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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Angela Merkel's Comment Multiculturalism Has Failed” Remarks Highlight Danger of Multiculturalism

German Chancellor’s “Multiculturalism Has Failed” Remarks Highlight Danger of “Adapt or Integrate” Mentality

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comment that multiculturalism in Germany has “utterly failed” has once again highlighted the dangerous ignorance of the “adapt or integrate” mentality which pervades civic nationalist thinking.
Ms Merkel’s remarks, made to a meeting of her Christian Democrats Union (CDU) party, were widely misinterpreted by the controlled media as some type of “anti-immigration” outburst.
In reality, it is nothing of the sort. Ms Merkel’s comments are actually is a call for even greater integration of immigrants from the Third World, not less.
Ms Merkel has in essence endorsed the “become like us and do not form separate societies” philosophy, which is prevalent in Britain in UKIP and other civic nationalist circles.
This belief, that Third World immigrants can “become” German (or “British”) simply by learning the language and not forming separate cultural ghettoes inside European countries, is of course as much of a disaster as the “multi-cultural” approach, and just as deadly.
Both approaches fail to account for the reality that all ethnicities are linked to a specific people, and cannot be “transplanted” like clothes or language by checking through an airport terminal.
It is for example, the uniqueness of the British people, their originating population and their ancestry going back tens of thousands of years which make the people of these islands unique.
In the same way, it is the ancestry, heritage and history of the German people which make them unique. Any attempts to deny this uniqueness by pretending that Third World immigrants can “become” British or German just by learning a language and dressing in a bowler hat or lederhosen, is nonsense, born out of ignorance or maliciousness.
To explain this in a simple way:
- Would an African who learned Mandarin and dressed in Oriental clothes become Chinese?
- Would an Englishman who learned Ngaanyatjarra and who dressed in animal skins become an Australian Aborigine?
- Would a Chinese person who learned Yoruba and dressed in African garb become a Nigerian?
- Would an African who learned Iroquoian and dressed in deerskin and wore a feather hat become a North American Indian?
The answer to all these questions is a resounding no, and only an idiot would even contemplate otherwise.
Yet, the very same people who would deride any of the concepts outlined above, would have the rest of the world believe that Africans, Asians, Chinese and all manner of Third Worlders can suddenly “become” European simply by learning the language and dressing like Europeans.
It is this civic nationalist ideology, also known as “cultural nationalism,” which is far more insidious and dangerous to the existence of the native people of Europe than even the obviously failed “multiculturalism” to which Ms Merkel referred.
“Multiculturalism” implied the creation of a society in which each culture was allowed to flourish and exist, supposedly “side-by-side,” so that the benefits of diversity” would be enjoyed by all.
Multiculturalism, and its twin ideology of “cultural nationalism” ignores the demographic reality of a higher Third world immigrant birth rate. This will inevitably lead to the overwhelming and destruction of the native peoples of Europe, irrelevant of the language and dress of the conquerors.
The fake “multiculturalism” and “cultural nationalism” ideologies, both rooted in civic nationalism, are the collective death knell of our people.
Only the British National Party’s sound, logical and natural policy of ethno-nationalism is the only alternative which can guarantee the survival of the native, indigenous European people.
Recommended reading on the topic:
Folk and Nation: Underpinning the Ethno-State
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Ethnic Nationalism - A Definition;
Central Tenets of Ethno-Nationalism;
Underlying Concepts of Ethno-Nationalism;
The Implications of Ethno-Nationalism;
The Practical Application of Ethno-Nationalism;
Attacks on Ethno-Nationalism; and
How to Argue the Case for Ethno-Nationalism.
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This booklet shows:
* Genetic evidence shows that the vast majority -- nearly 80% -- of all British people have ancestors going back to the end of the last mini ice age 12,000 years ago;
* Genetic evidence showing that the Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking/Danish and Norman conquests had negligible impacts upon the British people (less than 5 percent each);
* The people of the British Isles have been indigenous peoples for far longer than many other nations who are already classified as "indigenous" by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
This booklet also shows how the indigenous people of Britain are fully protected by the United Nations Charter on Indigenous Peoples from "dispossession of their territory" through "mass population transfers" and from "forced integration and assimilation" and "destruction of their identity and culture" (all according to the United Nations.)
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