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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Thinking of Supporting Socialism Warning Left-Wing Bloodbaths

Left-Wing Bloodbaths 
Radical leftists would have us believe that they stand for democracy, progress, human rights and social justice – but when they seize power, they impose slavery, terror, famine, concentration camps and mass murder. As the Marxists used to say, this is no accident. 
General John Kekes, Why Robespierre Chose Terror
The human costs of radical left-wing ideology during the French Revolution: “A remarkable feature of the ideological frame of mind is that those in its grip actually believe these justifications for disemboweling, lynching, mutilating, burying alive, drowning, and hacking to pieces their unfortunate victims.”
Paul Bogdanor, The Communists As They Really Are
Quotations not taught in the average history class.
Paul Hollander, The Distinctive Features of Repression in Communist States [PDF]
Comprehensive analysis of communist tyranny and mass murder all over the world.
David Marcus, Famine Crimes in International Law [PDF]
Superb paper on the role of the state in creating famines, with detailed case studies of communist famines in the Soviet Union, Ethiopia and North Korea.
Steven Bela Vardy and Agnes Huszar Vardy, Cannibalism in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China [PDF]
Cannibalism was one of the countless horrors awaiting the victims of communist famines and purges.
Soviet Union - Pre-Stalin Sergei Melgunov, The Record of the Red Terror [PDF]
Lenin mercilessly tortured and massacred hundreds of thousands after 1917.
Peter Boettke, The Soviet Experiment With Pure Communism [PDF]
Peter Boettke, The Political Economy of Utopia: Communism in Soviet Russia, 1918-1921 [PDF]
Peter Boettke, Soviet Admissions: Communism Doesn’t Work [PDF]
Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin and other Soviet planners admitted to inflicting catastrophe on tens of millions.
Nicolas Walter, The Legacy of Bolshevism [PDF]
A British anarchist on the Bolshevik concentration camps.
- Genocides Inquiry Reveals Lenin Unleashed Systematic Murder of 200,000 Clergy
Communist Reign of Terror Killed 200,000 Clergymen
Victims were “crucified on royal gates and shot in the basements of the Cheka, scalped, strangled, drowned and submitted to other bestial tortures.”
Soviet Order to Exterminate Cossacks is Unearthed
Peter Holquist, “Conduct Merciless Mass Terror”: Decossackization on the Don, 1919
Bolshevik genocide against the Don Cossacks.
Samuel D. Sinner, The Open Wound: The Genocide of German Ethnic Minorities in Russia and the Soviet Union
Samuel D. Sinner, The German-Russian Genocide: Remembrance in the 21st Century [PDF]
Atrocities included “mass rape of the elderly, women and children, mass drownings, prolonged torture sessions, mutilations, hacking up of bodies, mass shootings of hundreds, even thousands in a single action, the holocaust of entire villages – including the burning of all inhabitants and building structures.”
Edige Kirimal, Complete Destruction of National Groups as Groups: The Crimean Turks
Aurelie Campana, Surgun: The Crimean Tatars’ Deportation and Exile [PDF]
Massacres, famines and ethnic cleansing wiped out hundreds of thousands of Crimean Muslims.
Aleksandr M. Nekrich, The Punished Peoples [PDF, 4.9 MB]
Aurelie Campana, The Massive Deportation of the Chechen People [PDF]
Elza‐Bair Guchinova, Deportation of the Kalmyks (1943–1956) [PDF]
For Victims of Stalin’s Deportations, War Lives On
Genocidal deportations of national minorities created an apartheid system that lasted for decades.
- Famines Roman Serbyn, Famine in Ukraine
Summary of the 1921 and 1933 famines.
Kazuo Nakai, Soviet Agricultural Policies in the Ukraine and the 1921-1922 Famine [PDF]
Roman Serbyn, The First Man-Made Famine in Soviet Ukraine, 1921-1923
Forgotten Bolshevik famine, in which millions died.
Simon Ertz, The Kazakh Catastrophe and Stalin’s Order of Priorities 1929-1933 [PDF]
Soviet grain confiscations killed a third of the population of Kazakhstan.
James Mace, The Man-Made Famine of 1933 in Soviet Ukraine: What Happened and Why
James Mace, The Famine: Stalin Imposes a Final Solution
D’Ann Penner, Stalin and the Ital’ianka of 1932-1933 in the Don Region
Michael Ellman, The Role of Leadership Perceptions and of Intent in the Soviet Famine of 1931-1934 [PDF]
Michael Ellman, Stalin and the Soviet Famine of 1932-33 Revisited [PDF]
Stanislav Kulchytsky, Why Did Stalin Exterminate the Ukrainians?
