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Friday, 30 April 2010

UK Elections Vote LIBDEM for a EuroControlled Islamic Republic in UK.

Bolton British National party Day of Action Little Lever Bolton

Bolton BNP's day of Action in little lever Bolton 

It was a historic day for the Bolton BNP branch as over 12 members joined us in our first table top stall & day of action , we set up in Little Lever to the surprise and delight of the local people, who gave us a very warm welcome. Cars that went by honked their horns and waved at us, and some stopped to take the Freedom paper and leaflets which we were handing out. We set up stall around 9am, and by 12-30pm we had handed out all the papers we had. It just goes to show how much the British public are turning to the BNP, and just how fed up they are of broken promises by all the other party's.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Welcome to Bolton Patriot a new blog dedicated to keeping Bolton BNP members up to date with what is happening .
Last night saw Arthur Kemp one of the best speakers in the BNP perform a speech where he was given a standing ovation from the many members that had travelled to be there. A total of £850 was raised towards the election campaign and this gives the Bolton group a great start . If any of you have any news you would like posting just send it to and we will do our best to add the content. Also any photos of leafleting or canvassing would be appreciated. Pictured are our Bolton Parliamentary and metropolitan candidates.

TV Debates All Three Old-Gang Parties Blatantly Ignored The Immigration issue

April 30, 2010 - By BNP News
All three of the old-gang parties blatantly ignored the real immigration issue in last night’s TV debate and the policies they did offer were simply pathetic, said British National Party leader Nick Griffin in his reaction.
“The completely lacklustre performances were marked by collusion, denial of reality and immigration policies which are simply mad and which do nothing to address the real issues,” Mr Griffin said.
“The Lib Dem insanity of declaring an amnesty is so weird and outrageous that even the Labour Party dismissed it, even though Mr Brown’s government has effectively already granted amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants by refusing to track them down,” Mr Griffin said.
“The Points Based System (PBS) has become the mainstay of the Tory and Labour immigration policies,” he continued.
“This PBS was designed by Labour and has been endorsed by the Conservatives, who also say they want to add a cap to the numbers.
“They of course don’t say what that cap is, and, as everyone knows, a cap with no figure is even more useless than a cap with a figure.”
Mr Griffin pointed out however that there were in any event a number of serious flaws in a PBS.
“Official projections are that the population will hit 70 million by 2029, and that 70 percent of this growth will be due to immigration.
“The PBS does nothing to address this issue. Immigration needs to be halted, not encouraged.”
Mr Griffin also pointed out that Britain grants two million entry visas every year, and only 20 percent of these are affected by the PBS.
“This means that the PBS will do nothing to address the issue of illegal immigrants, overstayers or any of the multiple channels of entry into Britain.
“The PBS also removes the immigration officer’s ability to use their discretion when an immigrant arrives at a port of entry.
“Previously, the immigration officer could use their discretion, based on obvious facts, to deny an obviously bogus immigrant entry to Britain. That power has been usurped,” Mr Griffin said.
Furthermore, Government claims of a fall in recent immigration figures since the introduction of the PBS are false. “The only fall has been in net immigration from the EU — which is not subject to the PBS,” Mr Griffin pointed out.
Furthermore, the PBS is open to vast abuse. According to the Government’s own statistics, some 1,800 bogus educational institutions have been closed down since last year’s terrorism arrests on the Merseyside which involved alleged students from Pakistan who had entered the country on visas.
“Apparently there are another 4,000 of such colleges which still need to be checked. These are all institutions which have the power to grant study visas, after which it merely becomes a formality to enter Britain,” Mr Griffin said.
Many of these colleges have been shown to be no more than rooms literally sited above kebab shops.
“These colleges have no interest in bringing skilled people to the UK or ensuring that they depart once again, and are clearly just illegal immigration funnels,” Mr Griffin said.
“Finally, the PBS is complex beyond words. The UK Border Agency website has 800 pages of forms and guidance with potentially 26,000 job titles and thousands of sponsors.
“How on earth is the Home Office expected to cope with that amount of administration, plus appeals which will doubtless follow? It is physically impossible and the civil servants are just being overwhelmed,” Mr Griffin said.
“Despite all of this, both Labour and Tories still pretend that they are doing something about immigration. They are just lying.”
* Mr Griffin also said last night’s debate was marked by a refusal to address Mr Brown’s “bigot” remark the day before.
“No doubt, Nick Clegg and David Cameron kept quiet about it because it also represents their opinion of the electorate, namely that anyone who questions immigration is some type of weird bigot.
“Hence the conspiracy of silence from all of the old-gang parties on what has been the most highlighted remarks of the campaign,” Mr Griffin said.

