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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Marxist Nu Labour attack on Christians Continues

Not him, he's the Pope
Whilst our Marxist govt, David Cameron and Clegg trip over themselves to destroy England and Christianity with their vile and disgusting Marxist beliefs that are unless you are ethnic, gay, Islamic or hell bent on wrecking democracy and the Christian church, then you must obviously (sic) be vile and disgusting.

They the marxists would do well to consider that these vile and disgusting 'Christian' beliefs held by at minimum one third the world's population, were the same beliefs which gave their own vile and disgusting beliefs room to breathe in our world.

Without Christianity it is very likely that the world we see now would be a far different place, and I doubt any of us would be here to shout down the other in our so called - democracy.
I was therefore rattled to find that our foreign office. A place which speaks for this nation. Should parade Britain on the world stage as a debauched society of vile and disgusting Marxist scum as opposed to representing the views of the British people in its dealings with head of the Catholic Church and great Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, in its suggestions that when he pays a visit here to his flock in September.

That he the Pope should be asked to "open an abortion clinic", "bless a gay marriage", take a hard line on child abuse, "launch a Benedict-branded condom", "sack dodgy bishops", and "launch a helpline for abused children".

Personally, I couldn't give a damm for the foreign office or for David Miliband who authorised these Marxist insults to the Pope, as I'm quite content to know that good manners and respect for Christian beliefs, is something only good people do.

Yet I wondered what the British people would think of vile Marxist traitors like Miliband and the shower of Marxists in the LibLabCon, who are parading themselves as being representative of the British people like me, or would they instead think these insults are proper from a government and a political elite which poses itself as British?
Who speaks for Britain - is it Christianity or is it Karl Marx?
For if it is NOT Christianity, then Christians best wake up to the fact that people like we have in the LibLabCon, are plainly trying their very best to persuade them otherwise as they all seek their votes in this election.
Christians (and moral respectable people with no faith), had best get used to the practice of Sharia Law becoming the norm in Britain once Marxists have decimated all things Christian.
Gays, & ethnic immigrants and other innocent people who remain fixed in their notions that the LibLabCon actually represents their beliefs rather than seeking to use them for their own global ends, had best get used to a future for them and their own children, which is wholly exclusive of all things good, and inclusive of all things vile and disgusting, as the global Marxists begin to take their aim through Islam, at them too.
First they came for the BNP then they came for the Christians, then they came for Gays and blacks and then they came for me. Finally they came for Islam and then there were only Marxists, who all happened just by sheer chance to be left in power in the LibLabCon Party under the reign of Satan.
We strongly recomend the book below, for further reference read the works of Larry Abraham & gerry Allen aslo