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Thursday, 28 October 2010

LibDems Bask in Victory as David Cameron Indicates Conservatives Will Retreat over “Immigration Cap”

Liberal Democrats Bask in Victory as David Cameron Indicates Tories Will Retreat over “Immigration Cap”

Yet another Conservative election promise seems set to be watered down as Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable celebrated yesterday at the Confederation of British Industry’s annual conference in London that David Cameron was “listening” to business complaints about the proposed “immigration cap.”
The immigration cap policy, a pathetic attempt by the Tories to con the voters into thinking that they were serious about stopping the immigration invasion, has come under fire from the very beginning from the Liberal Democrats, with Mr Cable in particular leading the charge to get it reversed.
Earlier, Mr Cameron told the CBI conference that the “coalition will not impede” businesses who seek to recruit non-British persons to work in Britain.
Obviously not realising the inherent contradiction in his words, Mr Cameron told the CBI that “As we control our borders and bring immigration to a manageable level, we will not impede you from attracting the best talent from around the world.”
That comment was widely interpreted, even in the Tory media, of indicating a shift away from the key Conservative pledge of bringing down net immigration.
When he addressed the CBI a short while later, Mr Cable could hardly contain his glee at Mr Cameron’s remarks.
“The Government is listening to the complaints of business about its proposed immigration cap,” Mr Cable said. “The message has been heard loud and clear.”
Previously, when Mr Cable has said that the immigration cap was “very damaging” to the British economy, Mr Cameron and Downing Street spokesman had slapped him down, declaring that “there was no evidence a cap would be damaging to business.”
The slavishly pro-Tory Daily Mail announced that “David Cameron opened the door to a new wave of immigration yesterday by signalling that the Government will let businesses bring in more staff from overseas.”
The Mail continued: “His words brought claims that the Tories are watering down their tough stance on new arrivals to placate the Liberal Democrats.”
The extremist leftwing Independent newspaper went even further, claiming that a deal had already been worked out which would herald a major retreat on the issue by the Tories.
“Plans for a stringent cap on numbers of immigrant workers are to be softened in the face of warnings from business leaders that it could prevent them from bringing the brightest foreign talent to Britain,” The Independent said.
“Ministers are close to a deal on an issue that has deeply divided the coalition partners, The Independent understands. Ministers are considering two options: they could allow firms to transfer staff from offices overseas to Britain for limited periods without counting towards the limit, or allow them to take on highly qualified foreign staff in return for paying a high visa fee. Cabinet ministers will meet shortly with a view to announcing the policy by December,” the paper reported.
Ironically, the immigration cap, even if implemented as originally promised, will do nothing to avert the real problem, namely the ethnic cleansing of British people from their ancestral homeland.
The “cap” is based on the “balanced migration” nonsense as it seeks to bring “net immigration” down to 1990s levels. What this “net immigration” actually means is that the number of people leaving the country is only slightly superseded by the number of people entering the country.
In other words, if 500,000 white British people leave Britain in a year, then it will be “balanced migration,” Tory-style, to allow 600,000 Third World immigrants into Britain that same, year.
This insane policy is based upon the belief that Third World immigrants will “become British” by learning the language and dressing like British people. This bizarre idea, known also as “cultural nationalism” or “civic nationalism” denies any ethnic identity to nationhood and believes that anybody, from anywhere, can become “British,” “Chinese,” “African” of even “American Indian” simply by changing their language and dress.
Furthermore, this “balanced migration” nonsense also fails to take into account the far higher birth rates of Third World immigrants, who are multiplying at a rate 15 times faster than the native indigenous British population.
Only the policy of ethno-nationalism, as espoused exclusively by the British National Party, offers an answer to the immigration invasion.