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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Good Luck to Ron Paul - The World's Last Hope?

Good Luck to Ron Paul - The World's Last Hope? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow
Monday, January 2012

ron-paul_120_x_131Today, Tuesday 3rd of January, one of the most important elections in the history of the world will take place when the Republican Candidates make their first pitch to lead their party into the American equivalent of our General Election.

Although the vote that takes place, in what is known as the Iowa caucus, is just the start of a six month run-up to the 2012 American Presidential 2012 elections, it is the most important, as it will be a good indicator as to which Republican candidate will be officially nominated to lead the Republican Party into the election.

You can learn more about how the American electoral system works by clicking here.

So why is who gets to run America important to us in the UK?

Well if you do not know that we are little more than a puppet of America, itself a puppet of the NWO, then you are as ignorant as those foolish people who support the Pepsi Cola Party.

Ron Paul, a truly patriotic Republican candidate, understands exactly how the world works, which is why the NWO media are saying so little about him.

Ron Paul is totally opposed to the planned wars against Syria and Iran and has been an outspoken critic of most of America's foreign so called interventions in the past.

Support for Texas Congressman Ron Paul has slipped a little after he was challenged about his non-interventionist foreign policy views.

"I may come in first, I may come in second. I doubt I'll come in third or fourth," he told CNN.

Mr Paul opposes intervention in Iran over the issue of nuclear weapons and wants to end US aid to Israel and other allies.

Standing firm, he told CNN: "I would say that we just need to be more cautious. I think if we overreact and participate in bombing Iran, we're looking for a lot more trouble."

Now there is little we can do in this country to affect the results tomorrow in Iowa but the least we can do is pray for a Ron Paul victory, because I truly believe he is Americas and the worlds last hope for a peaceful solution to all our problems.

Now then, you must and I mean MUST watch the following video. You must watch it for two reasons. The first is because it provides information on the activities of the anti-American "elite" and secondly because it contains one of the greatest political campaign songs I have ever listened to.

No Frames

It is by Aimee Allen singing "Ron Paul Revolution" and the lyrics really do say it all about America and who runs a country that is in as big a mess as our country. Please, please watch it in full.

Once you have seen the video why not go take a look at the Ron Paul Restore America site.