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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Love it or Hate it.

Is the Marmite Case a Smear?

April 27, 2010 - By BNP News
British National Party chairman Nick Griffin will personally defend the party at the London High Court in the Marmite smear campaign case this coming Thursday 29 April, and all supporters are encouraged to attend to take part in a ‘Love Britain’ demonstration.
The case will hear debate on the reasons and costs concerning Marmite manufacturer Unilever’s injunction against the BNP in which they demanded that the party not use Marmite logos in its TV election broadcast.
“As the BNP had never intended to do such a thing — as evidenced by the fact that the BBC had already been given a copy of the tape before the story flared up — the injunction was wholly unnecessary,” Mr Griffin told BNP News.
“The reality is that Unilever had engaged in a smear campaign against the BNP for several weeks, linking us through imitation and obvious innuendo to their ‘hate party’ advertising programme,” Mr Griffin said.
“As if that was not bad enough, Unilever’s advertising department then made a joke out of the very serious attack upon myself and my BNP colleagues outside of Westminster.
“Even though that attack involved life-threatening darts and other missiles being thrown at us, Unilever saw fit to parody it with a video showing their ‘hate party’ leader being smeared with Marmite by a mob.
“This and the earlier video were both clear and obvious cases of incitement to violence and hatred against myself and all BNP members,” Mr Griffin continued.
The case will be heard on Thursday 29th April at the Royal Courts of Justice, Chancery House, 53–64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A, at 10.00am.
All supporters are encouraged to attend to take part in a “Love Britain” demonstration.
* Mr Griffin has asked all supporters to formally complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the Marmite smear campaign.
Complaints can be lodged online by clicking here.
In the part of the complaint form where it asks what type of advertisement, please select Internet, Phones & Video games.
In the part of the form where it asks subtypes, please select Internet Ads.
In the part “Where did you see/hear the advert?” please enter the following URLs: and
In the part “When did you see/hear the advert?” put in the date you first saw the advertisement.
In the part “Who was the advertiser?” put in Unilever, and in the part “What was the product?” put in Marmite.
In the part “Description of Complaint” say that “The advertisements in question incite hatred against Mr Griffin and the BNP in general and constitute gross interference in the political system.”
* The BBC’s bias against the BNP was revealed last night once again when the party political election broadcast was transmitted several minutes earlier than advertised, obviously with the hope that many viewers would miss it.
Then, in a shocking further display of bias, much coverage was given to a small gaggle of fewer than 20 Communist and Socialist Workers’ Party ‘protestors’ outside the BBC — yet the same media ignored completely the thousands and thousands of English people who took part in the annual Sandwell St George’s Day march the weekend before.