Roman Serbyn, The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as Genocide in the Light of the UN Convention [PDF]
Roman Serbyn, Is There a “Smoking Gun” For the Holodomor?
Roman Serbyn, The Holodomor: Reflections on the Ukrainian Genocide [PDF]
Sergei Maksudov, Genocide Remembered
Nicolas Werth, The Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 [PDF]
Yevhen Zakharov, Legal Classification of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine and in Kuban
This Soviet famine was the worst peacetime mass murder in the history of Europe.
Michael Ellman, The 1947 Soviet Famine and the Entitlement Approach to Famines [PDF]
Another forgotten famine, in which the Soviets withheld food from the victims.
- Purges Harvest of Bones: A Geologist Uncovers One of Stalin’s Killing Fields
A City Built on Bones
Forest Skulls May Tell Where 30,000 Stalin Victims Lie
Examples of the huge mass graves containing victims of the Soviet regime.
Poisons Tested on Stalin’s Prisoners
The Soviets, like the Nazis, perpetrated medical experiments on conscious victims.
Top Soviet Denounces Stalin’s Gulags [PDF]
The true scale of the Gulag.
- Death Tolls Robert Conquest, Coming to Terms With the Past
Glasnost revelations about the Soviet death toll.
Papers on Soviet Repression Statistics
Post-Cold War academic papers on Soviet mass murder.
Steven Rosefielde, Documented Homicides and Excess Deaths [PDF]
Demonstrates that the number of killings documented in the Soviet archives was only a fraction of the total, which reached 10 million during the 1927-38 period alone.
- Post-Stalin David Satter, The System of Forced Labor in Russia [PDF]
Juliana Geran Pilon, Slave Labor and the Soviet Pipeline [PDF]
Slavery in the post-Stalin Gulag.
Who Says No Soviet Concentration Camps? [PDF]
Peter Reddaway, Inside Russia’s Concentration Camps [PDF]
Alexander Shatravka, Man of Peace Finds None in Soviet Camp [PDF]
The Gulag: Lost Millions
Human Rights Survey Deplores Soviet Prison Camp Conditions [PDF]
The atrocities included forced starvation, medical neglect, systematic beatings and death by radiation.
Soviet Prisoners Exposed to Fatal Radiation in Uranium Mines
George Schopflin, Radiating a False Picture: Focus on the Difference Between Soviet PR and Reality
On the Nuclear Gulag, where victims were murdered by radiation poisoning.
Eastern Europe Red Army Troops Raped Even Russian Women As They Freed Them From Camps
Anthony Beevor, “They Raped Every German Female From Eight to 80”
German Rape Victims Find a Voice at Last
The Soviets mercilessly gang-raped millions of women and girls in Eastern Europe.
Jean C. Bingle, Labor For Bread: The Exploitation of Polish Labor in the Soviet Union [PDF]
Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Interrogation Methods of the Communist Secret Police in Poland [PDF]
Hundreds of thousands were killed by deportation, massacre and torture in Poland.
Tamas Stark, Genocide or Genocidal Massacre? The Case of Hungarian Prisoners in Soviet Custody [PDF]
Agnes Huszar Vardy, Forgotten Victims of World War II [PDF]
The Soviets deported hundreds of thousands of Hungarians to their deaths.
Communist Atrocities to be Aired at Prison Camp Commander Trial
Mass killings in the Romanian Gulag.
Iron Curtain’s 100,000 Dead
Germans Find Mass Graves at an Ex-Soviet Camp
The Soviets used former Nazi concentration camps to wipe out political prisoners in East Germany.
Death Camps, Torture, Experiments on Children
Germany’s Guilty Secret: Beaten, Drugged, Skewered
“More Than 1,000 Died” Trying to Flee East Germany
Systematic torture, medical experiments and mass murder in East Germany.
Jeffrey Herf, An Age of Murder: Ideology and Terror in Germany [PDF]
The terrorism and antisemitism of the Stasi-sponsored Red Brigades in West Germany.
Michael Portmann, Communist Retaliation and Persecution on Yugoslav Territory [PDF]
Piles of Bones in Yugoslavia Point to Partisan Massacres
Italy Foots the Bill For Tito’s Ethnic Cleansing
Communist mass murder in Yugoslavia, now erased from the historical record.
Bulgaria Ran Brutal Camps For Prisoners [PDF]
The brutality of the Bulgarian Gulag.
Justice Delayed For Those Tortured Under Communism
Tens of thousands were tortured and murdered in Czechoslovakia.