Lib Lab Con Conmen Hiding the True Extent of Future Tax Rises

April 30, 2010 - By mercia
A leading economic think tank has predicted that income tax will increase in stage to 6 pence in the pound to fund “recovery” — while the Lib-Lab-Con axis of deceit continue to conceal their real plans for massive tax hikes.
It has been revealed in a report by the prestigious National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) that plans by the establishment parties to make cuts in spending will not be nearly enough to balance the books, meaning that income tax will inevitably have to rise by a huge 6p in the pound.
The timing of the NIESR report could not be worse for Labour and the Tories as it proves that their economic remedy of big, but limited, cuts in public spending is little better than applying a sticking plaster to a gaping wound.
A spokesman for the NIESR explained that increasing debt was, in effect, borrowing from our children and our grandchildren.
He also described Tory and Labour manifesto claims to make savings through “efficiency gains” as “disingenuous.”
Neither parties, incidentally, intend making “efficiency gains” in terms of either refusing pay increases for their MPs nor in accepting pay cuts.
Specifically, Tory proposals to cut some £6 billion more off public spending than Labour will result in the loss of between 30,000 and 60,000 jobs that currently generate tens of millions of pounds in tax revenues for the Exchequer.
Meanwhile, the Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed on Monday that the policy proposals of the establishment parties were wholly deficient in terms of detailing what, exactly, they intended cutting to make the savings claimed.
The British National Party, unlike the failed establishment parties, has laid out in its manifesto its programme for cuts in public spending; cuts which whilst maintaining essential services, such as the NHS, go far beyond anything the corrupt establishment parties are proposing.
These include:
£18 billion by scrapping subsidies and the “green levy” attached to fuel bills in support of the ‘man-made’ global warming scam.
£4 billion by scrapping payments for benefits, housing, support and legal fees made to ‘asylum-seekers’ annually.
£13 billion per year by scrapping all payments, grants and subsidies that fund the imposition of multiculturalism on the people of this country.
£5 billion by pulling out of Afghanistan.
£13 billion annually through scrapping Britain’s grotesque foreign aid budget.
The British National Party — practical policies for economic revival.

I'd Like a Good Public Hanging for Nu LabourTraitors

Whilst the LibLabCon sits on its collective hands in its blatant attempt to destroy British culture, along with its collective one-Marxist-party plan to destroy all opposition too, others take action and bring you news of real events elsewhere.
WASHINGTON — Senator John McCain of Arizona took to the Senate floor the other day to embrace a tough new Arizona law giving the police the authority to detain people they suspect are illegal immigrants. Mr. McCain, long an outspoken champion of giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, is facing a primary challenge this summer from a conservative who backs tough immigration measures.
Report continues...MORE
Also, more countries are taking action on immigration:
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) — Mexico warned its citizens living in or traveling to Arizona that they could be “harassed” there because of its new immigration law. The foreign ministry issued a statement saying that Mexicans there should contact their consular representatives if they are unlawfully detained. “Until it is clearly defined under what criteria, when, where and who the authorities will check, you should assume that every Mexican citizen could be harassed and questioned without cause at any moment,” the statement said.
Maybe the UAF need to buy some more hammers and start a campaign in Mexico and the U.S.
Maybe when they get tangled with a semi-automatic from either side of the argument, they might just begin to realise what they have done to Britain already when they are on the way back here and all they see from their UAF banana boats are minarets over Westminster.
Meanwhile, maybe UAF leader David Cameron should re-think his policy that the British people need to learn from third world immigrants who cannot speak a word of English and who him and his party three would have run the country, saying as his political master Obama will undoubtedly be changing his opinion on global Marxism when he sees who he has to confront before, during and after the U.S. Presidential elections.
Oh, incidentally I almost forgot to mention that Tony Blair is close to being indicted for War-crimes.
If anyone wants to follow him then please carry on smashing up my country and its people.
I'd like to see a good public hanging for traitors before they ban rope making


