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Monday, 18 October 2010

In Times Like These, Could We Do Without Money?

In Times Like These, Can We Do Without Money? Print
Written by BC1959    At The British Resistance Newsroom
NoMoneyThe answer is no, not completely, but there is more to it all than we realise. Pensions, education, benefits, and everything associated with the world, and this country in particular, as we know it, are essentially finished. And why? Internationalism and it's Permanent Revolution, which is what Trotsky proffered.
With unrest, debt, and the dismantling of age-old natural ways of life, and Socio-Cultural self-sufficiency, comes a reliance upon central government.
With central government, comes oppression, dictatorship, and the financial control so desired by greedy, race-hating alien ideologies, all utiliising bits of the various 20th century dictators' ideas and political agendas that never worked.
Thomas Pynchon, in ''Gravity's Rainbow'' said: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers. So, instead of asking how we are going to survive the coming shortage of, well... everything really, let's take a look at the shortage of money. In reality, it is not the shortage of money that's problematic, it's the way it has been taken from us, and devalued. An average house, bought for £2,507 in 1960, would only be worth £43,713 in today’s money. What does that tell us? Yes, the answer is ONE QUARTER of a modern house in average terms. Now let's go down the  scale a little. In humorous terms, our parents and grandparents used to say things like:

When we were young, we could go out with Ten bob, (Fifty Pence) go to the pub for a couple of pints, see the latest film, have fish and chips on the way home, and still have change left over.

If you are 14, this may sound very funny indeed. However, it is actually true, and in the current situation, it is far from funny. Not that long back, going out was not such a big thing, but as we see on the high streets, in the towns and cities, and even in some rural areas, the situation is so bad, pubs are closing down at an alarming rate each week. People cannot afford to go out regularly, and when they do, spend far less. Everything that led to people connecting, communicating, and generally being sociable and spending within their own community, is being completely dissolved. The economy is engineered to produce large profits for the few, debt induced spending patterns by the public, and having to make do and mend for the worse off.

Money is literally being stolen from us, and society will end up broken. Poverty will be the reward for our reliance on the traitors whom have spent their whole political lives, doing the bidding of the money lenders, who in turn, have become wealthier than any industrialist of the Victorian era, or indeed, any rich factory owner of the early 20th century.
Money is now too expensive to own, and now, as this article asks, can we, in fact should we, literally do without it in it's basic form? Who again, could ever produce the things we could at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution?. Where can one ever again, regain the skills to bring back full employment? You know the answers don't you?
But wait a minute folks. There is a way back to freedom, ingenuity, and self-sufficiency on a limited scale... forget money. We all know that no housewife, partner, or business can actually get fully away from the fact of life, that we need money on a daily basis or certain transactions. But we do have the ability to take the sting out of the current reliance of it that, will end up in millions of people in serious poverty, compound debt, and all that this brings.
It has been discussed before, but what if we Nationalists extended the idea of a sort of Harvest Festival on a regular basis? Instead of the usual, and no offence meant of course, basic prizes at monthly meetings, we could bring real British, in season foods and other consumables such as free range eggs, and milk to meetings.
I personally know people who are as we speak, in a position to do this, and the idea is being rolled out locally small scale initially. However, considering all of the above, and far worse to come many think, the idea should, and could be made into a real currency alternative to money concept. Not only food, but skills, education, and almost anything else could be used to JUMP OFF THE PAGES and be activated upon soon. I know many people who can access skills, but then, many people cannot access quality food, therefore, the two could be connected and create joined up thinking on a local scale, which when reported on, as you will see soon from my region, would enthuse others to do the same.
Money need not be a ball and chain, with minimal effort and funds, rental of land or even purchase of it, could provide Nationalists of every age, skill, or those who have retired, with access to either free, or extremely low cost food and other provisions. One of our activists this end can even provide logs, and this will be part of the getting back to nature philosophy that many already do, as log and wood burning systems are now an alternative that will grow and grow (excuse the pun). A report will be available as soon as the next meeting has been conducted.
The alternative to worry, is relief, and with relief comes freedom, and once freedom has been regained, at least 80% of the need for hard cash in bad times, will then be relinquished. If we cannot make this simple, and to be honest, natural act of human kindness and Nationalistic community spirit work, then we may as well lock ourselves away behind closed doors, and wait for the knock on the door.
If WE can make it work, and it worked for our modern and ancient ancestors, then we could be half way to surviving what will surely be, the ultimate test of the modern era... are we worth the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors?