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Monday, 25 October 2010

New MigrationWatch Study Reveals Devastating Impact of Immigration Invasion upon Educational System

New MigrationWatch Study Reveals Devastating Impact of Invasion upon Educational System

The devastating impact of mass immigration upon the British educational system, which has cost in excess of £16 billion, has been detailed in a new report by the MigrationWatch UK think tank.
“We estimate that in twelve years since immigration began to climb rapidly under the previous government (1998—2009), the additional public spending required for the education of the schoolchildren of migrants was almost £16 billion,” the study said.
“Of this almost £5 billion was in 2009 alone; this amounted to over £13 million a day and was equivalent to over 1p on the basic rate of income tax,” it continued.
“Over the next five years, to 2016, 550,000 more school places will be needed as a direct and indirect result of migration, costing a further £40 billion, and over the next ten years — to 2020 — this rises to one million extra places at a total cost over ten years of almost £100 billion.
“Looking further ahead, the official population projections, suggest that an additional 2.3 million births between 2008 and 2033 will result from migration,” MigrationWatch said in an official press release.
“Adding direct migration to this and assuming that all of the additional children are educated in state schools, the total costs of their schooling would be almost £195 billion over a 25 year period.
“This calculation is made using very conservative assumptions about school leaving age etc., it does not make any allowance for additional education requirements of migrants (e.g.: help with languages etc.) so the eventual cost could be much higher than this.
“By 2033 children born earlier in the period will have left school so the number of additional school places required will be about 1.3 million.
“This would be equivalent to almost 3,800 new schools staffed by around 75,000 additional teachers,” the reports executive summary concluded.
How much more evidence does the public need to understand that the very fabric of our society is being utterly destroyed by the immigration tsunami?
The British National Party is the only party dedicated to halting, and reversing, the tidal wave of Third World immigration. The time is running out for the British people to chose.