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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Grand Jury is being convened in Glastonbury The Fightback is under Way

A Grand Jury is being convened in Glastonbury to determine if there are criminal cases to answer for persons at Mendip District Council (officers) and Yeovil Magistrates' Court for the alleged unlawful issue of 608 liability orders against people in Mendip who were summonsed for non-payment of council tax. On July 3 2015, 677 summonses were issued by Mendip District Council (and NOT the court), following the sending of 2750 final demands in June. This represents a significant proportion of people who were either unable or unwilling to pay.

A number of people across Mendip fielded valid lawful defences against both the payment of council tax and the magistrates acting ultra vires and all were ignored, allegedly provisioning maladministration; we contend there are innumerable defects in the processes of the summons and decision to issue. A GJ is needed to assess all the evidence against both the district council and the magistrates for a range of alleged criminal charges against both individuals and the council itself.
All grand jurors remain anonymous, your names are never taken and no electronic or paper recordings of the deliberations are taken. Your privacy is assured. You will not need to sign any paperwork, only the jury foreman is required to do this.
Due to recent developments in Grand Juries, we would prefer all participants to be from the Mendip District Council area.
You must be aged over 21 and have no serious criminal convictions. You must not be knowingly related (or attached) to anyone of the 608 recipients of the liability orders issued on 28th July 2015 at Yeovil Magistrates Court. You will be required to swear a non-religious attestation that you are capable of remaining impartial throughout the deliberations.
We need 12 - 23 volunteers who are prepared to solemnly sit with impartiality and look at the presented evidence and make a determination as to whether there is a criminal case to answer by the accused parties. There will be an opening 20 minute presentation on Grand Juries (at 6pm) before the jurors are chosen from volunteers, so that all parties are completely clear on the mechanics and constitutional basis for the convention of the jury.
Due to constraints of location, finances, some early bird provisional attendees etc. the GJ will be convened at the King Arthur, Glastonbury at 6.30pm prompt, Tuesday 1 September. We regret we are not able to offer any accommodation or travel expenses. The jury is expected to last about three hours. Refreshments will be provided.

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