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Friday, 30 April 2010

I'd Like a Good Public Hanging for Nu LabourTraitors

Whilst the LibLabCon sits on its collective hands in its blatant attempt to destroy British culture, along with its collective one-Marxist-party plan to destroy all opposition too, others take action and bring you news of real events elsewhere.
WASHINGTON — Senator John McCain of Arizona took to the Senate floor the other day to embrace a tough new Arizona law giving the police the authority to detain people they suspect are illegal immigrants. Mr. McCain, long an outspoken champion of giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, is facing a primary challenge this summer from a conservative who backs tough immigration measures.
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Also, more countries are taking action on immigration:
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) — Mexico warned its citizens living in or traveling to Arizona that they could be “harassed” there because of its new immigration law. The foreign ministry issued a statement saying that Mexicans there should contact their consular representatives if they are unlawfully detained. “Until it is clearly defined under what criteria, when, where and who the authorities will check, you should assume that every Mexican citizen could be harassed and questioned without cause at any moment,” the statement said.
Maybe the UAF need to buy some more hammers and start a campaign in Mexico and the U.S.
Maybe when they get tangled with a semi-automatic from either side of the argument, they might just begin to realise what they have done to Britain already when they are on the way back here and all they see from their UAF banana boats are minarets over Westminster.
Meanwhile, maybe UAF leader David Cameron should re-think his policy that the British people need to learn from third world immigrants who cannot speak a word of English and who him and his party three would have run the country, saying as his political master Obama will undoubtedly be changing his opinion on global Marxism when he sees who he has to confront before, during and after the U.S. Presidential elections.
Oh, incidentally I almost forgot to mention that Tony Blair is close to being indicted for War-crimes.
If anyone wants to follow him then please carry on smashing up my country and its people.
I'd like to see a good public hanging for traitors before they ban rope making