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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Nu Labours Harman wants you the British extinct in the next 50 years

Let's have a 'Fairer' Society by Getting Rid of British People

Not on your Nelly Harman!
One of Green Arrow and friends roving reporters Mister Fox; passed me an interesting clip today which many of you will no doubt be left speechless by once you have viewed it, so here it is and thank you Mister Fox.
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The clip shows briefly, Harriet Harman revealing that the sole intention of "Gordon's Plan to change the voting system", is to stop the BNP being elected. (As if we didn't know).
But surely anywhere other than perhaps Zimbabwe, an electoral change which seeks to exclude parts of the populace from gaining power would be illegal wouldn't it?
Not only that, but surely anywhere apart from Zanu-Britain and Zimbawe, it would be non-conducive, possibly unconstitutional, definitely immoral, and certainly only something a scum-sucking dictating son of a bitch Marxist would do, and of course it would be completely 'un-British' wouldn't it?
That said, I guess if you had a scum-sucking Marxist government and scum-sucking vile despicable and disgusting Marxists leading British politics, then you would surely end up with scum in government who hated the British people, who hate democracy, who hate Christianity, who hate white people, and who hate the BNP, and well......I wonder what and who else they hate?
Everything other than what they prescribe as being Zanu-British I guess.
They'll hate people like me too I suppose, because the last thing a scum-sucking Marxist like these lot want is to be revealed for the scum-sucking lying Marxists they are.
Whilst I'm on about scum-sucking liars, thieves, Marxists, dictators and other ugly things, I thought it appropriate to bring news of a fall out at the unelected top of Labour.
This coincides with a fall out at the top of the unelected Conservative party too with Cameron's decision to plant Marxists, aliens and immigrants at the top of politics instead of anyone else by any other name who may actually have the country's interests at heart above their own or have a clue about politics, as he excludes anyone who disagrees with his vapid ideological approach to politics, loves Britain, can point to an Englishman, and holds any British Conservative values.
They are not the 'type' of people Cameron wants, he wants Marxists and anyone will do as long as they think like him.
talking of people who think like him,  Mandelson and Harman have apparently been fighting over the likely future without a Labour Govt, and instead trying to work out how to kill the rest of Britain off whilst under the thumb of a hung parliament.
Two Miserable Marxists
It was while I was reading the article as I tried to hold my sides together, that I couldn't help thinking how miserable these two Marxists looked. I recalled watching Harman through clenched fingers yesterday in the warm up to Mr Griffin's appearance on the special edition of Newnight with Jeremy Paxman, and I noticed a rather strange behaviour from her and from the Conservative lady Theresa May, as they struggled with the possible concept of having to work together. "Oh no"! May cried,.....'we worked with them on the education debate but we don't see eye to eye'.
Harman was equally distained by the idea as she alluded: "What this country needs is a........".
I have to say I went to make another cuppa at that point as I'd really had enough of beating myself up.
But as made my cuppa, I wondered whether either of them considered they might not actually be elected?
Strange thoughts crossed my mind as I considered whether they had considered the impossible outcome that they had not considered, that the electorate may have chose to not consider them.
Why surely if these two have already put aside the British people then surely only a complete moron or Marxist (same thing), could possible place a cross next to any of these lot I thought.
I mean it would be like voting for the executioner with the sharpest axe!
Very quickly I righted my thinking when I concluded that you don't actually need to be elected in this country to have political control, and that Peter Mandelson is proof of it.
What you need is a big mouth to get control in this country but in a nice way, you have to look good when you use it, and you have to get yourself on telly like these do.
Maybe Mr Griffin should have been amongst them to add a bit of rational thinking I thought, but heck there's no chance of that cos this is the BBC!
So, firstly we have the parties fighting amongst each other, and secondly we have them telling us how there'll be a change to the electoral system to keep the BNP and the British people out of power. What a complete mockery of democracy that is!
Then we have these Marxists being interviewed as if they are the only choice people can make, and by constant media coverage they become more prone to making giant gaffs when giving revelations which show their sole argument to restore 'fairness', a proper democracy, and a representative government, is to exclude the British people from the process.
Why do they hate us so much, is it because we tell the truth and reveal their lies?
Well what other reason could it be if not that?
I mean here's another truth for instance, but it could just be my opinion. Make your own mind up but this is mine. I think Harriet Harman is an ugly cow with an ugly mind an ugly mouth an ugly dress sense and an ugly political ideology.
My evidence is above and on other articles written by myself and others, and I see no need to ask who is available to save the British people because I already know who that is. It's a man called Mr Nick Griffin who the media won't show unless it is to ask him stupid questions, and it's the man who all the political parties FEAR! Yes FEAR! For if they did not fear him then they would not be looking to change the system to exclude him and they would permit him airtime to talk about our destruction as opposed to completing the endless question: "Who are the British people", with the same answer everytime...."us".
Further evidence of Harman's ugliness is here and I suggest she sees a dressmaker about her garb, and sees Mr Nick Griffin about a decent politic in which she could join in if she dropped the idea that Marxism will always be in charge of British politics. That could only ever come true, if people like me start to believe we don't exist and continue to vote for the LibLabCon Party, which in my case will never happen.
Who on this planet would wear a 6 inch Stiletto on their
LAPEL unless they were completely off their rocker!?