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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lib Dems same thing just different colour


This is the face of a liar, a thief and an arsonist
We're not done with you yet Cleggy Boy
When this liar, thief and traitor 'came out' the other day with his groundless and baseless insults to the British National Party, some may be forgiven for thinking because he aired his slimy self on the main media, and the slime in the main media decided to broadcast his lies, that no one would bother responding much to him. However they were as usual these days, very wrong.
Nick Clegg, like all lairs and thieves, as well as some media, think because they print it then people will believe what garbage they write, and well, as long as no one complains and as long as they keep buying into the lie, then they can just move on to the next insult while the last begins to settle in the public conscience, eating away at their feeling of whether or not they feel justified in voting for the British National Party and ultimately restoring truth and honest government.
They 'think' like Marxists think, that if a lie is told often, then it become difficult to separate it from truth.
They think like Marxists think, that as long as they hold power of government and power of press, that they can do pretty much what they like.
Like Clegg thinks that he can fiddle his parliamentary expenses in the same way he fiddled his airlines ticket expenses when he was an MEP.
I'm no expert on psychology, but I am an expert on honesty, and one thing I learned pretty early in life was how to spot a waster, a liar, a thief and a traitor.
'It's the way they look'
They look 'shifty' and nervous.
They stand to oneside when talking and they dip their head quite unknowingly as their conscience carries guilt.
It is the mark of a traitor and a liar that they will ALWAYS show outward signs of their guilty deeds, and they will find it very difficult to cover them up, and thus they must use deploy tactics to escape blame. i.e. The lie becomes bigger or they will run and hide.
Incidentally where is Clegg these days I thought there was an election?
Anyway, this liar and thief thinks like any other liar and thief I guess, so this will be why he's hiding.
Also, please take note the next time you do see him, and notice how 'shifty' he looks. I guarantee that he will display the typical traits of a liar and thief.
Lastly, when someone steals from the public it is the lowest form of theft.
Also, there are only two options when you are a thief:
1 - Cough up and admit it
2 - Keep lying
Which one do you think Clegg will do?
 Oh, and by the way Mr Clegg, we ain't finished with you yet.