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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cameron, Who are the Extremists ?

 Last party conference season our political class looks very unconvincing.

The attack and erosion of the Christian framework in the life of our nation in recent years has created value disintegration.

Since Blair's era, successive governments have tried to fill the void
created with more and more legislation. As a lawyer I see the
devastating impact of this and the unintended consequences.

order to outlaw 'extremism' you have to be able to define the moral
framework by which you live; our modern day politicians are unable to do
this. They are the products of a relativist, secular, individualistic
regime that has forgotten the Christian roots that once undergirded our

It is impossible to have any set of values in a vacuum.

Theresa May proposes banning orders and extremist disruption orders for
activities that clear a very low legal threshold. In the world of
Boris, Theresa and David we have to ask what would constitute an
'extremist' group? Is it the nurses who want to be free to offer prayer
or wear a cross at work? (This government submitted legal argument
against such nurses at the Strasbourg Court in 2012). Or is it
Counsellors such as Mike Davidson who believes that you can reduce
unwanted same-sex attraction? Boris lied and covered his back in order
to shut down Mike's viewpoint on the London transport system.

Theresa May, like all politicos since 2001, wants to stop the Islamic hard line agenda but fails to understand it.

She lists activities that would justify being labelled an extremist:
“spreading, inciting, promoting or justifying hatred on the grounds of
disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and/or
transgender identity, proposing to overthrow democracy, members of the
public, or a section of it, will be harmed”.

This is already
with us but it isn't Muslims who are labelled extremist, being
prosecuted or disciplined at work. Ways are usually found to accommodate
them.  It is the Christians.

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