April 30, 2010 - By BNP News
The British National Party’s civil liberties policy — which includes an explanation for the growth of the totalitarian state — has been proven correct once again after the EU announced that the ban on liquids in air passengers’ hand luggage is to continue for at least another three years.
The ban was brought in after Islamists born in Britain were arrested after planning to blow up a trans-Atlantic aircraft in retaliation for UK foreign policy in the Middle East and the Iraq war in particular.
In 2009 a Woolwich Crown Court jury convicted Abdulla Ahmed Ali, from Walthamstow; Tanvir Hussain, from Leyton; and Assad Sarwar, of High Wycombe, of conspiring to activate bombs disguised as drinks.
The plot was directed from Pakistan by Rashid Rauf, the British-born Al Qaeda mastermind behind the 7 July suicide bombings in London.
Their arrests in August 2006 caused chaos to international aviation and prompted the current restrictions on liquids.
The EU has announced that the restrictions — which have caused major inconvenience to air travellers — will continue until 2013 when mass-screening technology to detect explosives in fluids is perfected.
Currently, all liquids in hand luggage must be in clear containers which contain no more than 100 millilitres and be carried in a single transparent re-sealable plastic bag, which in turn can hold no more than a litre and measures no more than 20 centimetres square.
The BNP’s election manifesto section on civil liberties pointed out the problem under the heading “Terrorism and the Growth of the Totalitarian State.”
The manifesto said the “BNP condemns the erosion of essential democracy in Britain which has developed partly as a result of the increasingly disastrous multicultural experiment.
“Britain today faces domestic terrorism from Islamists as never before in our history — caused directly by the twin policies of mass immigration and a biased Middle Eastern foreign policy.
“On the one hand, the old-gang parties have encouraged mass immigration which has created a large pool of disaffected Muslims in Britain, and on the other hand the same parties have actively pursued aggressive foreign policies which have served to incite the now UK-resident Islamic population.
“The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided extra fuel to Islamists seeking to recruit terrorists from the millions-strong Muslim population in Britain.
“In other words, the old parties have created the ‘perfect storm’ for terrorism in Britain — and now used this self-created problem to justify ever-increasing repressive legislation and the destruction of our civil liberties.
“A prime example is the Civil Contingencies Act which grants ministers wide-ranging powers during an emergency, including the right to amend any Act of Parliament except the Human Rights Act.
“Islamist terrorism in Britain will not be stopped by repressive laws, but by dealing with the immigration problem and adopting a neutral foreign policy,” the BNP manifesto said.
The inconvenience to air travellers is but one symptom of this “perfect storm” of Islamist terrorism created by the lib/Lab/Con alliance — and only the BNP has the policy to halt it.

Scotland Yard Most Wanted Immigrants to UK

Scotland Yard’s Latest Most Wanted Illustrates “Benefits of Immigration”

April 28, 2010 - By BNP News
The latest line-up from New Scotland Yard’s “most wanted” list, as released on the Metropolitan Police’s website, is a searing indictment of the highly destructive effect of mass immigration into Britain.
Of the top twelve suspects, only two appear to be British and all the rest are a collection of immigrants from the far corners of the globe, wanted for serious offences such as murder, terrorism and fraud.
Scotland Yard’s most wanted man, Farouk Abdulhak, described as of “Yemeni and Egyptian origins,” is wanted for murder.
Abdulhak was studying at Regents Business School London and is known to have fled to Yemen immediately following the murder.
Number two on the Yard’s list is Latvian Juris Teteris, wanted for armed robbery.
The third most wanted man is Hayman Mustafa, who is being sought for murder. He is described by the Met as being of “Arabic appearance.”
Number four on the most wanted list is Khalid Sageea Hamoud, for bank robbery and breaking bail.
Czech national Daniel Milic is the fifth most wanted man. He is being sought for “complex deceptions involving several victims across the UK,” according to the Met, who helpfully add that he also uses the alias Djordjevic.
The sixth most wanted man is Ibrahim Adam, who is “subject to a Control Order issued under Section 2 Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.” The Met says that the “subject resides in East London but may have travelled outside London or abroad.”
The seventh most wanted man is Lamine Adam, another Muslim “subject to a Control Order issued under Section 2 Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.”
The eighth most wanted man is Sukhdip Singh Chhina who is wanted for murder. The Met says he “originates from Amritsar in India.”
Number nine on the list is James Walter Tomkins, one of the two British people on the list. He is wanted for murder.
Number ten on the list is Youseff Ahmed Wahid, wanted for murder. The Met informs us that he “is known to have fled to Beirut” and has “family connections in the USA, Kuwait and across the Arab world.”
Number eleven on the list is the second apparent British person, Aaron McCarthy, who is wanted for robbery.
Number twelve is Ayub Khan, wanted for the double murder of two Sikhs in London. The Met says the murders were carried out in a “controlled and calculated manner” using a machine pistol.
Such are the “benefits of immigration into Britain, as espoused by the Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Artistic Exspression or Just A Racist call for Murder

