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Friday, 15 October 2010

8,000 Failed Asylum Seekers Get Permission to Stay in UK Every Month

8,000 Failed Asylum Seekers Get Permission to Stay in Britain Every Month

Conservative Party claims to be “tough on immigration” have been exposed as a hoax once again with the news that in excess of 8,000 failed 'asylum seekers' are being granted permission to stay in Britain every month.
The shocking statistic was contained in a Home Office release of 'asylum' figures issued last week which has been largely ignored by the controlled media.
In the report, the Home Office said that special rules had so far allowed more than 135,000 failed 'asylum seekers' to legally take up residence in Britain.
When their dependents are added in, the total figure of 'asylum seekers' whose claims have been rejected, but who now can live in Britain and parasite off the taxpayer, will be as high as 240,000.
The special rules which have allowed the invasion to take place are part of the measures put in place in an attempt to deal with the massive backlog in applications which have built up over the years.
The backlog has, of course, been caused by the lax 'asylum' policies endorsed by the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties which have encouraged the parasites of the earth to descend on soft-touch Britain’s benefits bonanza.
Now, so many legal precedents have been set that even if the current influx was halted, the Government would face an avalanche of lawsuits based on the currently existing “Human Rights Act” and other legal devices.
The special measures included rushing through thousands of cases without proper checks on applicants’ stories, with a decision being made purely on the basis of written statements without any corroborating facts.
According to a media report, guidelines for officials state that they should “expedite” cases if, for example, the UK Border Agency had been at fault for delays. Claimants are also rushed through if they threaten suicide.
In July 2009, it was announced that 144,000 'asylum seekers' had been allowed to stay in Britain after the claims backlog was first announced.
The impossible demands on the asylum process are obvious from a bit of simple maths: there are in excess of 450,000 outstanding 'asylum seeker' claims, according to official figures.
If they are “resolved” at the rate of ten every day, it will take 4,500 days, or 12 years, just to bring the backlog to a conclusion — never mind the thousands who are pouring in all the time.
It is obvious that the 'asylum' issue is just an invasion scam designed to allow as many Third World immigrants as possible into Britain.
Only the British National Party will bring an end to this invasion. The BNP argues that asylum seekers have the right of refuge in the first safe country bordering the one they flee, and do not have the right to cross 20 safe countries to reach Britain.