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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Where the BNP Stands 2: Defence and Afghanistan

April 27, 2010 - By BNP News
The British National Party is the only political party to demand the immediate withdrawal of all British forces from Afghanistan and it was the very first party to point out that the war against Iraq was based on easily-disprovable lies. It is also the only party which opposes the Tory-Labour-Lib Dem-supported drums of war against Iran.
The following is the complete section on defence from the BNP’s 2010 election manifesto, previously only available in PDF format.
Defending Britain: BNP Defence Policy
The British Army Must be Used to Defend Britain
The purpose of Britain’s armed forces is to protect British interests at home and abroad – and nothing else.
During the recent Iraq War, which the BNP opposed, there were no strategic or commercial interests to defend nor were British citizens threatened.
The same applies to the current war in Afghanistan. This war, according to some estimates, may continue for another 30 years, producing a death toll of British servicemen that will far exceed the worst years of the troubles in Northern Ireland.
It is because we have no interests to defend in Afghanistan that our party demands an immediate withdrawal of our troops from that theatre.
In addition, the BNP firmly opposes the threatened war against Iran. That nation also presents no credible threat to Britain, and we are deeply suspicious of allegations of “weapons of mass destruction” emanating from the same neo-con clique who lied about Iraq’s alleged atom bomb and WMDs.
The Tory/Labour Degradation of Our Armed Forces
Twice during the 20th century, the UK came close to the brink of destruction because of the neglect of our defences. The present weakness of our armed forces is due to a process that has been ongoing for years and the Conservative record is only marginally less appalling than that of Labour. Both parties have undermined and abolished our historic regiments.
Independence of Action and the Rejection of “Collective Security”
There is far too much emphasis on collective security, embracing nations that are not always well disposed to our viewpoint. The opposition from many of our EU allies to our campaign in the Falklands provides a sober example, with the French happily supplying the Argentinians with Exocet missiles.
The integration of our forces with those of other nations, as envisaged by the EU, is dangerous and will cause us to have neither the means nor the freedom to act in defence of our national interests should the need arise.
Commitment to a British Supplied Military and Nuclear Deterrent
The BNP aims to have an independent British military, equipped by British factories in all the essential needs of modern warfare.
Our independent force must include an independent nuclear deterrent and capability. These weapons would remain under British control.
We believe in the strengthening of the British navy, which has been downsized in recent decades. This will be of significance once we regain control of our 200-mile fishing zone.
The UK requires a capability to mobilise units and dispatch them in defence of British interests worldwide. This will entail the development of new aircraft carriers, new transport aircraft and helicopters.
Britain must be prepared to launch limited operations where it is necessary to protect our citizens abroad and not be deterred by ‘world opinion’.
The Falklands campaign was an obvious example where Britain needed to act, but more recently there were clear grounds to rescue people of British descent from the murderous regime in Zimbabwe.
We shall restore many of the historic regiments, particularly those from Scotland, which were disbanded by the Labour government.
We shall also carry out an appraisal of the bureaucracy within the Defence Ministry.
Withdraw from Germany and Renegotiate Our Status in NATO
We shall recall our troops from Germany, where we see little purpose in their continuing presence. The Cold War has long since passed and our troop presence in Germany is superfluous and little more than an insult to the Germans.
We shall renegotiate our presence in NATO to ensure that we maintain independence and neutrality.
Raise Defence Spending: Equipping Our Troops
We will raise spending on defence by one percent over the rate of inflation for the next five years so that our forces may never again be committed to any conflict short of equipment or kit, as has been the case with the shameful deployment in the Tory/Labour war in Afghanistan.
This increase in spending will be even more significant when it is borne in mind that under a BNP government, British forces will not be involved in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran.
Community Award Scheme Will Encourage Social Values and Work Ethics
We will introduce a Community Award Scheme for our young people which will take the form of a compulsory one year period for all school leavers during which they will work in the community as the final element of their education.
This scheme will allow young people to choose between a variety of community service options which might include, for example, caring for the elderly or disabled people, environmental or heritage restoration projects or military training.
The final choice of direction in this regard will be dictated by the school leaver’s scholastic record, preferences and suitability.
These courses would be character building and would instil discipline, social and community values and work ethics in all young people.
Service in this scheme would entitle each individual to receive something back from the society to which they have learnt to contribute, such as free university education, a properly supported apprenticeship or business training.