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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Daily Mails Zionist Propaganda Piece backfires A Truth is coming out

On the 19th of April the rag the Daily mail published an article , Headlined as Nazi  invasion of London Highlighted  most likely in our opinion at the behest of the racist Israel. 

In which a group of distinguished Historians and researchers met to discuss the overwhelming evidence of the True nature of Israel and the Zionist agenda in America and the world. The Mail would not allow any contary comments on the article ! 

Many critics of the Zionist agenda, which all agree not all Jews belong to or support that agenda . Which is in fact the most Racist agenda on the face of the planet. Which is seeking to destroy the two major cultures and peoples of the world the Christian and Islamic world.

Do not believe me though just watch this example of a speech from the meeting. This Zionist agenda is the greatest danger to all the people of the world and especially the Jewish people themselves.