The Deal Doers VHS Video 0930462300 by LArry Abraham and Gary NorthBNP Legal Officer Lays Criminal Charge after Ghanaian-origin Rap Singer Urges Murder of Nick Griffin

April 28, 2010 - By BNP News

Lethal Bizzle photographed at a concert organised by the Communist Party front organisation “Searchlight” which campaigns against the BNP.
British National Party legal officer Lee Barnes has laid a criminal charge against Ghanaian-origin rap singer “Lethal Bizzle” after he called for Nick Griffin’s murder on Twitter.
Lethal Bizzle, whose real name is Maxwell Ansah, sent out a Twitter message yesterday which read: “Got an idea, u wanna be famous? Kill the BNP leader, u will be a hero.”
Mr Barnes said this was a threat which could not be taken lightly.
“He is linked with black gun gangs in London and this constitutes a serious threat,” Mr Barnes said.
The Serious Crime Act 2007, section 45 states that a person commits an offence if:
(a)he does an act capable of encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence; and
(b)he believes–
(i)that the offence will be committed; and
(ii)that his act will encourage or assist its commission.
“Mr Ansah’s twitter is clearly an incitement to serious violence against Nick Griffin,” Mr Barnes said.
“Imagine if a threat like that had been issued by Mr Griffin against Mr Ansah. The BNP leader would have been arrested within minutes, but it seems that black rappers are somehow protected.”
* A sample of Lethal Bizzle’s lyrics from one of his recent collection of jungle noises (which the controlled media calls “music”) reveals all that is needed to know about the nature of Mr Ansah:
“I’ll crack your scull
leave u fucked up in da wheel chair
if u
try 2 clash this evil breeh
rude bwoy fi just seckle
don’t let jamakabi ga draw fi d metal
not d gun
me draw for d belt buckle
I mek a bigga boy feel say im likkle
just swing my belt roun like a num chukal
bus u head
n mek your head n mek you blood start trickle.” — Lethal Bizzle, lyrics to “POW.”
Mr Barnes will keep readers updated as to the progress of this case.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Contempt with which Gordon Brown and the Labour Party hold the British public

“Old Bigot” Gaffe: BNP to Launch Advertising Campaign to Focus Voters’ Attention on Contempt with which the Establishment Holds for the public

April 28, 2010 - By BNP News
The British National Party has announced its plans to launch a last minute newspaper advertising campaign in key areas to focus voter attention on the contempt with which Gordon Brown and the Labour Party hold the public, as revealed by the “bigot” gaffe, Nick Griffin MEP has announced.
Reacting to the off camera remark by Mr Brown after he was questioned by a lifelong Labour voter in Rochdale in which he dismissed the woman as an old “bigot,” Mr Griffin said none of the questions which the person had asked could in any way be remotely classed as bigotry.
“She asked some very sensible questions about taxation on pensions and the immigration problem,” Mr Griffin said.
“For Mr Brown to have then dismissed her as a bigot just because she asked him about immigration shows the utter contempt with which the Labour Party regards even their own voters,” he said.
“The poor woman did not use any epithets and simply asked why he was not doing anything about immigration. There was no justification at all to dismiss her in the derogative way he did.
“Furthermore, the admission that all of Mr Brown’s interactions are stage managed explains at last why his previous public appearances are almost always with children and not adults.
“Children cannot ask the sort of pointed questions which adults can, and when Mr Brown was presented with an unscripted questioner, he immediately revealed his true agenda,” Mr Griffin said.
“Furthermore, the fact that Mr Brown used the adjective ‘old’ to describe the voter, shows that there is a clear disregard for people who have spent a lifetime voting Labour,” Mr Griffin continued.
“This puts the deaths of an estimated 40,000 pensioners from fuel poverty over the past winter into perspective. Clearly these people do not matter anymore to the ruling elite.
“In law, if you do something that has consequences, you are liable even if you did not intend that result. This is the basis of manslaughter.
“Mr Brown and his Tory colleagues are directly responsible for the stagnant pensions and the growth of profit-driven energy supply utilities, both of which have combined to make a devil’s brew whereby heating has become unaffordable for many old people.
“It would seem that Mr Brown’s dismissal of the ‘old bigot’ today is perfectly in line with this attitude,” Mr Griffin said.
“This gaffe may well have sealed Mr Brown’s fate forever. Already I have had reports back from BNP canvassers out this afternoon and evening of voters’ total disgust with Mr Brown’s remarks.
“The BNP will be launching a newspaper advertising campaign to focus voters’ attention on this shocking state of affairs. Our target areas are going to be Barking and Dagenham, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester and Barnsley,” Mr Griffin said.

