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Sunday, 10 October 2010

White Working Class Communities... Where Are They?

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Written by BC1959   
  October 2010
russgreenfencesmOn their many pictorial Journals around the region, members of Team Black Country BNP have over the years, regularly informed not only locals, but people nation wide, about the demise of the region that spawned the Industrial Revolution, and reminded them of the dozens of important names of innovators and inventors that drove our economy.
Pictured here, is former Councilor Russ Green, pictured by yours truly. The levelled site with steel fence around it, was once the centre of a housing estate, with traditional people, families, and ways of life engrained within. The houses were built in the early thirties, and replaced Victorian homes that had until that time, outside loos, coal sheds, single-glazed windows, and no hot running water.
After years of fighting for a minimum wage, better living and working conditions, it all started to look very good indeed around Britain. The economy was booming in Wales, the North, and the West Midlands. Record numbers of people were in work, and Britain had three of the most envied institutions on planet Earth:
1 - Industrial power, including ship building
2 - The Combined Armed Forces.
3 - The National Health Service.
Communities were made up of people who knew each other, went to school with each other, and worked with each other, in many cases, the work was manual, and pushed the wealth of the nation through taxes, exports, and vast amounts of gas and oil revenues. Communities were the bedrock of tradition, and national life. This, and all of the above, have simply vanished in a haze of ''Socially Engineered'' chess moves, desined to bring Britain into line with Marxist thinking. Marxism itself is not something that comes to the minds of ordinary people. Marxism is hateful, and uses softer, subtle techniques to brow-beat people into submission. Industrious nations, led by patriotic politicians would mean that life could have carried on as normal, and advanced in a more natural and intellectual way, but this could not be allowed to carry on.
Public houses were a hive of activity, and every community had them. Local train stations were also a part of the community, as were larger families and full employment, which in turn led to each community being literally self-sufficient and sefl funding. Look around you now, if you are lucky enough to still have any, all all of the above, then you are a rarity, and must protect what you have. In much of Britain now, we see poverty, debt ridden people, families, and businesses. We see mass immigration, crime, and what protection do we have? None.
Imagine going back, let's say to 1945. OK, the government of the day, decide to implement a strategy of ethnic-cleansing, law making that takes the side of perverts, criminals, and foreign belief systems and alien political agendas. By 1946, there are mass demonstrations, clashes with the police, the army are called in, but many know each other, and recently fought to keep Britain independent, but the whole country is under military rule to ensure order and stability. Soon, the 1945/6 government know they have done too much, and the people of that time do not allow it, and they return to normal, and a more patriotic political class emerge.
Now let's look at the above, but from 1997. We know as nationalists, that we can trace our demise further than that, but let's keep it simple. The government have destroyed communities. Nothing has opposed it. The government then implement a policy of Ethnic Cleansing, then make laws to ensure the indigenous people are potential criminals. Nothing has been done to stop it. The government, and it's behind the scenes ''Horse Whipserers'' decided to take our industrial might away, and get us into even more debt. Nothing has been done to oppose it. Perverts are given a license to pervert, have under age sex with whom they want, and a charter has given them more powers to ensure they are ''not called nasty names'', and thus normal people can be jailed for hate crimes.
The government know they have done too much, but have stuck their noses in the air, put two fingers up to us all, and a more vicious, perverted and hateful class of anti-Patriotic political prostitutes and rent boys have emerged. Nothing has been done to oppose it. At least that's what the dark forces behind it have wanted us to think. Communities need to be made, protected, and engineered to be self-sufficient, if we are to tool ourselves with more than just the political will to stop all this. The photo above with Russ Green, is two years old, and the land is still unused. How many more communities will be destroyed before we are all essentially ''an island''?
Communities... where are they? They are in each one of us, and whether we have to make them virtual for now, with the British National Party ready to oppose it, as it has done for the last two decades, we have one large community... it's called the NATIONALIST COMMUNITY of Great Britain. Join it, fund it, be active in it, but for our children's sake, do something soon.