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Saturday, 24 April 2010

So much for a racist party the myth is put to bed

Why I joined the BNP

Here are just a few words about why I joined the British National Party.

As I’m sure most people will see, my connection to Britain is through my husband Stuart.
Although my first influence was through British rock music from back in the ‘70s and through novels, some of my favourites being the Cadfael series of books by Edith Pargeter (Ellis Peters).

I longed to visit this beautiful, historic and just, nation and see for myself the medieval buildings of Cadfael’s world. I have been lucky that I could visit Great Britain twice now and to see not only England but Wales too. One day I will visit Scotland as well.
I have see both the modern, London’s ‘Gherkin', Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and the rebuilt Manchester City Centre and the old, the Palace of Westminster, Warwick Castle and York Minster to name but a few. I also had the great pleasure of visiting the birth place of my new married name, Bainbridge in Yorkshire.

Travelling around Britain saddened me as so many places I visited were staffed by non-British, I learned English many years ago but wondered if English was still the language of Britain! I was also struck by how many of the British still working in the service industries like the rail staff, seemed so despondent and this in turn lowered the standards of traveling. What could break the spirit of these once proud people?

After my first visit when my husband and I had talked more about Britain and life there I discovered that all was not well, a malaise had taken hold and being Political Correct had replaced common sense and natural justice that Britain was known for around the world.
We began to explore what we could do about this as the corruption scandal broke in the UK. It was at this time Stuart decided to join the British National Party and I to support him all I could. I fully understood why the British National Party was for British people only, as this would be though of as being correct here in Japan. I didn’t need to be a member to help.

We worked as best we could to bring-about a change not only in immigration policy but also in the corruption of ministers, the political correctness which sees vast amounts of tax payers money wasted and to bring pride back to British workers.

When the British National Party changed it’s policy on non-British members I was at first hesitant, I didn’t believe that the British National Party needed to have non-British members to show it wasn’t racist. But my British National Party friends were already welcoming me and I thought that my membership may help and that is what I wanted to do, help turn Britain into a Britain to be proud of, a Britain that visitors will see as British, a Britain that cares for the British people just as Japan looks after the Japanese.

There is in fact one other reason why I joined the British National Party. If I tell you the date in which I traveled home to Japan after my first visit I’m sure you will understand. The date was 7/7/05. I flew from Manchester to London and on to Tokyo on that day and traveled in fear of more bombs. When I saw the pictures of Russell Square I could see the hotel in which I had stayed only two days earlier. That is about as close as I ever want to get to a terrorist bomb and my heart goes out to the victims and their families. This was my introduction to life in the UK, to Islam and I want to know why is the government of Britain allowing known illegal immigrants, foreign criminal and extremists to live in Britain, on tax payers money and threaten my family!

Tomoko Bainbridge