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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Secret Green Climate Warming” Hoax Tax Emerges: £1 Billion in “Carbon Emission”

Now, the Secret Tax Emerges: £1 Billion in “Carbon Emission”

In what is the inevitable result of the “climate warming” hoax against which the British National Party alone warned, taxpayers are to be hit with a new £1 billion secret tax hike on “carbon emissions,” it has emerged.
The tax, which was not mentioned by Chancellor George Osborne in his Spending Review speech to the House of Commons, was contained in the small print of the accompanying documentation.
The nature of the new tax and its difference from previous “carbon emission” tax proposals makes it clear that the new tax is nothing but an additional way of raising revenue to help clear the deficit.
Previous “carbon emission” tax proposals which were due to be introduced in Spring next year would have seen companies buy “allowances” at £12 for every tonne of carbon dioxide they emit.
If companies reduced emissions, they would then receive rebates in relation to the amount they “saved.”
Now however, the scheme will simply charge companies per tonne of carbon dioxide no matter what.
The new tax will, it has been estimated, add 11 percent to the energy bills of British companies which will inevitably be passed on to the consumer.
Reports indicate that about 5,000 large and medium-sized companies with bills of more than £500,000 per year will bear the brunt of the new tax.
The business community was unanimous in its rejection of the tax plans which will cause a ripple increase in the consumer inflation index across the board.
Stephen Robertson, director-general of the British Retail Consortium, was quoted as saying that his organisation was “surprised and dismayed that the £1bn per year participating businesses will put in to the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme is no longer to be recycled to participants but is instead to be pocketed by the Exchequer.
"A tax of this size surely merits a mention in the Chancellor's speech. It is appalling that the Government is sneaking this in, introducing a new burden on businesses that are trying to create new jobs to offset the public sector cutbacks and growing the economy to generate the tax base to pay down the debt."
Additional reports quoted analysts from PriceWaterhouseCooper as saying that the new tax will cost an extra £76,000 per year in the first year, rising to £114,000 per year by 2015, for a business with an average £1 million gas and electricity bill.
The shock effect of this tax and the retardation it will have on medium size enterprises is massive.
The BNP was the only party to warn from the beginning that “climate change” was little more than an attempt to extort taxpayers in Western countries by using the “threat” of temperature changes as a reason to raise taxes.
Now that warning has come home to roost as the ConDem regime has latched onto the ongoing “climate change” scam as yet another method through which they can raise taxes to pay off their madcap schemes which have caused the deficit in the first place.
The new tax clearly has nothing to do with paying for “climate change” and has everything to do with paying for the massive borrowing that the previous Labour regime and their ConDem twins have engaged in to keep their bankster friends bailed out, to keep the foreign aid budget going, to keep up Britain’s EU membership fees and to pay for the Afghanistan war, amongst other madcap schemes.