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Saturday, 23 October 2010

EU Budget - Turkey would add to the British Peoples TAX Burden

EU Budget - Turkey would add to the UK's burden

19TH OCTOBER 2010: THE British National Party MEP for Yorkshire & North East Lincolnshire made the following contribution to a debate held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg this afternoon on the European Union Budget for 2011.
 "The Report* says:
'the EU Budget should in no way be perceived as.......a burden to national budgets'.
"For countries like the United Kingdom that are forced to endure cuts in expenditure at home, any increase in the EU budget - let alone the 5.9% increase originally proposed by the Commission, would be inappropriate.
"A money terms cut or a freeze would be more appropriate.
"The United Kingdom has had a double dose of the bitter pill. We have seen our rebate reduced by a third in the last year alone, making us even more of a net contributor than we were.
"It has been said that whilst the United Kingdom has been a net contributor, the new member countries have been net recipients, for which, of course, their populations cannot be blamed. However, in light of that undeniable fact, would it not be madness to continue to pursue expansion to include even poorer and undeniably burdensome countries, including Turkey, which is not only poor but not European by any stretch of the imagination."
*the report from Sidonia Elzbieta Jedrzejewska and Helga Trüpel