, Australia   Please send your protest letter to 

Original post at

Andrea Williams comments on halal labelling (+playlist)

Central Bankers To Cover Up The Economic Collapse With WAR

A German report was released stating that the sanctions on Russia will result in irreparable damage to Germany. Housing permits are up but not for single family homes. Rentals are on the rise and permits for single family homes are down. Obamacare premiums are going up next year. McCain wants weapons shipped into Ukraine. John Kerry’s adviser and friend is now on the board of the Burisma gas company in Ukraine. Kiev now reports all people in Donetsk and Lugansk regions are part of a terrorist organizations. The US and other countries are now making their move to strike Assad in Syria. Be prepared for an event. Read more at

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Stalin, Hitler And The 5-Year Plans Of Banksters Conspiracy

Stalin, Hitler And The 5-Year Plans Of Banksters

The 2008-2013 Plan
Hjalmar Schacht
Hjalmar Schacht
Stalin’s infamous five-year plans started with a “trial version” in late 1928. By “trial version” this meant his plans already included show trials of political enemies with frequent death sentences. Designed and executed for Hitler, the German banker Hjalmar Schacht’s five-year plan of 1934-1938 directly applied Keynesian “remedies” for the economy and public finances. Schacht’s plan was called a “groundbreaking fiscal stimulus program”, creating work by rebuilding the nation’s worn infrastructures, jettisoning the gold standard, imposing capital controls, and increasing State debt, after “diluting” the State’s previous debt.
Keynes, whose ‘General Theory’ did not appear until 1936 was upstaged by both Stalin and Hitler. Keynes himself claimed to “detest Hitler as a person” but admired the Schacht plan. In both cases, they applied mega-planning by a Leviathan State, exactly as Keynes said was necessary. Both were disasters – sooner or later – in the Stalin case from his initial “trial version”, which even surprised Stalin by the orgy of violence it triggered.
Keynes said many times that a government big enough and powerful enough to control or manipulate aggregate demand is obligatory. The State must be all-powerful. He meant the central bankers.
The key basic component of setting the future by decree, the idea of State planning is as we might expect heavily present in the actions and foibles of the “liberal market capitalist” (end of quote) central banker clique. Headed by the US Fed, the ECB, BOJ, BOE, China’s central bank, and others, these Defenders of Capitalism stoutly maintain they are totally opposed to economic planning and welcome the anarchy of the capitalist consumer society – driven only by egoism and greed. In fact they are five-year plans to reward the central banksters and encourage political tyranny.
For 2008-2013 we have an easily-measured and analyzed, full 5-year plan of the central banker clique. Taking only the US, its probable total of public + private debt in April 2014 now stands at about $160 trillion. China’s debt total has grown at least 10-fold since year 2000 and is now out of control.
Can this ever be repaid? No way.
Getting People Back to Work
Lenins_Dreams_1961Lenin can be identified as the real “father of five-year planning”. His self-styled role as the champion of the people and above all his fiery oratory enabled him to win full Soviet Peoples Praesidium support on its first lecture, February 21st 1920, for his Goelro plan targeting the total electrification of the not-yet-founded USSR. The symbol was “The Lamp of Ilyich”, a lightbulb, using Lenin’s second name – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Stalin founded the USSR in 1922. Lenin’s Goelro “electric power infrastructure” plan was dumped in 1931. From later that year it was officially replaced and superceded by Stalin’s infamous plans.
The irrelevance of the always-stated goal of “full employment” in Keynesian State economic planning, for the central bankers, is ultra clear. Their only goal is the repudiation of previous State debt, by their selected Tyrant, and the creation of new and larger State debt. The process can take a variable amount of time, before mayhem ensues – but it always comes.
Ukraine is an excellent, bad-good example of 5-year plans. Until the “Maidan Flash Mob Moment” the five-year plans were alive, if not well in Ukraine. Placed under various disguises of newspeak terminology, including neoliberal newspeak, they stacked up an orgy of violence for a little while later, further down the You Tube.
Stalin hastened and deepened his plans for Soviet 5-year plans, in concertation with Lenin before probably poisoning him (historians and journalists still discuss the subject), following capitalist Germany’s hyperinflation nightmare of 1922-1923. While it suited him, which was not for long, Stalin defended “sound money”.
stalin_j_01Stalin was also soon able to peddle his plans as a National Security surrogate in a young USSR menaced by hostile scheming capitalists. Having an uber-powerful and deadly secret police, and the cult of semi-random violence using “disappearance in the night”, helped him a lot. The world’s central bankers who heavily invested both in Stalin, and in Hitler, helped even more. Major private bankers were of course also on board from the start. One famous example is the grandfather of George W. Bush who before, during and after the 1941 termination of the Hitler-Stalin pact, and declaration of war between Nazi Germany and the USSR, and between the US and Germany, continued to invest in both!
In Germany, the hyperinflation “interlude” among other things reignited the Spartakists and their attempt to create an ideal socialist society. This did not “get the people back to work”. The 1919-20 Spartakist Revolt led by Rosa Luxemburg was destroyed by street fighting – nothing like the uprisings of Kiev’s Maidan Square or Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Destroying the Spartakist Revolt, by the Kaiser German army using heavy artillery, probably cost 250 000 German lives through 1919-24.
