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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Bible a greatly abused book in the UK Today

A greatly abused book
Written by The Pilgrim   at The British resistance
I am a Christian.  I have read The Bible in full, and I try to live my life in accordance with what it teaches.  What I do not do is distort the teachings of the Good Book to suit my own political leanings.  There are however many people in Britain today who are happy to do just that.  They are to be found in the mainstream political parties and also – I regret to say – in the major church denominations, and in some cases even at the highest level.
For example I recently read an item about immigration on a church website, in which it talked about people in The Bible who led a nomadic existence, and said that it is wrong to persecute such people.  While I would of course agree that we should not persecute people who live a nomadic existence, it is only fair to point out that immigrants are for the most part not nomads.  How many of them lived a nomadic lifestyle before they came to Britain?  How many of them live a nomadic lifestyle in this country?
Of course we do have nomads in this country – we tend to call them travellers – and it is common for such people to persecute just about everyone they meet.  I once read a report in a newspaper about a man who lived near to a traveller camp, and whose house had been raided 250 times.  I am not aware that any of Britain’s church leaders have ever spoken out on this issue, but then maybe we shouldn’t expect miracles in this day and age.
Another favourite tactic of the anti-British lobby among our church leaders is to cite the law of Moses as recorded in Exodus: “Do not ill-treat an alien or oppress him” (Exodus 22, verse 21).  This is such an important rule that it is repeated in the next chapter.  There are two problems with this.  The first is that Christians do not live under the law of Moses.  Both Jesus and Saint Paul made it clear that while some of these laws still applied to Christians, not all of them did.  The law of Moses requires the death penalty to be handed down for a large number of offences, many of which would today strike us as trivial – such as dabbling in sorcery.  The second problem is that an exhortation not to abuse immigrants cannot realistically be construed as an exhortation to allow immigrants to settle among us for as long as they want.
The Bible commentator John Blanchard has rightly stated that The Bible is not a lucky dip.  You should not just open it, read a passage at random, and hope it will somehow be relevant to your situation in life.  It is a book which should be read carefully so as to be understood.  People, be they politicians or church leaders, who flick through The Bible trying to find passages which can be thrown out in support of a particular dogma are at best poor examples of Christians.
As I write, one of the big news stories in Britain is that the government wants to reduce the amount of financial assistance available to families, be they working families in receipt of child benefits, or families who are entirely dependent on handouts.  I could condemn this, and broadly I do.  I could also refer the reader to Psalm 127, which praises the virtue of having a large family.  Now of course you could argue that this passage does not actually say that the government should reward this virtue with lavish payouts, and you would be right.  It is relevant to the debate, but it does not by any means put an end to the debate.
This is I hope the first of many essays I will be posting on this site on the subject of British politics seen from a Christian perspective.

footnote from Horwich Nationalists,
I strongly recommend that all should read The Book of Romans in the Bible, an epistle of St Paul; it will open your eyes into the state of the modern society.
Also I believe that Christians MUST take a more active role in combating the forces of evil that now pervade the Political establishment, on the grounds that the filth of their atheist multi cultural and Marxist social experiments are putting the souls of millions in jeopardy. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY! To win back the souls of this once great nation from the clutches of these dark forces that now pervade our society, by shedding the light of the Gospel on the darkness on the false philosophies of the political correct , that declare freedom tolerance but in fact create the slavery of our people and the intolerance of our Christian faith