Revealed: Why No One Was Prosecuted for College Green Attack on Nick Griffin

April 28, 2010 - By BNP News
The Metropolitan Police failed to hand over a dossier on the College Green attack on Nick Griffin to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) within the required six month period, which resulted in no prosecutions being launched, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed.
The FOI request was submitted by British National Party sleazebuster and parliamentary candidate for Dagenham and Rainham, Mick Barnbrook, after video and photographic evidence emerged clearly showing UAF thugs throwing missiles and darts at the BNP leader.
“As a former Met Police inspector, I was astonished that no one had even been charged for this obvious criminal act,” Mr Barnbrook told BNP news.
“I submitted an FOI request to the CPS asking them for their reasons why no prosecutions had followed.
“Their answer was that no charges were brought because the Met Police submitted the papers to the CPS too late,” Mr Barnbrook said.
“There are only two possible explanations for this travesty: incompetence or maliciousness. I suspect the latter,” he added.
The CPS explanation is directly contradictory to the explanation given by the police to Mr Griffin.
“When I asked the police why there had been no prosecution, they told me that the CPS has advised them there was little or no chance of success,” Mr Griffin told BNP News.
“Either the CPS or the police are lying, one of the two. I suppose we should not expect better from the politically correct Labour and Tory slaves who ultimately control these decisions,” he said.
* In a separate but related FOI request, Mr Barnbrook also extracted an admission from the police that the UAF did not have permission to have their counter demonstration near Parliament.
“The law states very clearly that anyone who holds a demonstration near Parliament ipso facto commits an offence,” Mr Barnbrook said.
“Despite the Met admitting this in writing, they still have not charged anyone in the UAF with holding that demonstration.
“One can only imagine how quickly they would have arrested BNP members demonstrating without permission outside Parliament. Once again, it seems that there are two sets of laws: one for indigenous Britons and another for those who attack British people,” Mr Barnbrook said.