The Weimar liberal-bourgeois Republic starting in 1920 and ending in 1932 ensued from this. It was so corrupt and ineffective – and quickly shunned by the banksters – that it was a sitting duck for Adolf Hitler to overthrow by the ballot box and install Nazism, made popular by “Keynesian economic miracle”.
Don’t Count The Collateral Debt
Neither Stalin nor Hitler counted the collateral dead. Being mentally-unhinged Tyrants such things were unimportant to them. Central banksters idem.
Stalin had no interest at all in the body count needed to ram through his State planning fantasy. Lenin and the early revolutionary communists had already shredded and repudiated all Russian debt from the previous Czars. Stalin’s five-year plans had no need for logic, rhyme or reason. There was no point making even the mildest criticism of them – the firing squad sufficed. Apart from show trial victims killed for Defective Ideology – measured in the thousands – the collateral economic war body count was measured in millions.
In fact, in Stalin’s case, the favored method of eliminating defective ideology was mass starvation. It was simple but very effective.
The major point is that debts run up by both of these “grand economic experiments” of the time, were however vastly smaller than debts run up since 2008, by exactly the same bankster clique, but the Debt Forgiveness process will be the same. Absorbing and shuffling the debt bubbles created by born-to-fail economic, financial and monetary planning needs war, and can only lead to war, sooner or later.
After that, “the counters are set back to zero”. Taking one quite recent example, during the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war government-friendly Western media was stuffed with learned, elite-vetted and approved economists sincerely explaining that massive bombing of Iraq would enable a huge postwar reconstruction boom, using Iraq’s oil as collateral for extreme new borrowing by the New Approved Iraq. What could be nicer? We can call this War Keynesianism.
At least as important, this is a Universal Paradigm so why should it be different for other countries? Certainly including the West’s “liberal market capitalist” (end of quote) economies and societies.
The “New Ukraine Plan”, as far as we can surmise at this time, is a classic example featuring the same basic ingredients. First the country is destroyed by civil war or international war, and its old debts – mostly to Russia – disappear. Ukraine’s collateral may be somewhat thin on the ground (if not underground – it has huge domestic gas and coal resources, for example), but this is only a trifling detail for the bankster clique, who will very likely first predate all private savings in whatever Rump State emerges, to huge applause from the Western glove puppet media. As we know, at this time, the related and classic trick of the banksters is under way – they have ordered FX brokers and traders to completely shred the national currency. Using economic terror, Stalin-style, the peoples’ savings can then be swallowed whole by the banksters with only a few blowback street demonstrations, needing “firm action by the authorities”. What could be nicer?
Lenin’s Flat Cap Economics
The bankster program of “planned economic recovery”, as we know, only concerns keeping a tiny wealthy elite high up the greasy pole, next to the political tyrants who execute the bankster plan. Way down on the ground, in the so-called “real economy”, times can only be dire. Food shortage is always a classic lever of economic terror, but oil and electricity shortage are two new elite favorites.
By turning food and energy into rare commodities this makes them “collateralizable”, in other words you can bank on that – if you are a bankster and have the political glove puppets well under control. Encouraging these puppets to imagine they are Tyrants, or to become Tyrants, also helps. Being mad, they are easier to manipulate. The money printing presses can then whirr yet more frenetically, new debts can be racked up to replace the ones that were dishonored, and using the chaos of war – any kind, civil or international – the game can play along for quite some while. But of course not forever.
Lenin’s early revolutionary communists, at least in print and in speeches, wanted to avoid this. They had the theory of Marx and Engels to orate with, but they were however quickly drawn, like moths to a lamp in the night or flies drawn to you-know-what, by the exciting idea, for them, of planning everything in a Super State. This put them straight into the banksters’ trap. Both Marx and Engels had heavily described and analyzed the workings of Capital, and why it runs on an ever-declining, ever shrinking time fuze inevitably resulting in periodic or cyclic Crises of Capitalism.
For Stalin, the capitalist crises of German hyperinflation and the 1929 Wall Street crash were all he needed to pursue his megalomaniac-paranoid fantasies. Hitler, with his uber-classic “Keynesian remedies”, used exactly the same rationales and conclusions. Being mentally ill, neither of them could avoid the banksters’ trap, which is always set and always primed for sucking suckers into it.
Rothschild: Things never chage
Rothschild: Things never chage
For the banksters and the Tyrants, small is not beautiful – and nor is peace. No bankster wants to live with small-sized, truly democratic, humanist governments or nations, because their collateral is usually small, the people are not cowed and terrorized, and the ability of these small-is-beautiful economies and societies to cook up wars, is low.
Throwing away the baby of Marxism with the dirty bath water of Stalin is however a mistake. The Marxist analysis can help, to be sure with corrections for what has happened since the late 19th century, but today however, you need very few corrections or updates. The banksters have cooked up a Crisis of Capitalism straight out of the 19th century, so unfortunately we will have “epic events”, probably rather somber.
Written by Andrew McKillop and published by Market Oracle, Apr 27, 2014.
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The Rule of Law is a Myth

