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Saturday, 24 May 2014

President Putin is now the leader standing against a banker puppet led regimes

President Putin is now the leader standing against a banker puppet led regime hell bent on wars for conquest for the central banking cartel that hates competition. Especially when it comes s to honest money at odd with fiat based currencies.
Putin was gracious to warm him giving some friendly advice to Obama when he first entered office saying Social is a failure. as a warning. Six years later. We can the POTUS did not heed Putin’s advice. Here is a excerpt from Tea Party Command Center writing about Putin Slamming Obama’s led Global government as a failure.

A recalcitrant Putin has proclaimed that the U.S.-headed new world order is a failure. Speaking to business pioneers an at a discussion in St Petersburg, Putin denied allegations from the US that said he was involved in the Ukraine crisis. He stated that the civil war in the Ukraine rests on the heads of the west. Putin made it clear that he is not amused by accusation coming from Barack Obama.
Putin was attending an International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. Few western nations attended the conference because the Obama administration exerted its influence to get them to stay away. Obama is seeking to isolate Russia over the Ukraine and Crimea issues. Putin told the leaders present to“not give in to pressure and blackmail” from western nations.
Putin was asked about President Obama’s statements that he was lying about Russian participation in the Ukraine and he responded, “Who made him a judge?”
Putin placed the blame for the Ukraine war squarely on the shoulders of Obama and an american backed coup that resulted in “chaos and a full-scale civil war”.
An angry Putin said that the US is planning additional sanctions. He states there is no reason for additional sanctions.
“What have we done this time? There has recently been an earthquake in Thailand. Would you like to sanction Russia for that as well?” he asked. “There is a civil war in Ukraine. What does Russia have to do with that?”
Thank God Russia is there as a resistance to the globalist vision of dominating the world through private central banking. History will look back and see Putin as a pivotal man averting a major war on many fronts.
The world is looking for leadership in a world gone mad by central bankers. I remember when the US was the nation the world look to as a beacon of liberty and hope.  Now we are a shell of our former self. We lead the world now in what is bad. Russia is now on the upswing that can make moves from a position of strength as America weakens.
it is no wonder the Russian people voted Vladimir Putin  back in office. it is because he is a leader and not a puppet.
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