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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Contempt with which Gordon Brown and the Labour Party hold the British public

“Old Bigot” Gaffe: BNP to Launch Advertising Campaign to Focus Voters’ Attention on Contempt with which the Establishment Holds for the public

April 28, 2010 - By BNP News
The British National Party has announced its plans to launch a last minute newspaper advertising campaign in key areas to focus voter attention on the contempt with which Gordon Brown and the Labour Party hold the public, as revealed by the “bigot” gaffe, Nick Griffin MEP has announced.
Reacting to the off camera remark by Mr Brown after he was questioned by a lifelong Labour voter in Rochdale in which he dismissed the woman as an old “bigot,” Mr Griffin said none of the questions which the person had asked could in any way be remotely classed as bigotry.
“She asked some very sensible questions about taxation on pensions and the immigration problem,” Mr Griffin said.
“For Mr Brown to have then dismissed her as a bigot just because she asked him about immigration shows the utter contempt with which the Labour Party regards even their own voters,” he said.
“The poor woman did not use any epithets and simply asked why he was not doing anything about immigration. There was no justification at all to dismiss her in the derogative way he did.
“Furthermore, the admission that all of Mr Brown’s interactions are stage managed explains at last why his previous public appearances are almost always with children and not adults.
“Children cannot ask the sort of pointed questions which adults can, and when Mr Brown was presented with an unscripted questioner, he immediately revealed his true agenda,” Mr Griffin said.
“Furthermore, the fact that Mr Brown used the adjective ‘old’ to describe the voter, shows that there is a clear disregard for people who have spent a lifetime voting Labour,” Mr Griffin continued.
“This puts the deaths of an estimated 40,000 pensioners from fuel poverty over the past winter into perspective. Clearly these people do not matter anymore to the ruling elite.
“In law, if you do something that has consequences, you are liable even if you did not intend that result. This is the basis of manslaughter.
“Mr Brown and his Tory colleagues are directly responsible for the stagnant pensions and the growth of profit-driven energy supply utilities, both of which have combined to make a devil’s brew whereby heating has become unaffordable for many old people.
“It would seem that Mr Brown’s dismissal of the ‘old bigot’ today is perfectly in line with this attitude,” Mr Griffin said.
“This gaffe may well have sealed Mr Brown’s fate forever. Already I have had reports back from BNP canvassers out this afternoon and evening of voters’ total disgust with Mr Brown’s remarks.
“The BNP will be launching a newspaper advertising campaign to focus voters’ attention on this shocking state of affairs. Our target areas are going to be Barking and Dagenham, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester and Barnsley,” Mr Griffin said.