Afghanistan Afghan Driver Says He Saw Soldiers Blind and Strangle Children [PDF]
Afghans Disclose Deaths of 11,000
Communist mass murder in the pre-invasion years.
Atrocities and Violations of Human Rights and International Law in Afghanistan [PDF]
Eyewitnesses to Afghanistan at War [PDF]
Accounts of terror bombing and other war crimes.
Rosanne Klass, Lifting the Curtain on Afghanistan’s Horror [PDF]
Freedom House describes the Nazi-style methods of the Soviet invaders, including massacre, torture, maiming and rape.
The Soviets’ Ugly Exit [PDF]
Retreating Soviet forces scattered millions of anti-personnel mines, planted explosive devices disguised as toys in order to blow off children’s limbs, poisoned food supplies and waged chemical warfare against the civilian population.
M. Hassan Kakar, The Story of Genocide in Afghanistan
Academic history of the Soviet genocide.
China - Mao Two Millions [PDF]
Human Rights in Mainland China [PDF]
Uncounted Millions: Mass Death in Mao’s China
Scholars Continue to Reveal Mao’s Monstrosities
The communists slaughtered many tens of millions in China through massacre, slavery and famine.
Basil Ashton et al., Famine in China, 1958-61 [PDF]
Jasper Becker, Ex-NPC Chief Admits Maoism Killed Millions
Vaclav Smil, China’s Great Famine: 40 Years Later [PDF]
How the communists caused the greatest man-made catastrophe in the history of the world.
Miriam and Ivan D. London, The Other China: The Three Red Flags of Death [PDF]
Miriam and Ivan D. London, The Other China: The Case of the Missing Beggars [PDF]
Miriam and Ivan D. London, Hunger in China: The “Norm of Truth” [PDF]
Miriam and Ivan D. London, Hunger in China: The Failure of a System? [PDF]
Forced starvation under communism.
Yongyi Song, The Cultural Revolution and the War Against Fascism [PDF]
Yongyi Song, The Dao County Massacre of 1967 [PDF]
Youqin Wang, Student Attacks Against Teachers: The Revolution of 1966
Youqin Wang, The Second Wave of Violent Persecution of Teachers: The Revolution of 1968
Mass murder during the Cultural Revolution.
Ex-Inmate Recalls Life in China’s Gulag [PDF]
“We Felt We Had Been Buried Alive”
“Class enemies” endured slavery and mass death in concentration camps.
- Post-Mao

Stephen W. Mosher, China’s One-Child Policy: Twenty-Five Years Later
Population control ideology and the resulting atrocities against tens of millions of women.
China: Human Rights Violations and Coercion in One-Child Policy Enforcement [PDF]
Chinese Region “Must Conduct 20,000 Abortions”
Forced abortions and infanticide under the totalitarian one-child policy.
China Reviews “Apartheid” For 900m Peasants
The cruel system of class discrimination imposed on hundreds of millions of peasants.
Tibet Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Kuxing: Torture in Tibet [PDF]
Report on communist savagery against the population of Tibet.
Mongolia Mass Buddhist Grave Reported in Mongolia
The communist slaughter in Mongolia.
North Korea Jack Rendler, The Last Worst Place on Earth: Human Rights in North Korea [PDF]
From Henry D. Sokolski, ed., Planning For a Peaceful Korea [PDF]. An excellent overview of this totalitarian slave state, where millions have been starved to death or murdered in concentration camps.
Jack Rendler, Horrific Conditions and Suffering Make It the Last Worst Place on Earth
A shorter and more recent account.
Fiona Terry, The Deadly Secrets of North Korea
Forced starvation has claimed millions of victims, primarily the elderly, the young and the sick.
David Hawk, The Hidden Gulag: Exposing North Korea’s Prison Camps [PDF, 8 MB]
Death, Terror in N. Korea Gulag
North Korean Prison Guard Remembers Atrocities
7 Years of Torture in N. Korean Prison Camp
North Korean Imprisoned at Age 10 For Grandparents’ Dissent
Gulag Nation         
Extensive evidence of torture and mass murder in the North Korean Gulag.
Regime That Kills Babies of Foreign Blood
“I Saw an Entire Family Being Killed”
Young Howard, The Hidden Gulag
Torture, medical experiments and racist infanticide.
Vietnam - Pre-1975 Lam Thanh Liem, Ho Chi Minh’s Land Reform: Mistake or Crime? [Excerpt]
50 Years On, Vietnamese Remember Land Reform Terror
The bloodbath inflicted during the North Vietnamese land reform was effectively whitewashed by leftist pseudo-scholars in the West, but the victims were not so quick to forget.
