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Monday, 6 April 2015

David Cameron. This is how it is. CSA Parliament Parliament Protects Paedophiles

A "two tier police system" means that the cops are committing treason by 'selling justice' against Magna Carta and the Law of the Land. Which makes them ALL complicit in treason unless they 'blow the whistle' and enforce the law!

David Cameron. This is how it is. CSA Parliament

SHARE FROM SOURCE would like to make perfectly clear here that almost EVERY word you hear coming from me during this interview came from what I learned during my time with Investigative Journalist Ben Fellows, Ben and I spoke often throughout my Walk Against Corruption with him and Hannah Remmington in 2013 The fact is that the person speaking outside Parliament on that day, was Ben. If he had been there this is what he would have said (but probably better).The end game is exposing and destroying the systematic and institutionalized child rape, torture and murder within our Government and within it's lackey and mouth piece, the BBC. Stay strong Bro... Your day in court is gonna be a world shaker... so For Fucks Sake, don't get suicided...Brenda Mcnamara Mickey Summers Brian Clare Sarah Nicholls Derrick Morgan Richie AllenThe Richie Allen Show

Posted by Joe Public on Thursday, 15 January 2015