What Are They Thinking?

Saturday, 3 May 2014




The people of Europe are finally pushing back against the European Super State, if recent polls are anything to go by. Having grown weary of being treated as lab rats in an increasingly dysfunctional economic and political experiment, a large minority of Europeans seem intent on voting for euroskeptic parties in the upcoming European elections.
The prospect is causing jitters not only among the big wigs in Brussels but also among many of Europe’s mainstream political parties, whose oligopoly on political power faces a serious threat for the first time in decades. Calculations by the Open Europe think tank suggest that hardline sceptics could take as many as 218 of the 751 seats available in the European Parliament.
In the UK, poll research shows that the most pro-European Westminster grouping – the Liberal Democrats – is about to have its European Parliamentary representation completely decimated. Indeed, so threatened do the three establishment parties in the UK feel by Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKip) that they hit back this week with a cross-party campaign to condemn it as “Euracist”, an ingenious combination of the two words “Europe” and “Racist”.
The episode serves as a timely reminder of just how dumbed down the inhabitants of Westminster have become. For not only does their latest sound bite imply that Europeans are now a common, unified race – anthropology clearly not being the UK political caste’s strong point – but it also suggests that Farage’s party is actually “racist” towards all members of this new race, including, one would assume, Britons themselves.
Put simply, the act reeks of ruthless desperation. And nowhere is the stench stronger than in Ten Downing Street whose incumbent, David Cameron, has even suggested he would resign if he failed to deliver on his pledge to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership after the next general election. He accepted voters might be “skeptical” about his promise but insisted: “I would not continue as Prime Minister unless it can be absolutely guaranteed this referendum will go ahead on an in-out basis.”
The problem for Cameron and, by extension, his party, is that most people – even many dyed-in-the-wool Tory voters – no longer believe him. Once-bitten, twice-shy voters still remember his “cast-iron” pledge, while in opposition, to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty – a pledge that turned out to be not-quite-so-cast-iron once in government. In short, an increasing number of UK voters no longer believe that any of the three mainstream parties offer any real protection against the EU’s plans for full-spectral dominance of the continent. And it’s not just in Britain: across the continent, voters are looking to the fringes for alternatives to Brussels’ authoritarian, technocratic model of governance.
“Populists”, “Extremists” and “Euracists”
In France, Marie Le Pen’s Front National is on course to humiliate Francois Hollande’s socialists in the European elections, with the latest polls suggesting that her party could gain as much as 24 percent of votes – four percentage points more than Hollande’s champagne-and-caviar socialists. In the Netherlands Gert Wilders’ Dutch Freedom Party is expected to perform just as well, setting the stage for a far-Right parliamentary bloc of 38 MEPs from at least seven countries, with the Austrian Freedom Party, Belgian Vlaams Belang, Italian Lega Nord, Slovak National Party and Sweden Democrats making up the numbers.
As for Europe’s radical leftist parties, they also expect to secure a larger presence in the European Parliament – primarily through big gains in austerity-hit Southern Europe. Leading the charge is Alex Tsipras’ Syriza party which is currently leading Greek polls. In Portugal, polls predict a 20 percent haul for far-left of centre parties, while in Spain Plural Left, of which the largest component is the communist-led United Left coalition, is hoping to garner over 10 percent of seats in the May 25 elections.
These are the so-called “populists”, “extremists” and “euracists” that will be joining the fray in Brussels once the dust has settled after the elections – and some fray it promises to be! On the one side will be an unruly coalition of far-right and nationalist groups who would like nothing better than to torpedo the European frigate once and for all – while no doubt enjoying the expenses-paid junkets that come with a political life in Brussels. On the other side of the aisle will be a motley crew of leftist parties determined to put an end to the EU’s fetish for austerity measures and bank bailouts.
Tower of Babble
Naturally, all of this will make for more entertaining political theatre in Brussels, as the EU’s stunted Tower of Babel becomes even more of a Tower of Babble. But will it actually make any significant difference in governance terms? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no — for the simple reason that the European Parliament had very limited power or influence.
