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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Marxist Teachers Go Public & Intefere in Democratic Process

This is NOW a fight like no other fight before it
THE National Union of Teachers (NUT) is trying to stop the BNP gaining more council seats in the upcoming elections by leafleting homes across the city. Dozens of union members and other volunteers targeted homes in the Stoke, Trent Vale, Hartshill and Penkhull areas yesterday . Jason Hill, president of the union's Stoke-on-Trent branch, said: "From our perspective as teachers, we are very concerned about the fact the BNP has a number of school governorships in the city and we don't want them to get any more. "We believe having BNP members as governors is incompatible with the values we are supposed to hold as teachers." The NUT's day of action was linked to a wider protest against the far-right party, which was organised by the North Staffordshire Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and Unite Against Fascism. Other areas which have been leafleted in recent weeks include Bentilee and Abbey Green.
Make no mistake, the British National Party is doing extremely well, both politically, financially and in its growing membership.
There is no doubt about this at all, but you will not hear it in the news or see it discussed on television.
The reason I know that our strength is growing immensely is primarily because I hear and see it myself, and because I can also see for myself what the government and the LibLabCon are doing in their fruitless, hectic and undemocratic attempts to make the British public believe that it is us rather than them who are EVIL.
Please don't confuse the word evil with me being religious because I declared a long time ago, my lifelong support for truth which I could myself validate.
Therefore I am an agnostic in terms of belief in diety and I am also a Christian and I recognise that my Christian principles of tolerance have been taken advantage of by Marxists.
Marxists have infiltrated the LibLabCon and they are evil in their unceasing global desire to break nations.
The LibLabCon and YOUR GOVT , has engaged The Teachers Union to drop Marxist propaganda through letterboxes in Britain.
In any other country bar Zimbabwe, this would be a criminal offence but not here in Zanu-Britain.
Poor people along with their unsuspecting children, are being subjected to political propaganda in our schools, our colleges, our universities and our work places, and we are now being harassed in our homes by Marxists who are bent on Global domination.
The National Union of Teachers [NUT's] has an appropriate name.
They are clearly nuts, but thankfully at this time they are not completely nuts.
I personally know teachers who tell me they remain quiet about their support of the British National Party and for British democracy because they live and work in fear of losing their jobs.
I hear it, and I see it and yet for obvious reasons I cannot tell you who these people are.
Now like GA today, I am not going to provide links here because by now, if YOU are too stupid and lazy to have found the truth out yourself, then YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR WAY OF LIFE - DESTROYED - BY THESE MAD NUTTERS WE HAVE IN POLITICS - IN GOVT - IN UNIONS - AND IN SOCIETY IN GENERAL.
These nutters were once locked away in asylums but now they have taken over our country.
Marxists have used nutters to shift blame to and to divert the public eye, but make no mistake that the government, David Cameron, trades unions, former Militant the Socialist Workers Party, Hope Not Hate, Searchlight, the Black Police Association, and many more groups such as Common Purpose and the Fabian Society along with Nothing British, have been eating up your taxes, telling the people lies, brainwashing your children, threatening those who resist them, and making laws against you solely to destroy your ability to resist them.
The ONLY way this time is to vote for the British National Party but there are indeed many other ways to regain control of our country notleast full blown revolution and war which will eventually occur quite naturally as larger numbers of people discover that their lands have been infested by self-serving anti-British Globalists and by other alien ideologues.
I am predicting that these Marxists will not release power through the ballot box.
I am predicting that yet again they will commit fraud at the ballot box.
I am predicting that people like me will still be here, next time with the links as future truths becomes known, I will be here to prove the next round of fraud being committed against our nation, and I will still be here giving truth along with my opinion well after the Marxists have completely ruined the British political system.
Nothing will stop me speaking the truth, and nothing will make me shut up except death.
People like me will never give up and people like me will one day be ready to take up arms against Marxists if they continue to harm my people and my country.
People like them who took away our democracy, our culture, our sovereignty and our right to protest unfettered by Marxist traitors who call themselves TEACHERS and 'anti-Fascists', will not win this land for their evil dream.
Right now I am declaring my readiness to fight against any government which seeks the destruction of the beliefs I hold and which I know are shared by many millions of others.
Right now I am declaring my belief that one day I will have no other choice unless something politically can change the Marxists who are currently in control of my country.
Right now I am declaring that this country is no longer under the control of democrats but that it is a communist state which I am morally and legally bound to resist.
I ask one question:
Why is the government not banning interference in the electoral process by people who are not standing as political candidates?