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Friday, 30 April 2010

Scotland Yard Most Wanted Immigrants to UK

Scotland Yard’s Latest Most Wanted Illustrates “Benefits of Immigration”

April 28, 2010 - By BNP News
The latest line-up from New Scotland Yard’s “most wanted” list, as released on the Metropolitan Police’s website, is a searing indictment of the highly destructive effect of mass immigration into Britain.
Of the top twelve suspects, only two appear to be British and all the rest are a collection of immigrants from the far corners of the globe, wanted for serious offences such as murder, terrorism and fraud.
Scotland Yard’s most wanted man, Farouk Abdulhak, described as of “Yemeni and Egyptian origins,” is wanted for murder.
Abdulhak was studying at Regents Business School London and is known to have fled to Yemen immediately following the murder.
Number two on the Yard’s list is Latvian Juris Teteris, wanted for armed robbery.
The third most wanted man is Hayman Mustafa, who is being sought for murder. He is described by the Met as being of “Arabic appearance.”
Number four on the most wanted list is Khalid Sageea Hamoud, for bank robbery and breaking bail.
Czech national Daniel Milic is the fifth most wanted man. He is being sought for “complex deceptions involving several victims across the UK,” according to the Met, who helpfully add that he also uses the alias Djordjevic.
The sixth most wanted man is Ibrahim Adam, who is “subject to a Control Order issued under Section 2 Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.” The Met says that the “subject resides in East London but may have travelled outside London or abroad.”
The seventh most wanted man is Lamine Adam, another Muslim “subject to a Control Order issued under Section 2 Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.”
The eighth most wanted man is Sukhdip Singh Chhina who is wanted for murder. The Met says he “originates from Amritsar in India.”
Number nine on the list is James Walter Tomkins, one of the two British people on the list. He is wanted for murder.
Number ten on the list is Youseff Ahmed Wahid, wanted for murder. The Met informs us that he “is known to have fled to Beirut” and has “family connections in the USA, Kuwait and across the Arab world.”
Number eleven on the list is the second apparent British person, Aaron McCarthy, who is wanted for robbery.
Number twelve is Ayub Khan, wanted for the double murder of two Sikhs in London. The Met says the murders were carried out in a “controlled and calculated manner” using a machine pistol.
Such are the “benefits of immigration into Britain, as espoused by the Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties.