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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Manchesters BNP’s Derek Adams Releases Bombshell Halal Slaughter Video

BNP’s Derek Adams Releases Bombshell Halal Slaughter Video

The British National Party’s Manchester super activist Derek Adams has released a video which shows in graphic detail the process behind halal ritual slaughter and shows why this barbaric method of killing animals needs to be outlawed.
The video, which contains a strong age warning for the graphic scenes it contains, can be seen below. However, if you have weak stomach or feel disinclined to view such material, you are urged not to watch it.
In the video, Mr Adams describes exactly how the ritual slaughter process is carried out, comparing it to the humane stunning method which is the civilised way of the West.
All along, the video illustrates each step with a clear video record. Mr Adams ends the video with an appeal for consumers to boycott the major stores which are using halal meat without the public’s knowledge or consent.
“Imagine if Muslim people were sold meat in the belief that it was halal, when it was not,” Mr Adams said.
“Imagine the uproar that would follow. However, we have been sold halal meat while being assured that it was not.
“The BNP is the only party which will outlaw halal ritual slaughter, because we seek to preserve British values, he said.
“And one of these British values is compassion towards animals.”
The full video may be seen below. Viewer discretion is advised.