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Friday, 29 October 2010

Bookmark 8 November to Support “Demonstration in London Day,” BNP Activists Told

Don’t Forget To Bookmark 8 November as “Demonstration in London Day,” BNP Activists Told

British National Party activists have been reminded to bookmark Monday, 8 November as “demonstration in London” day when party leader Nick Griffin is back in court on the trumped up legal case brought by the race-Gestapo Equalities and Human Rights Commission.
The case, brought initially by the EHRC over the BNP’s membership rules, has since expanded considerably as that taxpayer-funded quango has constantly shifted the goal posts of its demands in an attempt to financially exhaust the party.
When the BNP changed its membership admission qualifications to bring the case – and costs – to an end, the EHRC then filed new papers claiming that the linking of belief in the party’s policy to membership was discriminatory because ethnics would not feel at ease with a policy which called for the maintenance of an indigenous majority in Britain.
This was an astonishing argument which means that if, say, a BNP-supporting person wanted to join the Labour Party, he or she could do so without having to agree to support the Labour Party’s policy.
As mad as that logic is, the BNP leader then used his powers in terms of the constitution to uncouple the link between membership and support of the party’s policy, once again in an attempt to end the case as quickly as possible.
This did not, however, fit in with the ECHR’s plans to bankrupt the party through endless court battles, and that body, headed up by Trevor Phillips who once boasted of having a bust of Lenin on his desk, then filed new papers claiming that Mr Griffin did not have the power to unilaterally amend the constitution in that manner.
Of course, the EHRC were wrong, and they probably knew it, but even so filed their papers in the full knowledge that it would once again cost the BNP money to defend this ridiculous allegation.
After yet another legal round, the EHRC was then forced to admit that the BNP leader was empowered to amend the constitution – but then promptly filed new papers saying that the clause suggesting house visits for new members was “indirect discrimination” which would still make would-be ethnic members uncomfortable.
The pattern throughout has been clear: not to achieve “equality” or “fairness” (otherwise the EHRC would have taken the hundreds of black or Asian-only organisations to court as well) but rather to financially destroy the BNP through repeated legal battles.
In that sense, the EHRC has been partially successful, and it is only been due to the astonishing patience and generosity of its supporters that the BNP has been able to carry on for as long as it has.
“No matter what happens on 8 November, and no matter what financial pressures are brought to bear on this party, our pledge to the cause of Britain is this: that we will never give up,” Mr Griffin told BNP News.
“The enemies of Britain think they can break us financially. They think that if they keep us in court, the party will stop functioning if it is bled dry. I want to tell them this: our movement is stronger than that.
“Our movement will continue no matter what, because we are motivated by a noble spirit which is foreign and inexplicable to our enemies.
“Our cause comes from within us, and the strength to carry on is a fountain which their financial pressure cannot break.
 “Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, not financial pressure, not legal cases, not their media-smears, will break us. We will carry on in one form or another until we have secured the right of our people to live in peace and freedom in their homeland.”
* Activists are urged to be outside the court in London on 8 November to show they support and defiance of this ongoing attempt to destroy the BNP. Details will be provided later on this website.
* The BNP’s fighting fund to ward off this evil attack on our existence – which is very serious and does indeed threaten the future of this party – is still in urgent need of your support. Any donations, which can be made by clicking on the donate button on the right, will be gratefully received.
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