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Friday, 10 October 2014


By Stephen Toth
The American government have now tried to hide their aggressive expansionist policies concerning their constructing a new missile iron curtain around Russia by seemingly handing the issue over to NATO.
Apart from America being a totally bankrupt nation and this program will boost its national debt to unprecedented levels which the American people cannot afford to pay. It is also strategically a stupid plan that is not only doomed to fail but is also to easy for President Putin to circumvent.
The objective of this American controlled European strategic missile defence system is to enable so called NATO forces (really the American government) to shoot down Russian missiles before they reach their ultimate operational peak. Sounds a really good idea to idiots that don't have a clue as to what they are doing.
Lets see why this military strategy simply cannot be effective or work in the long run.
OK, putting the program under the auspice of NATO from a non-financial perspective is to enable the American President to put his hands up and say this is not an American decision to go to war with Russia it is one taken by NATO.
The second mistake is that the American government thinks that by cloaking their misdeeds behind NATO will confuse the issue and remove them as the main target of reprisals.
Both of these assumptions are not only dangerous but also nonsensical because Putin already knows who pulls NATO's strings.
OK, looking at the objective above e.g shooting down Russian missiles over Russian territory.
Putin is not a stupid man. He has a multitude of options at his disposal to circumvent this problem.
1) All he needs to do politically is let it be know that the Americans will be the recipients of the TOTAL response to any military action taken against Russia. This straight away takes away any protective properties gained by hiding behind NATO.
2) All he needs to do is change his focus away from ground based nuclear bomb production and increase his global fleet with nuclear capability. Can you imagine how many high capacity nuclear bombs can be put on ocean going oil tankers. Those takers could be equipped with the latest radar tracking equipment and have orders to let lose their whole load if they come under attack from anyone at all.
This is a bummer for the American government, this means if any country in the world attacks one of these ships, they all let lose their payloads that are targeted on America.
OK, lets talk defence, the Russians already have a space station and I suspect missile silos in space. They could easily deny foreigners access to the space station and equip it as a nuclear base with massive defence capabilities. They could also convert it to carry a nuclear powered laser defence system. That system would take out any missiles approaching it from either space or the earth.
They could just as easily build more defence systems (well out into space) and other space stations around the world. First by putting in place the defence system then building the space stations under its protection.
Finally, and this is my favourite being a bastard by nature.
If I was Putin I would already have a zero sum doomsday device in place. That simply means that if the Americans started any serious shit on my country, and my country was in danger of being over run, I would just give them one warning to back of before obliterating the whole world.
That is my psychotic FUCK YOU TWAT -- YOU LOSE attitude towards bullying aggressors like the Americans.