The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh
Stomach-churning accounts of communist mass murder during the Vietnam War.
The Massacre of Hue
In this communist massacre, thousands of men, women and children were mercilessly slaughtered.
Stephen T. Hosmer, Viet Cong Repression and its Implications For the Future [PDF, 4.9 MB]
Detailed analysis of Viet Cong mass murder campaigns.
The Human Cost of Communism in Vietnam: 1-31 32-65 66-99 101-23 [PDF]
Compilation of research and newspaper reports on communist terror in Vietnam.
- Post-1975 Le Thi Anh, Let the Vietnamese Speak For Themselves [PDF]
M. Stanton Evans, Westerners Ignore Vietnam Gulag [PDF]
Ginetta Sagan, Vietnam’s Postwar Hell [PDF]
Concentration camps and mass murder in post-1975 Vietnam.
Declaration of Disinherited Vietnamese on Human Rights [PDF]
Testament of Patriotic Prisoners in Vietnam [PDF]
Victims of state terror beg the outside world for help.
Nguyen Cong Hoan, Human Rights in Vietnam I [PDF, 2.8 MB] II [PDF, 2.7 MB]
Nguyen Cong Hoan, Why I Escaped From Vietnam
Defector’s account of totalitarian slavery in post-1975 Vietnam.
Doan Van Toai, In Vietnam’s Gulag, the Captives Die a Slow Death [PDF]
Survivor’s account of the hidden mass killings of political prisoners in the Vietnamese Gulag.
Theodore Jacqueney, They Are Us, We Were Vietnamese [PDF]
Ginetta Sagan and Stephen Denney, Re-education in Unliberated Vietnam: Loneliness, Suffering and Death
Stephen J. Morris, Glasnost and the Gulag: The Numbers Game [PDF]
Anh Do and Hieu Tran Phan, Camp Z30-D: The Survivors
Starvation, torture and murder in the Vietnamese Gulag.
Hanoi Regime Reported Resolved to Oust Nearly All Ethnic Chinese [PDF]
Vietnam Refugees Fleeced of Possessions, Expelled [PDF]
Escape From Vietnam: Nightmare at Sea Haunts Refugee Who Survived [PDF]
Vietnam Goes on Trial in Geneva Over Its Refugees [PDF]
Communist ethnic cleansing literally drove the Chinese population into the sea, where hundreds of thousands of boat people suffered and drowned.
Stephen Denney, Human Rights and Daily Life in Vietnam
Ongoing political persecution and class discrimination.
Laos 40,000 Reported Held in Harsh Laos Camps [PDF]
Thorns Appear in Lotus Land
Tens of thousands of political prisoners were sent to die in concentration camps.
The End of the Hmong
Lao Human Rights Council, White Paper on Genocide in Laos
The Vietnamese and Laotian communists waged a genocidal war against Hmong tribespeople.
Cambodia - Civil War The Agony of Phnom Penh [PDF]
Khmer Rouge’s Bloody War on Trapped Villagers [PDF]
“I Watched Them Saw Him 3 Days” [PDF]
Priest Won’t Leave Refugees Despite Khmer Rouge Threat [PDF]
The savagery of the Khmer Rouge was easily discoverable before 1975.
President Ford, News Conference on Cambodia [PDF]
President Ford warns of “an unbelievable horror story” if the communists capture Cambodia.
Fear of Cambodian Bloodbath Seen Key to Senate Vote on Aid [PDF]
More bloodbath predictions; anti-war leftists in Congress successfully cut off the aid shortly afterwards.
- Killing Fields The Khmer Rouge: Rampant Terror
Yin Savannary, Diary From Darkness [PDF]
Asian Blood Bath [PDF]
Cambodia – An Outlaw Nation [PDF]
Early reports from survivors and journalists.
Leo Cherne, The Terror in Cambodia [PDF]
Leo Cherne, Cambodia – Auschwitz of Asia [PDF]
The chairman of the International Rescue Committee describes the genocide.
Craig Etcheson, The Number: Quantifying Crimes Against Humanity in Cambodia
Bruce Sharp, Counting Hell
Studies demonstrating that the death toll was in the millions.
Henri Locard, State Violence in Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979) and Retribution (1979-2004) [PDF]
This is the best summary of the Khmer Rouge bloodbath.
Cambodia Steps Slowly Toward a Genocide Trial
Feeble attempts to prosecute the butchers.
Africa Ethiopian Ex-Rulers Go on Trial
Peter Niggli, Ethiopian Resettlement: Vomit and Death [PDF]
Dawit Wolde Giorgis, Power and Famine in Ethiopia [PDF]
The communists caused a million deaths through terror and forced starvation in Ethiopia.