Green Lies and Deceptive Science a Christian & Realistic View

Green Lies and Deceptive Science
By Berit Kjos - April 20, 2007 (Updated in 2009)
The Agenda: Using false science to create a "global crisis"
Club of Rome: "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill..."[1] The First Global Revolution, Club of Rome, an elite think-tank (David Rockefeller, Gorbachev, etc.) working with the UN.
Stanford University Professor Steven Schneider (Nobel Prize winner along with Al Gore):"...we need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination.... So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts.... Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."[2] 
Christine Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment: “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”[3]
The Truth: Climates has always been changing -- 1000 AD was warmer than today
Atmospheric physicist Fred Singer: "The earth continually warms and cools. The cycle is undeniable, ancient, often abrupt, and global. It is also unstoppable. Isotopes in the ice and sediment cores, ancient tree rings, and stalagmites tell us it is linked to small changes in the irradiance of the sun."[4, p.4]   Atmospheric physicist Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery, Unstoppable Global Warming
Edward Hunter (author of Brainwashing, an exposé of Soviet strategies for mind control): “The methods used to make ‘learning’ and confession palatable and workable are borrowed freely from … evangelism, psychiatry and science. The language and ideals of each of these fields were taken over and given new meanings and new interpretations in accordance with communist need. Brainwashing is a combination of fake evangelism and quack psychiatry in a setting of false science.” (1960, p.185)
"Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said: 'Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?...Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? ... To what were its foundations fastened?... Or who shut in the sea... when I said, ‘This far you may come, but no farther, and here your proud waves must stop!’" Job 38:1-6, 8, 11
As the Copenhagen conference on global warming ended with a rising snow storm that blanketed Europe with record-breaking freeze, the world was treated to a welcome glimpse of reality: Our planet has been cooling, not heating, in recent years -- in spite of human activities and the CO2-spewing jets of the global elite! (See Not So Hot)
No binding treaties had been signed when our would-be world managers flew home through the icy storms. Many had tried to conceal the damaging revelations of "ClimateGate," but their fraudulent science had been exposed to the world. Do you wonder whom we can trust when our leaders are trading integrity for a conspiratorial plan to undermine our freedom through outright lies? Their next steps toward global control will most likely take place behind closed doors -- out of sight like the leaders of the European Union and like our president's congressional puppets.
"'What we will need after Copenhagen is a little time,' said Yvo de Boer, head of the United Nations climate change secretariat.... 'Obama has committed to showing action and leadership on climate change.'" ("New climate change treaty could be ready in 2010")
Yes, he has certainly fueled this deceptive drive toward global tyranny. The magnitude of its lies and corruption is immeasurable -- far beyond what most honest Americans would even imagine. For example,
"...a British scientist and Wikipedia administrator rewrote climate history, editing more than 5,000 unique articles in the online encyclopedia to cover traces of a medieval warming period – something Climategate scientists saw as a major roadblock in the effort to spread the global warming message....
     "A major climate-change researcher told Deming, 'We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.' ...Beginning in February 2003, Connolley rewrote Wikipedia entries on global warming, the greenhouse effect, the instrumental temperature record, the urban heat island, on climate models and on global cooling.... In February, he began editing the Little Ice Age. By August, he began to rewrite history without the Medieval Warm Period [described below]. In October, he turned to the hockey-stick chart." (See "Look who's erasing history of climate")
The actual Ups and Downs of Climate (The rest of this article was written in 2007)
scientific consensus on human-caused global warming! His claim that Greenland's ice will melt, causing oceans to rise twenty feet, is science fiction, not reality. Unadulterated scientific facts show us that, since 2005, Greenland's ice mass has been growing, not shrinking! So has its population of polar bears.
During a medieval period of global warming (significantly warmer than before the latest cooling trend), Norwegian vikings settled on Greenland's sunny coast. Its green grass seemed to welcome farming. But the climate cooled, and by 1350 AD, ice covered their fields and coastal waters. That "Little ice age" -- a natural shift in the revolving cycles of nature -- wiped out the entire community. What's more, during that warming period -- almost a millennium before the media would blame SUVs for warm days -- the Atlantic coasts were not buried by rising oceans. In fact, any slight variation in ocean levels are naturally moderated by increased evaporation during warmer cycles. Our Maker planned His creation well!
Opposing today's deceptive propaganda, "more than 17,100 basic and applied American scientists (physicists, geophysicists, climatologists, meteorologists, oceanographers, and environmental scientists) have dared to publicly disagree with the supposed "global warming" consensus. Their research showed that the increase of "atmospheric carbon dioxide during the 20th Century have produced no deleterious effects upon global weather, climate, or temperature. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth rates."[5]
Other concerned scientists warn us that the ominous media predictions are "based solely on unproven scientific theories, imperfect computer models -- and the unsupported assumptions that catastrophic global warming follows from the burning of fossil fuels and requires immediate action."[6]
But the liberal media turns a deaf ear to the rational voices. Mention global warming and the name most likely to come to mind is Al Gore. His 1992 book, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit helps explain why his disciples defend his deceptive message with religious zeal. It IS religious!  M. Scott Peck, the supposedly "Christian" author of The Road Less Traveled, called it a "holy book" that we "must have for our collective salvation."[7, back cover]
Notice the emphasis on earth-centered spirituality in the quotes below. Gore's spiritual blend matches the UN demand for a universal, unifying spirituality based on systems thinking -- a postmodern version of the timeless pantheistic belief that everything is interconnected. (See the butterfly story) Contemporary change agents have stretched this philosophy to include all systems: political, economic, social, and spiritual. With that in mind, ponder the faith -- and the deceptive suggestions --behind Gore's pseudo science and historical revisions:
"The richness and diversity of our religious tradition throughout history is a spiritual resource long ignored by people of faith, who are often afraid to open their minds to teachings first offered outside their own system of belief. But the emergence of a civilization in which knowledge moves freely and almost instantaneously throughout the world has. . . spurred a renewed investigation of the wisdom distilled by all faiths. This panreligious perspective may prove especially important where our global civilization's responsibility for the earth is concerned.... Native American religions, for instance, offer a rich tapestry of ideas about our relationship to the earth....'All things are connected like the blood that unites us all.'" (pages 258-259)
"The spiritual sense of our place in nature... can be traced to the origins of human civilization.... The last vestige of organized goddess worship was eliminated by Christianity." (page 260)
"Hindu environmentalist, Dr. Karan Singh, regularly cites the ancient Hindu dictum: 'The Earth is our mother, and we are all her children."[7] (page 261)
To help establish this earth-centered spirituality, Gore calls for "a central organizing principle – one agreed to voluntarily." Then he warns us that...
"Minor shifts in policy, moderate improvement in laws and regulations, rhetoric offered in lieu of genuine change—these are all forms of appeasement, designed to satisfy the public’s desire to believe that sacrifice, struggle and a wrenching transformation of society will not be necessary."[7] (page 274)
Only a major crisis would persuade the masses to consent to such a "wrenching transformation." Like Al Gore, the elite members of the Club of Rome knew that well. That's why they concluded that "global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill."[1]  Local abuses (polluted rivers, industrial waste, etc.) won't suffice. Unlike "global warming" with its sensationalized consequences, local problems seldom capture the imagination of the global community. They just aren't scary enough!
Green History
To understand the politics behind the environmental movement and its persuasive propaganda, let's look at the social ambitions that drive it. Its agenda was formed during the sixties, when four overlapping anti-establishment groups joined to form the Green Party in Germany: radical feminists, Marxists (the new Left), peace-niks (the anti-war movement), and hippies seeking spiritual enlightenment. Small wonder they chose Vladimir Lenin's birthday as their Earth Day.
Militant U.S. "Greens" formed a similar agenda: radical population control, a global welfare system (replacing capitalism with socialism), planetary governance (including national disarmament), and earth-centered spirituality.