Like a court eunuch, the Parliament was effectively neutered at birth. Put simply, its main mission in life is to give the wildly misleading impression that democracy actually exists in the EU. In reality, the Parliament cannot overrule the EU Commission nor can it even amend its budget on a line by line basis. Indeed, it cannot initiate legislation and it has no say whatsoever in foreign policy.
The European Parliament has no power to even hold individual members of the Commission to account. At best, it can overturn the entire executive branch, which it has done only once in its lifetime – back in 1999 when, thanks to leaks by commission-insider Paul Van Boetenin, the Parliament learnt of the irregularities, fraud and mismanagement within the Commission.
The real power in Brussels resides in the European Commission, the European Council of national leaders and the Eurogroup of Finance Ministers – three unelected institutions that are subject to virtually no democratic checks or balances.
A New Parliament, A New Commission
The first test the new parliament will likely face is to select the president of the European Commission. The EU’s executive body will for the first time be chosen under the provisions of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, which states  that the European Council of EU leaders nominates the candidate “taking account of the elections of the European Parliament and after having held the appropriate consultations”. This does not by any means guarantee that the elected “representatives” of the people will actually have a direct say in the selection.
But even if they do, the chances are that the choices available will not offer any kind of meaningful change in the direction of EU policy. Indeed, the list of candidates reads like a Who’s Who of European establishment politics and bureaucracy. The two favourites for the position are Martin Schultz, the bearded, table-thumping German social democrat who currently serves as president of the European Parliament; and Jean-Claude Juncker, the former prime-minister of Luxembourg who in 2011, as president of the Eurogroup, famously said “when things get serious you have to lie.”
Also on the list is the current IMF chief Christine Lagarde, two failed Italian prime-ministers (Mario Monti and Enrico Letta), Spain’s current Minister of the Economy (and former Lehman Brothers’ banker) Luis de Guindos, and former Spanish premier José Luis Zapatero. Granted, the list does include a sprinkling of less compromised individuals, such as Alexis Tsipras and the Swedish Pirate Party’s 27-year-old representative Amelia Andersdotter. However, as the EU’s own website notes, their chances of being selected are pathetically slim.
If there’s one thing that the last five years of European crisis management (if that’s what you can call it) has shown, it is that the EU, like the late Maggie T, is not for turning. As current Commission President José Manuel Barroso has repeated time and again, there is no plan B in Brussels’ agenda. As such, one can expect any changes that do occur to be at best cosmetic in nature. And while there may be more bluster, blather and drama in Parliament and the ferocious rubber stamping of new EU laws and regulations may be slowed somewhat, the real power will remain in the same hands, and the owners of those hands are determined that the experiment will continue — damned the consequences!
As I wrote in “Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Silent Assassination of European Democracy”, the European elite has thus far masterfully exploited Europe’s economic decline and crisis of nation-state democracy and the resultant voter disaffection and apathy to enshrine a new system of rule by bureaucrats, bankers, technocrats and lobbyists. If anything, we can expect this trend to accelerate in 2014 as the Eurocrats seek to consolidate their power grab through the imposition of EU-wide banking and fiscal union. Once that’s done, the quest for the holy grail of full-blown political union will begin in earnest.
However, whatever the eurocrats might believe, it is by no means a fait accompli. The European Dream is one of modern history’s most ambitious (and most deeply flawed) experiments in political, social and economic re-engineering, and for it to work it needs, at least for just a little longer, the continued passive compliance of a majority of the experiment’s subjects – that is, the 500 million-or-so European lab rats whose lives it seeks to transform beyond all recognition — and certainly not for the better.
But the rats are finally wising up to the mad scientists’ devious plans for them, and growing ranks of them are mounting a mutiny in the laboratory. This May’s elections are just the beginning. By Don Quijones, Raging Bull-Shit
With more back channels and revolving doors to governments around the world, Monsanto is used to getting its way. But now it faces an outright rebellion. Read.... Seed Wars: Latin America Strikes Back Against Monsanto
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