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Sunday, 4 December 2016

UK media are currently going into WWIII frenzy mode

 UK media are currently going into WWIII frenzy mode

By Neil Shepard
I've said everything I've needed to over the past few years and anyone taking any notice at all should already know my views on this - I tire of repeating myself...
So here's a little rant to keep you all reminded (y)

UK media are currently going into WWIII frenzy mode after Putin re-called his global officials, and their families, back to Russia.
Remember, when you watch/read your news, that is was Russia that the legitimate Syrian leader Assad asked to take care of the security in Syria.

USA, UK, France, Israel, Turkey etc… they are all there illegally. Syrian leader Assad has asked them to leave many times and to take their terrorist proxy army ISIS with them. Instead they persisted and continued blowing up hospitals, schools and entire neighbourhoods full of innocent citizens both from the air and ground, both through military operations and by proxy (ISIS).
Seeing as they haven't left and refuse to do so, Putin has created a permanent military base in Syria (Only the second such bases world wide compared the hundreds the USA have) and stated that any foreign military air vehicle will be destroyed, and initiated his own no-fly zone threatening to destroy all foreign aggressive planes over Syrian airspace.
The response from western governments is one of lacklustre.
People. We are not on the correct side of this coming war…
Do not support our governments sending troops to Syria when they've asked (and now demanded) us to leave.

UK are sending in RAF pilots to add to the American ones already there. How fucking stupid is that? Well they don't care what WE think or what WE say. They are determined to have full control over the middle east no matter how much we scream and shout our protest against it.
They think they own this world and they think they own us too!
'They' do not.

Hilary Clinton herself has stated support for war, if she gets into office. (I say 'if' quite loosely...) And going by Hilary's recently leaked emails, it seems obvious that she has been in on this plan from the start to destroy any remaining pockets of anti-Zionism and non-petro-dollar compliant countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
I wonder if there is still anyone left that believes the 'official' story of 9/11 ??
Considering it's where the concept of ISIS was first put to use in initiating this war on non-compliance it should now be blatantly obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that WE, are the enemy!
Us, with our mortgages and loans and credit cards and our determination to BUY new things everyday and our seemingly addicted passion for consuming FAKE food that only require us to rely 100% on pharmaceutical drugs to maintain life expectancy levels - illegal when grown naturally (opiates, THC etc) but perfectly fine out of a lab?
Vaccinated mindless drones that will obey our TV sets without question. That is us.
Hate that statement all you like, but you cannot refute it no matter how hard you try.

I've been a firm advocate of this message for several years now.
These past few months, my FB newsfeed has been inundated with the politics of fear-mongering and posturing from western media outlets and it's down right disgraceful and embarrassing. Even more so that there are still a majority of UK citizens still buying into this bullshit - just as it was in both world wars previous...
Propaganda rules the day...

People are lazy to find truths for themselves and happy to rely on their government controlled media for information.
You know, the question is often asked as to how the Germans were fooled into going to war during WWII. But no one ever questions how the British were fooled into believing they were on the correct side…
Propaganda rules the day peeps.
If you do a little research, you'll learn that Germany pre-WWII was bullied and intimidated into war by 'the allied countries' - the VERY same way that Syria is today.

Just remember peeps, Putin is NOT the bad guy here and neither is Assad.
He is protecting Syrians from invasion. A USA invasion. Based on controlling the worlds global financial markets. It's really as simple as that...

All I can advise is the same thing I've always advised;
Be prepared.
Have long lasting food stores ready.
Have some form of precious metal ready for bartering.
Have a system of water collection ready for use.
Learn how to grow your own food.
Learn how to secure your home from outside forces wanting in.
And above all else, know that nuclear devastation is inescapable and if it happens it happens -don't be fearful of it as living in fear will only kill you off sooner...
Just be prepared and ignore ALL media. Don't even have the news be heard in your home or read any newspapers - how can you trust ANY thing they tell you?? How can you? So just don't even go there, period.

Well. That's my little rant over...
I'm not going to keep repeating myself and I'm not going to become a news service for everyone too lazy to find shit out themselves.
I'm far too busy trying to take my own advice and to be prepared.

Peace out peeps!
Keep it positive
Think good thoughts