The blend of these four counter-culture philosophies shows why pantheism and Marxism permeate environmentalism. Consider the sobering fact that William Reilly, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, stated that private ownership of land is a "quaint anachronism."
[8] According to former Washington governor Dr. Dixy Lee Ray, Reilly sought the "repeal of the Fifth Amendment to make it easier for government to seize private land."[8]

But the undisputed leader of the environmental movement during the last three decades has been Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong. Though usually operating behind the scenes, Strong is no minor player in this global contest for the minds of the masses. He led the UN Environmental Programme, directed the 1972 and 1992 UN Conferences on the Environment and Development, founded Planetary Citizens, directed the World Future Society and founded and co-chaired the World Economic Forum. He has been a member of the Club of Rome, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and Aspen Institute, a member of the UN Commission on Global Governance, and the Senior Advisor to the World Bank as well as to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
Mr. Strong also founded the Earth Council. Working closely with Steven Rockefeller, Mikhail Gorbachev and Robert Mueller, he oversaw the drafting of the UN Earth Charter, which is housed in the notorious Ark of Hope. If this Charter wins the consent of "the people," it would only be a matter of time before its rules replace all rights granted by the U.S. Constitution.[9]
The Earth Charter opens with this declaration: "We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future...." It continues,
"As never before in history, common destiny beckons us to seek a new beginning. Such renewal is the promise of these Earth Charter principles.... This requires a change of mind and heart. It requires a new sense of global INTERdependence [systems thinking] and universal responsibility. ... The partnership of government, civil society, and business is essential for effective governance."[10]
This global contract clashes with Christianity. "Fundamental changes," it tells us, "are needed in our values, institutions, and ways of living." A new set of beliefs, values and behavior must unify "the one human family" to ensure lasting peace.
The Power behind the GREEN AGENDA
This grand purpose not only demands favorable propaganda -- the doomsday predictions that trade scientific facts for intentional deception. It also calls for unthinkable censorship. Contrary voices must be silenced.
It's happening in the UK. "Only a few years ago the Greens were merely a fringe group, today they are at the center of British politics," wrote Paul Johnson in his Forbes article titled "The Menace of the Lobby:"  
"This is largely because of the backing they have received from a majority of scientists over the issue of global warming, especially the unproved theory that it is caused largely by human activities. The Royal Society, the most prestigious of British scientific institutions, has thrown its weight strongly behind the Greens. Scientists who are known to be skeptical of global warming find it hard to get academic jobs and impossible to receive university funding for their research....
      "How many Greens are there? It is assumed they number in the millions.... The environmental fervor of most Greens borders on fanatical. Some call for the denial of climate change to be made a criminal offense, along the lines of legislation in European countries that makes denial of the Holocaust unlawful.... As a result a mass of legislation is being turned into law, subjecting any activities that increase greenhouse gas emissions or are seen as 'crimes against nature' to severe financial penalties.... It won't be long before all households feel their effects."[11]
America follows close behind. Under the banner of Sustainable Development, the UN/US plan for government control over all water, land, food and housing is progressing at full speed. Few Americans are even aware of the vast networks of regulatory agencies and community partnerships that are implementing the new system through Agenda 21 -- often disguised as Smart Growth or other pleasing labels for this all-consuming UN agenda.
While most of these new rules and regulation bypass Congress, some do not. A recent article titled, "Bill ties climate to national security" warns us that...
"The CIA and Pentagon would for the first time be required to assess the national security implications of climate change under proposed legislation intended to elevate global warming to a national defense issue.... The measure also would order the Pentagon to undertake a series of war games to determine how global climate change could affect US security....
      "John J. Hamre, who served as deputy secretary of defense in the Clinton administration, said global warming couched in security terms would make if far more difficult for politicians to ignore. 'What makes this interesting is the clear effort to make the politics of global warming broader.'"[12]
The Contrary Evidence
Meanwhile, the evidence against man-made global warming is overwhelming. Here are just a few links that tell the "other" side:
"Their experiments confirmed that cosmic rays, by ionising molecular particles, provide nuclei for condensation of water vapour, thereby significantly influencing cloud cover on the planet. In periods of high electro-magnetic activity in the sun, such as occurred during the past century, cosmic rays are deflected, resulting in a reduction of clouds. This effect plus greater direct radiation from the sun is likely a significant factor in global warming." Exploding stars influence climate on earth

