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Friday, 30 April 2010

TV Debates All Three Old-Gang Parties Blatantly Ignored The Immigration issue

April 30, 2010 - By BNP News
All three of the old-gang parties blatantly ignored the real immigration issue in last night’s TV debate and the policies they did offer were simply pathetic, said British National Party leader Nick Griffin in his reaction.
“The completely lacklustre performances were marked by collusion, denial of reality and immigration policies which are simply mad and which do nothing to address the real issues,” Mr Griffin said.
“The Lib Dem insanity of declaring an amnesty is so weird and outrageous that even the Labour Party dismissed it, even though Mr Brown’s government has effectively already granted amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants by refusing to track them down,” Mr Griffin said.
“The Points Based System (PBS) has become the mainstay of the Tory and Labour immigration policies,” he continued.
“This PBS was designed by Labour and has been endorsed by the Conservatives, who also say they want to add a cap to the numbers.
“They of course don’t say what that cap is, and, as everyone knows, a cap with no figure is even more useless than a cap with a figure.”
Mr Griffin pointed out however that there were in any event a number of serious flaws in a PBS.
“Official projections are that the population will hit 70 million by 2029, and that 70 percent of this growth will be due to immigration.
“The PBS does nothing to address this issue. Immigration needs to be halted, not encouraged.”
Mr Griffin also pointed out that Britain grants two million entry visas every year, and only 20 percent of these are affected by the PBS.
“This means that the PBS will do nothing to address the issue of illegal immigrants, overstayers or any of the multiple channels of entry into Britain.
“The PBS also removes the immigration officer’s ability to use their discretion when an immigrant arrives at a port of entry.
“Previously, the immigration officer could use their discretion, based on obvious facts, to deny an obviously bogus immigrant entry to Britain. That power has been usurped,” Mr Griffin said.
Furthermore, Government claims of a fall in recent immigration figures since the introduction of the PBS are false. “The only fall has been in net immigration from the EU — which is not subject to the PBS,” Mr Griffin pointed out.
Furthermore, the PBS is open to vast abuse. According to the Government’s own statistics, some 1,800 bogus educational institutions have been closed down since last year’s terrorism arrests on the Merseyside which involved alleged students from Pakistan who had entered the country on visas.
“Apparently there are another 4,000 of such colleges which still need to be checked. These are all institutions which have the power to grant study visas, after which it merely becomes a formality to enter Britain,” Mr Griffin said.
Many of these colleges have been shown to be no more than rooms literally sited above kebab shops.
“These colleges have no interest in bringing skilled people to the UK or ensuring that they depart once again, and are clearly just illegal immigration funnels,” Mr Griffin said.
“Finally, the PBS is complex beyond words. The UK Border Agency website has 800 pages of forms and guidance with potentially 26,000 job titles and thousands of sponsors.
“How on earth is the Home Office expected to cope with that amount of administration, plus appeals which will doubtless follow? It is physically impossible and the civil servants are just being overwhelmed,” Mr Griffin said.
“Despite all of this, both Labour and Tories still pretend that they are doing something about immigration. They are just lying.”
* Mr Griffin also said last night’s debate was marked by a refusal to address Mr Brown’s “bigot” remark the day before.
“No doubt, Nick Clegg and David Cameron kept quiet about it because it also represents their opinion of the electorate, namely that anyone who questions immigration is some type of weird bigot.
“Hence the conspiracy of silence from all of the old-gang parties on what has been the most highlighted remarks of the campaign,” Mr Griffin said.