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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Label and Identify the barbarically slaughtered meat for Consumers

Identify the barbarically slaughtered meat

 OCTOBER 2010: 
ANIMAL Rights activists have been writing to Nick Griffin in significant numbers urging him you to continue supporting the accurate labelling of meat products which have been ritually slaughtered and not-pre stunned.

 They have pledged their support for Amendment 205 of the 'Report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the provision of food information to consumers', which was supported by a majority the European Parliament on the 16th June 2010, and which calls for all meat products that have not been pre-stunned to be labelled as 'Meat from slaughter without stunning'.
However a campaign has now been launched by the Muslim and Jewish media to get Amendment 205 struck out and to keep ritually slaughtered meat being sold, unlabelled, on the open market.
Animal welfare groups warn of the power of the pro-ritual slaughter lobby and urge MEPs to resist being pressurised on the issue. They believe that it is essential that consumers can take a fully informed decision about the products available, and urge MEPs to support regulations that are put to the European Parliament that require accurate labelling of ritually slaughtered products.
Responding on behalf of the MEP, Constituency Office manager Tina Wingfield, wrote:
"Mr Griffin’s view generally, is that this kind of issue should be a matter for national governments to decide, rather than responsibility and control being delegated to the over bloated supra-national bureaucracy that the European Union has stealthily developed into.
"However, he has pledged to utilise his status as an MEP for the North West of England to represent wherever possible the best interests of his constituents, and sometimes this means that he must act on a particular proposal to ensure that the final draft presented for a European Parliament decision, is shaped according to what he considers to be the best outcome for the British people.
"Mr Griffin considers that the slaughter of animals without prior stunning - as demanded with ritual slaughter - is a barbaric practice that inflicts unnecessary and unacceptable suffering on the animal. Under Islamic law, it is not permissible to stun the animal prior to slaughter; the animal must be fully conscious at the point of slaughter. The animal is strung up by its hind legs and, whilst fully conscious, its throat is sliced open and the blood allowed to drain away. According to veterinary surgeons, some animals can take up to four minutes to lose consciousness or die, so the experience can be absolutely horrific.
"If you have a strong constitution and can stomach the sight of shocking material, there is an informative (if very disturbing), video and report on the practice of ritual slaughter on the British National Party’s website, which can be accessed at .
The British National Party has long campaigned for the banning of ritual slaughter in Britain and has utilised its website, national newspaper, and campaign literature to expose the secretive and underhand introduction of Halal meat into the British food chain.
Given the level of cruelty associated with ritual slaughter, Mr Griffin believes it is the right of the consumer to be informed whether the meat they are purchasing has been slaughtered in this fashion, so they may exercise their choice as to whether to opt instead for products that are derived from the more humane pre-stunning method of slaughter. If the opportunity is provided to the European Parliament as anticipated in December, he will therefore vote in support of Amendment 205, which will make it necessary for meat and meat products derived from animals that have been ritually slaughtered (i.e. without prior stunning) to be labelled as such.
It is possible, however, that Amendment 205 will be struck out by the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee prior to December. The Halal meat industry has grown significantly in Britain and Europe and the Muslim community is conducting a high pressure lobbying campaign to persuade ENVI Committee members to reject this amendment. Fortunately, Mr Griffin sits on the ENVI Committee and will, of course, use his influence to encourage the other Committee members to hold firm to their principles and retain Amendment 205.
Mr Griffin thanks you for taking the time to share your views on this matter with him."
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