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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Has the Leader of the Bolton Liberal Democrats Got A Secret?


In a recent story in the Bolton Evening News about the Leader of the Bolton Liberal Democrats Cllr Roger Hayes (Political leader's sex den smear fury, BEN 27/04/10 Cllr Hayes stated that his partner possibly his wife Jaleh was a Muslim. So it is well known that according to Islamic teachings and law that only a Muslim man can marry a Muslim woman, 

 So we believe in it is the Public interest, not only to non Muslims but also the Muslim population of Bolton has Cllr Hayes converted to Islam and if so why has been failed to mention it.

 Also he should make his possible conversion public on the grounds that in his role on the Stronger Communities Partnership with Bolton Council a future accusation of preferential treatment on the grounds of religious bias could be avoided, if deciding on a issue that involved a religious theme.  

Also I am sure that many ordinary Muslim residents of Bolton  would be interested in the matter and may consider it showing a lack of sensitivity towards their faith and beliefs if he has not converted to Islam whilst marrying a Muslim woman whilst serving on the Stronger Communities Partnership Bolton Council, a body that is alleged to bring the beliefs of all communities to each others attentions in order to stop any cultural misunderstandings, as it seems to me that Cllr Hayes has thrown a slap across the face to Islamic beliefs if he has not become a Muslim himself, whilst living with a lady of Muslim beliefs.

I am sure that Cllrs Hayes would like to clear the matter up as it is impossible for his Partner/Wife to become a Christian or an atheist or live together as it was once called living in sin , as that would unfortunately carry a why-muslim-women-cant-marry-non-muslim-men/  “The marriage of a Christian man to Muslim women is an invalid marriage. Allah says in the Koran”. And also some Islamic scholars have issued Fatwa’s claiming that through such a marriage Cllrs Hayes Partner/Wife would become an apostate which carry the death sentence within Islam.