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Monday, 30 June 2014

Democracy is the rule of the minority over the majority .

Democracy is the rule of the minority over the majority .
 It has done more to enslave us than all the tyrants could do. It plays on fear and not hope and the baseness in mens hearts  for the politics of envy is the politics of democracy! 
 Only in a Republic of the Common law  can all be free. A  society  that is based on the law of  individual   responsibility. Were one is free to  succeed  or fail.
 Free  from the predations of private purveyors of fiat money . But a  society of the commonwealth of a nation state.
It should be  nation state that will not interfere into the lives of the individual. But be a Nation state who,s  responsibility  is only to  guarantee the security of those rights. 
it should be a nation state that issues a currency that must have a transferable value into other commodities not only precious metals according to needs of the people
But how shall we governed they ask, The answer was written long ago.
 We the People! 
 shall govern ourselves. The gift of freedom is not to do as we please. But to do what is just and right.
Ive Cooper