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Monday, 21 September 2015

Seriously pissed off Germans – what you won’t see on TV

Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to give a speech to Germans, but all
the way through, ordinary German folk were booing her and calling her

Despite this protest and the protests in Eastern Europe, the German government said it plans to force Eastern Europe to open its borders to the tsunamigration.

Over the space of a few months, the country has turned into a neo-Communist dictatorship, where common people are being ignored, and having their voices silenced.

Merkel and her friends want illegal non-White, non-European immigrants to “occupy and change” Europe, making it minority White.

If this White genocide agenda was directed at any group other than White people, anti-Whites like her would be going straight to jail.

But as you can see in this video, the Germans have arisen from their
slumber, and are now defending themselves from anti-White dictators and