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Friday, 22 October 2010

The UK Governments £83 Billion Cut with 500,000 Job Losses vs the BNP Financial Plan of £83 Billion in Cuts With No Job Losses

The ConDem Plan=£83 Billion Cut with 500,000 Job Losses vs the BNP Plan= £83 Billion Cut With No Job Losses

The British National Party’s plan to cut the budget deficit consists of slashing all expenditure not in Britain’s interests with no job losses — in marked contrast to the ConDem plan which will cause half a million people to lose their jobs and much further economic damage further down the road.
The £83 billion which the ConDem regime claims is necessary to bring down the budget deficit will bring unprecedented misery to the British public and the economy.
The 500,000 projected job losses will have a massive ripple impact upon welfare and ancillary business which are dependent on state contracts — but all of that could have been prevented by using simple logic and cutting those things not serving any useful purpose.
The British National Party has long argued that the best way to reduce the deficit is simply to cut expenditure which is not vital to Britain’s national interest.
Areas which could be cut immediately without impacting any frontline services to the British people would include:
- Halting British involvement in the Afghanistan war which would cut £5 billion a year off the deficit. The cost of that war has steadily escalated over the years, and will cost even more in the near future as the compensation payouts to the thousands wounded carry on being paid out for decades to come.
- Halting the ‘asylum’ racket which costs Britain around £4 billion per year. There are no legal asylum seekers in Britain, and all such claims are bogus. Asylum seekers who have crossed dozens of safe countries to reach soft-touch Britain are just illegal immigrants, and nothing else.
- Halting the immigration swindle which costs Britain around £13 billion per year. This figure was calculated by Migrationwatch and is a compilation of the direct costs of benefits, housing, incarceration costs, schooling and what the immigrants then send home by way of financial repatriations.
- Halting the £9.9 billion per year foreign aid budget. This figure is set to increase even more under ConDem plans to set foreign aid at 0.7 percent of Britain’s Gross National Income. There is no excuse for giving British tax money away while there are massive shortfalls at home.
- Halting British membership of the European Union which, according to estimates by the Bruges Group costs Britain at least £60.1 billion per year gross, or £50.6 billion net.
According to the Bruges Group figures, this amount is made up as follows:
- £28 billion for business to comply with EU regulations;
- £17 billion of additional food costs resulting from the Common Agricultural Policy;
- £3.3 billion - the value of the catch lost when the Common Fisheries Policy let other countries fish in our territorial waters;
- £14.6 billion gross paid into the EU budget and other EU funds.
In addition, the Bruges Group says, since 1973 the UK has made contributions to the EC budget of almost £213.6 billion gross or £66.3 billion net. By 2013, this figure will have increased to £299.8 billion gross, or £102.2 billion net.
Finally, Britain's accumulated trade deficit with the other EU member states since we joined has risen to £359.5 billion.
If the ConDem regime had the interests of the British people at heart, they would first have cut all of the expenditures listed above before putting the boot into civil servants and the economy in general.
But then again, those who are familiar with the Tory and Lib Dem leadership know that patriotism and a desire to protect Britain are the very last things those people think about.