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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Email to Julie Hilling Labours token MP's and Against the Syrian bankers War

I am against the Bankers war in Syria , Why should our and Syrian children die in a war on behalf of Zionist bankers and the Zionist state of Israel. This is not a anti Jewish view. As the true Israel is the entire nation of God. 
So although most likely pointless I sent a harsh but short email to the Token woman Labour Traitor MP Julie Hilling. Schilling in my view. 

A copy of my email to  to Julie Hilling MP Bolton West over Syria .
As follows,
Oppose the Syrian war , traitor.or have you been bought and paid for!

I can not elaborate any more i am on all social media and web sites opposing this trip to WW3. Just seek the evidence and open your mind, on How the Fiat currency system of these Zionist bankers is collapsing. ahead of schedule. It is what has funded mass immigration and the welfare state that made this country attractive to the 3rd world. And this war is just to keep the ponzi scheme of a private central bank issuing the public currency as a loan at interest. That only is surviving due to the petro dollar system. 
This show is easy to listen to and gives good clear opinions and facts on the matter.