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Sunday, 25 April 2010

BNP’s Commitment to Britain’s Christian Heritage & freedom

BNP’s Commitment to Britain’s Christian Heritage Draws Applause from Hustings Crowd

April 23, 2010 - By BNP News
The British National Party’s commitment to maintain Britain’s Christian heritage drew loud applause from a hustings crowd in Bridgwater, reports Bridgwater and West Somerset parliamentary candidate Donna Treanor.
“I read the other parties’ manifestos and noticed that not one of them mentioned Christianity, so I pointed this out at the hustings, and none of the other candidates could defend themselves,” Miss Treanor said.
“I then pointed out that the BNP had called for a return to our Christian heritage and values, and the audience all clapped very enthusiastically.
“The BNP will ensure that appropriate areas of public life, including school assemblies, are based on a commitment to the values of traditional Western Christianity, as a benchmark for a decent and civilised society,” she told the hustings, organised by the  Bridgwater’s Mother’s Union.
* An anti-democratic Green party candidate, who does not believe in equal rights for all people, refused to take part in the hustings.
Miss Treanor was unperturbed by his narrowminded bigotry, saying only, “I don’t believe in what the Greens say. They’re a watermelon party: green on the outside and red in the middle — they’re Communists.”
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