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Saturday, 8 June 2013


There is to be a by election later this month in Horwich, on Thurs 20th of June for a seat on Horwich Town Council.

And the good news coming in, is that the trade union lackeys who canvass for that EVIL organisation,The labour party is that they are having the doors slammed in there faces and are being widely being told what they really are. TRAITORS AND SCUM!!!!! By ordinary decent working class Horwich folk. Sick of the betrayal of there hopes and ambitions and nation. By a group of traitors that consider them sheep only to be dealt with at election time. While all the countries resources that should be spent on them . Have been given to foreigners and big multi national banks.

I must say that I have had the privilege of throwing there vile leaflets back in there faces and telling all four of them, (Yes they are afraid to go alone into white working class areas.) That they are scum and traitors. 

But on a better news there is a UKIP candidate running for election , And I must say they are delivering a excellent leaflet that exposes the traitors actions of the Labour party. And I call on all Horwich residents to read the leaflet thoroughly , and also that they exercise there Democratic right before the Lib/Lab/Con alliance take it away for ever,and vote for the UKIP candidate. 
I have uploaded the leaflet for you to view and hope very much that you consider what it says seriously.