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Friday, 30 April 2010

Lib Lab Con Conmen Hiding the True Extent of Future Tax Rises

April 30, 2010 - By mercia
A leading economic think tank has predicted that income tax will increase in stage to 6 pence in the pound to fund “recovery” — while the Lib-Lab-Con axis of deceit continue to conceal their real plans for massive tax hikes.
It has been revealed in a report by the prestigious National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) that plans by the establishment parties to make cuts in spending will not be nearly enough to balance the books, meaning that income tax will inevitably have to rise by a huge 6p in the pound.
The timing of the NIESR report could not be worse for Labour and the Tories as it proves that their economic remedy of big, but limited, cuts in public spending is little better than applying a sticking plaster to a gaping wound.
A spokesman for the NIESR explained that increasing debt was, in effect, borrowing from our children and our grandchildren.
He also described Tory and Labour manifesto claims to make savings through “efficiency gains” as “disingenuous.”
Neither parties, incidentally, intend making “efficiency gains” in terms of either refusing pay increases for their MPs nor in accepting pay cuts.
Specifically, Tory proposals to cut some £6 billion more off public spending than Labour will result in the loss of between 30,000 and 60,000 jobs that currently generate tens of millions of pounds in tax revenues for the Exchequer.
Meanwhile, the Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed on Monday that the policy proposals of the establishment parties were wholly deficient in terms of detailing what, exactly, they intended cutting to make the savings claimed.
The British National Party, unlike the failed establishment parties, has laid out in its manifesto its programme for cuts in public spending; cuts which whilst maintaining essential services, such as the NHS, go far beyond anything the corrupt establishment parties are proposing.
These include:
£18 billion by scrapping subsidies and the “green levy” attached to fuel bills in support of the ‘man-made’ global warming scam.
£4 billion by scrapping payments for benefits, housing, support and legal fees made to ‘asylum-seekers’ annually.
£13 billion per year by scrapping all payments, grants and subsidies that fund the imposition of multiculturalism on the people of this country.
£5 billion by pulling out of Afghanistan.
£13 billion annually through scrapping Britain’s grotesque foreign aid budget.
The British National Party — practical policies for economic revival.