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Monday, 16 January 2012

Chris Bryant MP - Paliament is a Gay Bar Now

Chris Bryant MP - Paliament is a Gay Bar Now PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
January 2012

chrisbryantpervert_120_x_120Chris Bryant, the homosexual MP for Rhonda and former Common Purpose manager, who is mainly remembered for posing in grubby soiled underpants whilst texting: "I'd love a good long f**k" to a stranger he met on a website for homosexuals - who enjoys the sick delights of "fisting" and "rimming" - is in the news again.

It seems that our sick corrupt parliament is now so full of perverts and paedophiles frequenting the Strangers Bar, that he has announced that his "husband" is worried about him going to work.

No "husband" was not a mistake. Bryant shamefully dumped on all Christians and the Law when he managed to get the poisonous Ashkenazi Dwarf and Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow to allow him and the creature he calls his "husband" to waive the law and allow Bryant to "tie the knot" in the Chapel of the Palace of Westminster, despite the law saying that houses of worship can not conduct civil partnership ceremonies.

"Indeed, sometimes when you go into the Strangers Bar you feel as though you are in Rupert Street [in Soho]. It is virtually a gay bar now, and my husband sometimes worries about whether I should be allowed in there any more."

Well thanks for the tip about Rupert Street - I shall never be able to cuddle my Teddy again - but his statement about the numbers of homosexuals in the government, should give you some understanding about why there is a drive by the establishment to promote homosexuality in our class rooms. You should now also understand on just how the law on sodomising children was passed, despite it being against the wishes of the British Public - because Parliament is run by an homosexual mafia.

Well you get what you vote for and clearly the people of the Rhonda have no problems with their sons being sodomised by paedophiles once they reach the age of 16.

To me, sodomy is an aberration and whilst the law may say it is legal, any person carrying out such an act on a 16 year old boy is a paedophile in my eyes as well as obviously a pervert.

You should also know, that there is something much stronger than even organisations like the Masons - it is stronger even than a chain of steel - and that is a Daisy Chain of linked homosexual MPs, who put those they have "bonded" with before anything else in their sordid lives.