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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Christmas Shopping Warning about Bolton Market only Halal Meat for Sale

Author horwich Nationalist
Horwich Nationalist must warn Horwichers who are considering buying meat and poultry for Christmas on Bolton Market, that
A report via the Bolton Patriot BNP Blog , reports that only the cruelly slaughtered Islamic Halal meat can now be purchased at the Bolton market.

This has come as quite a shock as the once popular Bolton Market has been a popular for generations with Horwich and Bolton families for purchasing Christmas supplies of meat and poultry. In a way it defiles the main Christmas meal of Christians by having to eat a meat that has been ritually slaughtered in order to appease the Arabian Moon God Allah. and not Jehovah the Only god of the Jews and Christians, the father of our lord Jesus Christ the only true and one God of all creation.

Even for the minority of foolish Atheists the thought of eating meats that has been so cruelly killed by being allowed to be slowly bled to death in a medieval and barbaric manner must be a cause of concern.

And a matter of concern to us is that it seems that none of the local media or Government or appeasing C of E Bishops the  RSPCA and other trendy liberal groups have made it public to the majority of the unaware citizens of Horwich and Bolton that are being allowed to purchase such cruelly slaughtered Animals and that is done in appallingly unhygienic conditions. 

Well just don't believe me see for your self the difference between how we in the west do it and then see how your Islamic appeasing PC riddled Politicians and Church of England Bishops and Trendy Liberals are allowing it now to be done. in the name of multi culturalism. 
Warning images are very graphic The reality of Halal