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Monday, 4 October 2010

Third World Benefit Fraud Rife In Britain as Colonisation of UK Speeds Up

from the BNP Newsroom

Third World Benefit Fraud Rife In Britain as Colonisation Speeds Up

By MaidofKent—The increasing numbers of Third World immigrants present in Britain has generated a massive wave of corruption and benefit fraud which the media is doing its best to cover up by claiming that the increasingly long list of swindlers are “British.”
Evidence of Third World fraud and corruption in the UK caused by the importation of  people from Africa was highlighted once again when a couple, identified as Abiodun Olaleye, 50, and his wife Olanrewaju, 49, were sentenced to imprisonment for benefits fraud at Southend Crown Court last week.
The two, which media reports said were “from Romford in Essex,” claimed almost £150,000 in benefits for 10 fictitious children and managed to buy 4 homes from the proceeds of their crime against the British taxpayer.
Their punishment, deemed suitable by our out-of-touch justice system, was 20 months in prison for Abiodun Olaleye and a 6 month suspended prison sentence plus Community Service for his wife.
Despite having names that no indigenous Briton could pronounce properly, the media seeks to hide the fact that these criminals are not natives of our country and are certainly not from Romford.
The couple will face a confiscation hearing later to decide how much of this stolen money they will have to pay back.
British people may wonder how our welfare system can be cheated of such vast amounts by foreigners and may why the criminals are handed such pathetic sentences, not to mention the fact that there was nary a mention of a deportation order for these criminals.
The fact that foreigners like the Olaleyes can come to this country, be handed British passports and then end up milking the benefits system of £150,000 betrays the lie of successive governments that immigrants are here to do the jobs that the British people cannot or will not do.
The Olaleye case is merely the latest in a long line of cases.
In August, for example, Newham Council fraud investigator Badrul Islam was convicted of running a benefits scam for the past 18 months, in which he diverted over £200,000 in “ghost rent” payments.
Islam, 46, had been working for Newham council since 1994 and was a trusted senior benefits officer. Investigators discovered that Islam had created a series of claims in the names of people who had previously been claimants but were no longer receiving money.
Islam also reactivated dormant claims but instead of sending the money to individual landlords, he diverted large amounts to the offices of property agent and landlord Dulal Haque, 40, and to his friend Moinuddin Ahmed, also a landlord. All three were born in Bangladesh.
In June this year, Iraqi “asylum seeker” Mahira Rustam Al-Azawi, 49, was convicted of fraud after using a series of false identities to milk the benefit system over an eight year period. Although she never worked, she was able to purchase three properties – two of which she rented out – worth in excess of £1million and her 18-year-old son was educated at Colfe’s School, in South-East London, where fees are currently £4,164 a term.
The fraud was uncovered only when Al-Azawi uccessfully applied for a student loan to study civil engineering at Greenwich University. When police raided her £800,000 detached home in Bromley, they found what was described as an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of false documents, including a selection of passports, identity papers and driving licences.
During her trial at Croydon Crown Court, it emerged that she had claimed for income support, housing and council tax benefits in her own name, as well as those of her cousin and mother.
Earlier this year, a Chinese couple were imprisoned after being convicted of making £500,000 from a plan to help immigrants stay in the UK illegally using hundreds of fake university documents.
Haiyang Liu, 29, and his girlfriend Jiao Wang, 26, ran a lucrative internet scam selling bogus diploma certificates to people desperate to stay in the country through the firm E-Fly Education. The sophisticated forgeries earned the 'well organised criminals' between £500 and £3,000 and duped the Home Office into handing out student visas.
 During the two-year fraud immigrants were also provided with papers enabling them to claim council tax handouts from local councils.
A Sunday Times investigation last year found that immigrants were even smuggling babies into Britain to enable them to make up fake benefit claims. Forged immigration documents and employment records are used in the multi-million pound scam, and in many cases the children are taken from families with the knowledge of their parents, the paper said.
A special team set up to investigate the problem in London has identified 119 potential child trafficking victims in the capital with more than 1,500 convictions between them.