National Society for Human Rights, Ending the Angolan Conflict [PDF]
National Society for Human Rights, Criminal Liability in Angola [PDF]
Global Witness, A Crude Awakening [PDF]
As Guerrilla War Ends, Corruption Now Bleeds Angola to Death
The MPLA dictatorship’s responsibility for civil war and mass starvation in Angola.
Terror of Maputo Jail
Torture, rape, slavery and starvation in Mozambique’s Gulag.
John Sweeney, Inside the Terror-Camp
The genocidal massacre of tens of thousands in Zimbabwe.
Cuba Mary Anastasia O’Grady, Counting Castro’s Victims
Cuba’s Lost Population
Mass killings under communism in Cuba.
Deaths in Prison [PDF]
Victims of Che Guevara [PDF]
Executions by Raul Castro [PDF]
Shooting dissidents, murdering pregnant women, drowning children, etc.
The Cuban Rafter Phenomenon
Mary Anastasia O’Grady, The Lives of Cubans
The communists also murder boat people as they try to escape.
Alfred G. Cuzan, Castro’s “Revolutionary” Despotism [PDF]
The enslavement of the Cuban people.
Armando Valladares, Torture in Castro’s Cuba
Armando Valladares, Castro’s Gulag
From the Prisons of Cuba: A Cry For Help [PDF]
Chronicle of an Unforgettable Agony: Cuba’s Political Prisons
Cuba’s Abuses of Psychiatry
The realities of political imprisonment and torture in Cuba.
Nicaragua Nicaragua Executions Put at 500-1,000 [PDF]
Mass executions started within weeks of the Sandinista takeover.
Jose Esteban Gonzalez, Remember Nicaragua [PDF]
Nicaragua’s leading human rights activist on Sandinista persecution and terror.
New Regime, Old Methods
Inside Communist Nicaragua: The Miguel Bolanos Transcripts [PDF]
Defectors accuse the Sandinistas of atrocities in Nicaragua and aggression throughout Central America.
Inside the Sandinista Regime: A Special Investigator’s Perspective [PDF, 2.4 MB]
Defector Describes “Bloody,” “Corrupt” Regime [PDF]
A former high-ranking official explains how the Sandinistas murdered thousands.
Alfred G. Cuzan, Sandinista Goals Were Evident Long Ago [PDF]
Alfred G. Cuzan, The Nicaraguan Revolution: From Autocracy to Totalitarian Dictatorship? [PDF]
John Norton Moore, The Secret War in Central America and the Future of World Order [PDF, 5 MB]
Comprehensive record of the Sandinista role in provoking violence and war throughout the region.
J. Michael Waller, Will Sandinistas Face Justice?
J. Michael Waller, Tropical Chekists: The Sandinista Secret Police Legacy in Nicaragua
How the Sandinistas tried to build a police state through torture, rape, mutilation and murder.
Peru Peru Indians Take Up Arms Against Rebel Terror
Mass murder and enslavement of the poor by the Shining Path terrorists in Peru.
Other - Campaigns For Eugenics Jonathan Freedland, Master Race of the Left
“Nearly every one of the left’s most cherished, iconic figures espoused views which today’s progressives would find repulsive... Indeed, contempt for ordinary people and outright racism were two of the defining creeds of British socialism.”
- Collaboration With Fascists Oliver Kamm, The Far Left Meets the Far Right: A Historical Note
Japanese communist support for genocidal racist expansionism.
Nazi-Soviet Relations 1939-1941
Soviet-Nazi collaboration was the immediate cause of World War II.
E. Germany Ran Antisemitic Campaign in West in ’60s
Stasi Supported West German Neo-Nazi Groups
East Germany essentially created the neo-Nazi movement in West Germany.
- Collaboration With Jihadists Paul Bogdanor, Leftists For a Second Holocaust
Eugene Goodheart, The London Review of Hezbollah
How the radical left embraced jihadist mass murderers who plan to annihilate the Jewish people.
Steven Stalinsky, Islamist-Left Alliance A Growing Force
John Perazzo, Platforms of the Enemy
The radical left’s open collaboration with the most virulent hatemongers in the Middle East.
- The Post-9/11 Left Brink Lindsey, Terrorism’s Fellow Travelers [PDF]
Paul Hollander, The Resilience of the Adversary Culture
Radical leftists blamed the victims and excused the perpetrators of the 9/11 massacres.
Edward Alexander, Suicide Bombers and Professors
Edward Alexander, Ward Churchill and the Politics of Campus Extremism
The murderous fanaticism of the American campus left.