"The past, both recent and geologic, has seen large and rapid natural changes in temperature. Any onset of warmer temperatures [which increases the rate of evaporation] would be expected to produce a drop in sea level, not a rise." The Scientific Case against the Global Climate Treaty

"In almost a point-by-point refutation of Al Gore's unsupportable rant that 'the debate is over; man is warming the Earth,' Singer and Avery explain technically but lucidly why nearly
every cherry-picked fact in Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' is contradicted by science.... Man is in fact all but irrelevant to global climate, as the sun and its accompanying solar system rule." Careful Review of Science Refutes Global Warming Myths
How can Al Gore claim to have all the answers when honest scientists are just beginning to uncover the unfathomable mysteries of God's creation? His shallow "certainties" ignore the cyclical forces and natural fluctuation that have influenced the earth's warming and cooling phases through the ages. They include:
  • sunspot activity (increased solar turbulence, which heat the earth in 9 to 13-year cycles). During the coldest years in the "Little Ice Age," there were "virtually no sunspots at all..."[4, p.8]
  • major volcanic eruptions (can blast millions of tons of particles and gas into the stratosphere, blocking solar rays, and cooling the earth for years).
  • the gravitational pull of the moon (affects tidal forces and triggers volcanoes)
  • the annual decrease of stratospheric ozone each southern winter (our summer) when the sun's seasonal absence prevents ultraviolet rays from interacting with oxygen and producing ozone.
  • the earth's magnetic field (deflects storm tracks)
"We know more about the surface of Mars than the three-mile strip of state waters along our coast," admits Rikk Kvitek, director of the Seafloor Mapping Lab at California State University."[13]

Even so, faithful Job, who lived about 4000 years ago, knew some amazing facts about God's creation. Thousands of years before the celebrated discoveries of Newton and Galileo, Job described God' work to his critical friends:
""#000000" He hangs the earth on nothing. "#000000" He binds up the water in His thick clouds,
Yet the clouds "#000000" are not broken under it." Job 26:7
But Job didn't realize how little he actually knew. So God gave him (and us) a lesson. Here is only a fraction of that lesson, but take time to ponder it. And never forget the amazing sovereignty of God and the absurdity of human claims to improve the order of His magnificent creation.
The Lord answered Job...
"Have you entered the springs of the sea? Or have you walked in search of the depths? ...Tell Me, if you know all this.
"By what way is light diffused, or the east wind scattered over the earth? Who has divided a channel for the overflowing water, or a path for the thunderbolt...
“Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades, or loose the belt of Orion?... Do you know the ordinances of the heavens?
“Can you lift up your voice to the clouds, that an abundance of water may cover you?..."  Job 38:16-40
Then Job answered the Lord...
'I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. You asked, ‘Who is this who hides counsel without knowledge?’ Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.” Job 42:1-6
Though we don't agree with today's politicized science and false conclusions, we do appreciate the responsibilities God has given us in caring for His creation. We shared some guidelines on that topic in our 1992 book, Under the Spell of Mother Earth. You may want to read chapters 1 and 3.
O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made,
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed:

Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
Then sings my soul! my Savior God, to Thee:
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

Excellent outside resources: and Secret Worlds: The Universe Within. This amazing videoshows the infinitely vast -- and the inconceivably tiny -- wonders of the universe we inhabit. Please watch it, then ask yourself, How could such an astounding universe simply evolve from nothing?

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