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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nick Griffin MEP Made Well aware of the slanted Bias of the likes of the BBC

Well aware of the slant of the likes of the BBC

 OCTOBER 2010: 
THE subject of media bias provides by far the biggest mailbag that the MEP receives, with letter and emails coming from across the country.

 After Nick's appearance on the BBC's Question Time, his constituency office was swamped by correspondence with hundreds of people complaining about the unfair nature of the programme. But each week the MEP gets many similar letters and this was a typical one that arrived recently.
It came from a lady from Fordingbridge and she wrote:
"Sir, are not my MEP as I live in Hampshire, but I wish you were!
"Coming from a media background, I am well aware of the slant of the likes of the BBC, and your treatment at their hands came as no surprise, but now my eyes have been well and truly opened by the information I'm reading each day on your website.
Suddenly things that happen which you think at the time are a bit 'odd', are now beginning to make sense, fitting piece by piece into a very frightening vision of this fine country in the not so distant future.
I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you are doing and for taking the abuse and risks that you are. Please be assured that I, in my own way, am spreading the word at every opportunity.
I now have placed you in the same category as Eco warrior, Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society who also stands up to those who try to intimidate him."
Replying to the lady, Tina Wingfield, Nick Griffin's Constituency Office Manager wrote:
"Mr Griffin has noted your comments and thanks you for taking the time to share these with him.
"The media, in collusion with Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem politicians, has portrayed anyone associated with nationalist politics as ignorant, dangerous or mad - and often all three - for many years. Thankfully, the British public are beginning to see through this media smokescreen, designed simply to impede the inevitable progress of the only Party in British politics that truly reflects the fundamental concerns of the majority, indigenous population. 132,094 voters in the 2009 European Elections, for example, placed their faith in the North West Region British National Party candidate, Nick Griffin, in spite of the intense and vicious anti-BNP campaign waged against the Party by an alliance of the media, trade unions, and mainstream political parties.
"Advances in communications technology, such as the internet, have moreover, provided the British National Party with the opportunity to by-pass the Establishment media, which is committed to maintaining the status quo. Our independent websites, coupled with a national monthly newspaper and nationwide leaflet campaigns, have enabled us to take our message directly to the public, and to show them that British National Party supporters are ordinary citizens from a range of social backgrounds and occupational professions who recognise that contemporary politics appears to be devoid of any semblance of common sense.
"It is, for example, common sense that Britain should close its doors to any further immigration given that the UK is now so overwhelmed and overburdened with the excessive number of newcomers to our shores that our social services and infrastructure are collapsing under the consequent unsustainable pressure. It is also common sense to withdraw from membership of the European Union - an organisation that costs the British taxpayer billions of pounds per year yet delivers, in response, only regulation and bureaucracy that impedes British business.
"It makes sense that people who have paid into Britain's national insurance scheme should be given priority in terms of welfare benefits, pensions, housing, education and social services, over newcomers who haven't contributed a penny. It is perfectly reasonable to stop giving aid to foreign countries when our own National Health Service is underfunded and many of school buildings are in desperate need of repair.
"It is fair to call for a criminal justice system that protects the welfare of the victim over and above the human rights of the criminal; to abolish political correctness from the police service in favour of real crime fighting; and to ensure that the traditional British concepts of civility and courteousness are taught in our schools.
It is perfectly fitting to call for a halt to the immoral war in Afghanistan and to focus instead on the extremist Islamic 'enemy within' our own society, which seeks to destroy our culture and colonise our nation; and to seek to realign British foreign policy so that our nation’s interests are put before all others.
"While the British National Party clearly proposes common sense policies there are, in contrast, countless examples of ignorant, bad and frankly, insane policies which have been implemented by our mainstream politicians. It appears however, that those who grace the green benches in Westminster are totally oblivious of the phrase, “people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"!
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