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Friday, 8 October 2010

Milliband New Labour Leader And The British People

New Labour Leader And The British People
Written by BC1959   
  September 2010 From the British resistance Newsroom
Ed MillibandBeware... promises, promises, and a break from the past. In other words, we have to endure the pretence of a shift in political philosophy and goals. Not again, you might wail, well yes, again. And again, and again. Will the British voting public ever actually get it? Nationalists hope so, and so do the Tri-Partate dictatorship installed since the end of the Second World War, because each promise has had enough time in between that many will not remember. The younger brother of David Milliband, Ed, told his party's conference that he wanted a fresh start (just like Tony Blair did in 1997). He told the media he was distancing himself from "New labour" (just like Blair told everyone he was doing the same with old Labour), and he declared, although not at the time of course that, "the Iraq war was wrong". In addition, he said people could expect a "new generation of party leaders".
With decades of pretentious swings to the left, and then back to the right, all we can hope for is finally, and to some, bravely, voters realise the whole thing is a sham. Now let's look at the person who has potentially got hold of the reigns of British power, should they once again con the gullible cattle into heading straight for the slaughterhouse. After his modern ancestors managed to get themselves on a boat to England, one would think there would be some sort of "love and respect" for the country that gave them the intellectual and political lifestyles they have, even though not much "hard labour" has bothered the Millibands. This is from the diary of Ed and David Milliband's father, Ralph:
The Englishman is a rabid Nationalist, they are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world. When you hear the English talk of this war, You sometimes almost want them to lose it, to show them how things are. We found out about middle-class meanness and snobbery.
Well I never, an immigrant not liking our way of life, and only just off the boat as well.
In the "Socialist Jobs Finder", and Liberal "intellectual porn mag", The Guardian, they themselves quoted what he'd said also:
One boiling afternoon during his first summer in London, he went to Highgate cemetery, found Karl Marx's grave and, standing with his fist clenched, "swore my own private oath that I would be faithful to the workers" cause.
Workers cause? Since these immigrant parasites have been allowed to infest our institutions, there has been no need, other than making money for themselves, for Unions, as the whole political class has demolished the cornerstone of the Industrial Revolution brick by brick. How has this family ever shown solidarity with workers? They immediately, and cunningly did what Robert Maxwell, former Mirror group boss did when he arrived here... conned their way into our institutions, and became intellectuals, politicians, and businessmen, and all this from supposedly losing everything previously. The Milliband Brothers' father, found cleaning up bombsites and other manual work below him, and set his sons up to become what this author calls, "Soft Focus Communists".
So, what can be done? How will the British people react to yet another ''new start''? When it comes to voting, let's hope enough damage and memory of it, has stayed within the sometimes dense, cloudy minds of voters. Being forgetful is understandable when getting older, but to continue to have a permanent political forgetfulness after each government has messed it all up... well, this is dangerous, and enough destruction has taken place already since 1945. If this country does not elect a pro-British, genuine indigenous politician soon, there will be absolutely nothing left to concern ourselves with, as both Cameron and Clegg, have gone on record as saying they are from non-European ethnic stock. Could this be the problem?
Are foreigners, from the mass immigration pouring into our country from the 1940's onwards, to the political and so-called intellectual immigrants, many of them Jewish Communists and anti-Monarchists from the east, pre-disposed to hating nation states? If so, then we have more than simply political hills to climb. We have mountains, and also, we have to climb them with much baggage. The baggage being mostly petty, and media manipulated, has been used by yet again, mostly foreign owned media outlets. This author says we should no longer worry ourselves sick over it, as let's face it, when you consider the sick, perverted types who want to have sex with under aged boys through decreasing "age of consent policies", the war-mongering money grabbers, and the all out traitors taking money from the tax payers they are not entitled to, then we have nothing to worry about.
Let's be honest, most of us would not be that quick to snatch our sons and daughters away from a room full of white Nationalists left looking after them, but we'd all be out of our minds with worry if they were left in a room with a bunch of Liberals, Labourites, and soppy modern Conservative types, now wouldn't we? Let us hope that the British public will see through this "duplicate act", and let us remind ourselves of the task ahead. We have each other, and we have communications. We should use every tool in the box to unravel the mess Harold Wilson, Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron, Clegg, and now "Ed the red" has and will continue to make of this nation of ours. Milliband is just another foreigner on the make, and just as before, the public have one option left open to them when voting either locally or nationally comes around... Vote for the "British National Party", otherwise your great, great grand children will be saying the exact same things in twenty or thirty years time... and by then, they will be simply be slaves, and minority ones at that.